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How they used to train: Eddy Merckx's chain gang. He might have been the greatest male road racer ever, but in the late 1960s and early 1970s Eddy Merckx also built one of the best teams ever.

How they used to train: Eddy Merckx's chain gang

So how did he prepare them to race? Two Pedal Tricks Every Cyclist Needs. Attach New Cleats in Exactly the Right Position Before removing your old cleats, trace the outline or the corners of each one with a silver Sharpie (on a dark-colored sole) or a black Sharpie (on a light-colored sole).

Two Pedal Tricks Every Cyclist Needs

Giro d'Italia 2015 route unveiled. Six mountain finishes, six stages for the sprinters Six mountain finishes, six stages for the sprinters 59.2km individual time trial Race starts with a team time trial Full route of 3,481km, from May 9 - 31 Stages for Contador, Nibali, Cavendish and Kittel Full route details The 2015 Giro d'Italia will include six mountain finishes, three other testing days of climbing, six stages for the sprinters and a 59.2km individual time trial from Treviso to Valdobbiadene.

Giro d'Italia 2015 route unveiled

How to Clean, Adjust, Repair. Bike Repair.

How to Clean, Adjust, Repair

Our History — CICLI PINARELLO S.p.A. The Rules. Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling Team » Hydration Tips from the Vuelta! Team Garmin-Sharp is now a few HOT days into racing the Vuelta a España.

Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling Team » Hydration Tips from the Vuelta!

We’ve been hearing some pretty crazy reports about the heat, which is well into the 100s (F). We’ve even heard about riders losing close to 10lbs of body weight fluids in a given stage. Repair a Noisy Bicycle: Bike Maintenance. Bicycle Repair Silence a Noisy Bike Follow this guide from former Garmin-Slipstream wrench Daimeon Shanks, owner of the Service Course, in Boulder, Colorado, to quiet your ride.

Repair a Noisy Bicycle: Bike Maintenance

Spokes and Valve StemTEST Check for loose spokes and valve stems. Otherwise, spokes may be rubbing the nipples.FIX True your wheel. (For a video tutorial, click here.) Dangerous Pro Cyclist Training Methods. Training Secrets of the Pros Don't Do This!

Dangerous Pro Cyclist Training Methods

Ever! An ex-pro lets you in on four stupid—yet stupendously effective—ways to become super fit. Do Shaved Legs Really Help You Ride Faster? Do Shaved Legs Really Help You Ride Faster? Do Shaved Legs Really Help You Ride Faster? Texas Bicycle Laws. Bicycle Accident Lawyer Charlie Thomas explains the bicycle laws of Texas As both a bicycle accident attorney and advocate for safer riding, I prepared this article to serve as an overview of the laws that apply to riders while bicycling in Texas.

Texas Bicycle Laws

GoPro HD: Giro D'Italia 2014. Sports Illustrated Is Testing a New Type of Paywall. Sports Illustrated is testing a paywall that lets readers access its print articles early if they watch a 30-second video ad first.

Sports Illustrated Is Testing a New Type of Paywall

The provider is Selectable Media, which has been testing consumers’ willingness to watch video ads for free WiFi, music and games. This is its first public test with a major consumer magazine. With ad dollars under pressure, publishers are looking to consumers to generate revenue, but with so much news and information freely available, paywalls have had mixed success (The Dallas Morning News and San Francisco Chronicle recently dropped theirs). CarlRWarner : Odd cover photo. Newsstand...

« The Citizen of the World Presidency Commentary Magazine. In 2007, early in the improbable presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, the young first-term senator began a series of foreign-policy speeches that seemed too general to provide a guide to what he might do if elected.

« The Citizen of the World Presidency Commentary Magazine

Aside from making it clear he was not George W. Bush and would get out of Iraq, the rest read like liberal boilerplate: “We have seen the consequences of a foreign policy based on a flawed ideology….The conventional thinking today is just as entrenched as it was in 2002….This is the conventional thinking that has turned against the war, but not against the habits that got us into the war in the first place.” In 2008, he visited Berlin and told an enraptured crowd: “Tonight, I speak to you not as a candidate for president, but as a citizen—a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world…the burdens of global citizenship continue to bind us together.” In the beginning came “engagement.” What did the word engagement mean in this context?

Will new format save Pro Bowl? Jerry Rice doubts it. CANTON, Ohio – Jerry Rice has his doubts that a new format will save the Pro Bowl. The Hall of Fame receiver would rather see an attitude adjustment by players. "You've got prima donnas, egocentrics, who act like it's not an honor," Rice told USA TODAY Sports. This Is SportsCenter - Rickie Fowler. Changes put targeting rules in the cross hairs. Like so many things these days, the highlight went immediately viral. Type "Clowney hit" into a search engine, and you'll join several million others who have clicked and gasped — and keep clicking and gasping — at Jadeveon Clowney's helmet-popping collision with Michigan running back Vincent Smith in January's Outback Bowl.

Talimena National Scenic Byway. High school basketball player passes ball to mentally challenged player on the other team so he can score a basket (Video. ESPN: The Worldwide Leader In Sports. Sports.