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That One Privacy Site. Custom Router: What No One Tells You About Using a VPN and Jeopardizing Your Security. Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about Wi-Fi security lately and may have even heard the term VPN thrown around quite a lot.

Custom Router: What No One Tells You About Using a VPN and Jeopardizing Your Security

Using a VPN service is typically suggested as the most effective solution to take control of your privacy and security while online. But is it really as secure and private as it’s made out to be? Originally used by corporations to accommodate the needs of remote workers, a VPN encrypts all the traffic between your device and the VPN server to maintain your confidentiality and privacy. Vaporwave Text Generator (copy & paste) ― LingoJam. This is a simple vaporwave text generator which allows you to input normal text and it will output a vaporwave font style (It's still text, but it looks like a different font, and is often call the aesthetic font).

Vaporwave Text Generator (copy & paste) ― LingoJam

The full-width characters used in vaporwave text have their origins in Asian computer systems where the traditional Asian symbols would generally be considered "full-width" characters, but the latin script characters could be fit into half-width blocks because of their relatively smaller size. Have a read of this Wikipedia article for more. Here's a comparison of full-width and half-width characters: The way this generator creates vaporwave letters is by using the unicode standard which contains "full-width" characters which are wider than usual, or rather, have larger spaces in between the letters. How Josef Stalin Stole Sergei Prokofiev's Flowers. Monday, April 25, 2011 at 8 a.m.

How Josef Stalin Stole Sergei Prokofiev's Flowers

In can be easily argued that Russian born composer Sergei Prokofiev, who would have been 120 this week, was the most popular 20th century composer. As a sheet-music salesman, we can tell you that only Scott Joplin and Ennio Morricone come close to the number of requests for Prokofiev. Yet the composer himself is often maligned as a sympathizer to the oppressive rule of Josef Stalin. #?borders=1~!MTU4NDIwODk.NDM4NDU4MQ*MzI2NTkxNTA(NDgzMjk3OA~!CONTIGUOUS_US*MTAwMjQwNzU.MjUwMjM1MTc(MTc1)MA~!IN*NTI2NDA1MQ.Nzg2MzQyMQ)MQ~!CN*OTkyMTY5Nw.

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Surreal mixed-media illustration. Steam Tools Hub. Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) This article has been updated on November 9th, 2014 Some time ago I wanted to publish an article on Medium with code samples, but found nowhere how to insert one of these. Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

After finding the answer in a Twitter post, I decided to have a closer look at the available keyboard shortcuts for Medium, of which some are not shown in the formatting bar.I finally did find the Medium help page for keyboard shortcuts, although it seems only Apple Mac’s shortcuts were listed.Anyway, here’s the list of keyboard shortcuts for Medium on Windows: A Teenager’s View on Social Media — Backchannel. Written by an actual teen I read technology articles quite often and see plenty of authors attempt to dissect or describe the teenage audience, especially in regards to social media.

A Teenager’s View on Social Media — Backchannel

However, I have yet to see a teenager contribute their voice to this discussion. This is where I would like to provide my own humble opinion. For transparency, I am a 19-year-old male attending The University of Texas at Austin. I am extremely interested in social media’s role in our society as well as how it is currently evolving. How to Use Medium: The Complete Guide for Marketers. Imagine starting a blog with zero overhead.

How to Use Medium: The Complete Guide for Marketers

Imagine having a place online to write your thoughts, tips, and learnings and share with a built-in audience and an immediate potential for viral traffic. Imagine a really great writing app. This is Medium, a blogging platform from the creator of Blogger and Twitter. It’s slick and snappy and could very well be worth a deeper look for digital marketers and first-time bloggers. Providers. The 18 best blogging platforms on the internet in 2015.

Best Blogging Platforms of 2014. Medium A Better Place to Read and Write.

Best Blogging Platforms of 2014

Cost: Free, but Twitter account is required. Revealed: 19 Things to Know Before You Start a Blog. Last Update November 19th, 2016.

Revealed: 19 Things to Know Before You Start a Blog

Thinking that you’d like to start a blog this year? This post is for you! Today I’m going to show you some really important things you need to know before you jump in. If you follow these tips you’ll save a lot of time and valuable energy. NOTE: This post on starting a blog contains some affiliate links. THE Best Places to Start a Blog (Updated 2015 Edition) - Dear Blogger. Please check out my guide to blog hosting sites and answer some blogging questions below if you want (you have my permission to do so, though you don’t really need it ).

THE Best Places to Start a Blog (Updated 2015 Edition) - Dear Blogger

I can’t get to them all anymore and who knows, you might find an answer you’re looking for too! — Blogging. The thing your friend does that you could do better. » Start a blog demo (YouTube) Browse at VITAL: 15 Predictions to Read Before You Start a Blog in 2015. Want to start a blog in 2015?

VITAL: 15 Predictions to Read Before You Start a Blog in 2015

You might like to read this first… At the end of last year I did a post about the things you’d need to know before starting a blog in the year to come. It was a lot of fun predicting what I thought the next 12 months would look like for bloggers. So, I thought we’d make it a bit of an annual tradition – this year involving freebies, rewards and encouragement for bloggers who want to make 2015 awesome. A Prompt Generator for Artists. Molotov cocktail. The Avatar Portal - An Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra Community, Fansite, Podcast, Forum, and More.

The Avatar Portal, An Avatar: the Last Airbender Fansite, Forum, Podcast, Community © 2006-2012 The Avatar Portal does not claim ownership of any images, episodes, music, information, or any other Avatar related content on this site. All content provided is done so for the entertainment of those who use it and not meant for any profit for the owners of this site. All fanwork such as drawings, manipulations, fanfictions, and other works are property of their respective owners and used here only to promote their works.

The Avatar Portal was created by LittleRain in 2006 and has been owned by Kevin R (aka Uncle Iroh) since 2008, and operated with help from Maxwell (aka Tev) and Jon (aka Snake of the South). The Avatar Portal - An Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra Community, Fansite, Podcast, Forum, and More. Tutorials. Real Pirates - Facts about Real and Fictional Pirates. Slim PDF Reader - 100% Free. Undrtone - share and discover music you love. Free personality test, type descriptions, relationship and career advice. Streaming YouTube music made simple by Google Chrome - Streamus.

Let's get you familiar with your new extension! Streamus is in the upper right. You can drag the icon so that it is always visible or keep it collapsed in the menu. Click it to open the user interface! The user interface Streamus starts pretty much empty. Searching for songs Try typing in an artist or song name. Adding songs. Streaming YouTube music made simple by Google Chrome - Streamus. Top 20 Most Essential Software for Artists and Designers. Did You Know.....Full Sail University offers online degree programs in computer animation, game art, and game design?

Learn more about Full Sail University's online programs. I’ve been professionally writing about the game, film, and tech industries for seven years. With a degree in 3D graphics for game art and design, I have seen, studied, and experienced every aspect of the 2D and 3D video game industry. Over the years I’ve seen how no amount of impressive software can replace impressive individual skill, but in a competitive digital world where every artist has to fight to be the best, it’s imperative to have every possible advantage and always seek more experience in new software and techniques.

These are the twenty essential programs that every artist needs to consider training in to become the best in their industries. 20. Como usar chás no cabelo - Tutorial completo. Ancient History Encyclopedia. Documentary Addict - Watch Free Documentaries Online. Art Fundamentals: Learning to Draw from the Ground Up.

Draw a Box: An exercise based approach to learning the fundamentals of drawing. How To Draw, Character Design References and Anatomy. 'anatomy drawing' in Drawing References and Resources. How to Draw Comics . NET. How to Draw Comics . NET. Carmela Pedinni's books on Readernaut. Riffle. LitHive > Read. Login - Private/home library management web app. aNobii. Inventaire. Book recommendations from readers like you. Entertainment Space. Music Smasher. Musicovery.

YouTube Downloader, BitTorrent Client, Media Player. 100% Free Download, No subscription required. Stremio - The Next Generation Media Center. Popcorn Time / Desktop Application. - Popcorn Time VPN. Be completely anonymous on Popcorn Time Secure all your devices with our leading-edge VPN service. Create your account You’re discrete. Just because you live online doesn’t mean you want to leave it all online.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts all your vital information to create a secure tunnel between your devices and the Internet. Combine all your storage. Combine all types of storage. RHB. Sign up - Daughters of The Wind. Login. Fresh GIFs, fresh pics, come get yours~ Onemore night by leafthief. Controllercompanion. TOMIE. Typeform. SG Add-Ons Registry [updated 18. June 2015] List of Junji Ito Manga I've Read (Plus Links!) - Intimacy. ITOU Junji - Itou Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection. Authors ITOU Junji Artists Alternative names 伊藤润二恐怖漫画精选, 伊藤潤二恐怖マンガ, Blood-bubble Bushes, Collection, Flesh Coloured Horror, Frankenstein, Hallucinations, Hanging Balloons, House of the Marionettes, Ito Junji Kyofu Hakubutsukan, Junji Ito Collection, Junji Ito's Museum of Terror, Kao Dorobo, Kao Dorobou, Long Dream, Lovesick Dead, Museum of Terror, Shibito no Kowazurai, Slug Girl, Souichi's Diary of Delights, The Back Alley, The Bully, The Circus is Here, The Face Burglar, The Horror World of Junji, The Junji Ito Horror Comic Collection, The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel, The Town Without Streets, Thing that Drifted Ashore, Town Without Streets The first 2 volumes contain thematically linked but self-contained stories concerning Tomie - a beautiful young woman with the power to seduce and dominate any male, from small boys to elderly men.

SG karaoke is finished! wrap up post. Around the World in 26 Games Train - an A-Z journey! Free Steam Games: How to get free steam games. BahraniApps Blog. Could you guys recommend me some good games? [GAs Inside] TRAIN TYPE-0 - Page 4. Zelgh magic guide to basic sg puzzling. Magicka: Wizard Wars - Curse Voice. Bring your friends, teammates, and games together with Curse Voice. Victory Command · AppID: 360480. Sgcv. Fresh GIFs, fresh pics, come get yours~ Zelgh magic guide to basic sg puzzling. I'm Not Broken, and I am Here (Asexual Awareness Narrative) - I'm Not Broken, and I am Here. “It’s a beautiful baby girl!” “Isn’t she just adorable?” “Ms. Young, would you like to hold your baby girl?” SteamCompanion. The Official Home of YIFY Movie Torrent Downloads - YTS.

Tapastic: Read and Discover Comics Online. Great scenes from horror history #4: The ending of The Wicker Man. The History of Cinefantastique Magazine. Animated Music Videos. Como usar o Paypal sem cartão de crédito. FreeGameFindings. Zelgh magic guide to basic sg puzzling. A Lot of Free Stuff in Here [Weekly Updates] Comment Formatting. Trine 2: Complete Story. Dólar Turismo: Cotação de hoje, gráficos e tabelas. Pagando no AliExpress com boleto - Muito Me Importa. PERGUNTAS FREQUENTES. Asexual slang. Asexual Visibility and Education Network. Asexuality (Different types of attraction.) Earth - Your life on earth.

Kilograms to Pounds Conversion Chart. Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Part 5. This Infographic Shows The Best Off-Season Months For 32 Travel Spots.