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Brands Need to Know Their Purpose and What They Aspire to Be Brands Need to Know Their Purpose and What They Aspire to Be Kinship is everywhere. It’s empathy in action: a hug, a comforting word, the backbone of a friendship. Kinship is fundamentally selfless, intrinsically rewarding, a vital and extremely human part of being, well, a human being. Kinship requires work, and while people inherently are driven by it, brands are not individuals and often do a poor job evoking similar feelings. Consumers have been skeptical of today’s brands’ intentions for some time now, and so is it any wonder they have such a hard time earning trust? Martin Weigel, planning director at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, rightly said we have become prisoners of a metaphor, and as we’ve suspended reality for our metaphors, our brands ask consumers for what a person expects from his or her friends—loyalty, trust, attention, love, time—without putting in the reciprocally requisite work.
42 Tips for Masterful PresentationsLeader's Beacon 42 Tips for Masterful PresentationsLeader's Beacon Here is a compilation from my presentation skills training workshops and one to one coaching sessions of what is involved in delivering an excellent presentation. Whether you are presenting at a staff meeting, conference, briefing, oral proposal or in a one to one meeting, the following are the keys to success. Practice… Practice … Practice —– live audience or before a video cameraSpeakers commandment #1 – don’t be boringSpeakers commandment #2 – never wing it.Smile as much as appropriateTurn off your cell phone before arrivingAlways arrive early — make sure everything worksBe prepared to deliver your presentation without slides if something goes wrongBring backups of anything you may needPeople are judging you as soon as you walk in the room. Your first impression will be a lasting impressionDress appropriately for your audienceStand by the door and cheerfully greet all attendees as they arriveNever go over the time you’ve been allotted.
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8 Timeless Business Principles Want trendy, flavor-of-the-month management ideas? You won't find 'em on this list. -{ thus }-/Flickr 188 in Share Please Login to Connect Your Account with Evernote 8 Timeless Business Principles
A Convincing Argument For The Hands-Off Boss Nothing tells you more about an organization than the way it makes decisions. Do leaders trust team members? Do the people closest to the action get to make the call? Do team members have real responsibility and real control? A Convincing Argument For The Hands-Off Boss
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Why Working From Home Is The Worst Of Both Worlds Why Working From Home Is The Worst Of Both Worlds As a working mother, the edict from Marissa Mayer regarding employees no longer being allowed to work at home made perfect sense to me. And I admire that she had the chutzpah to do it just a few months into her tenure as a working mother. For working parents, working from home is the worst of everything. It isn’t really working, and it isn’t really being at home. You can defend it or rail against it as much as you like, but here’s the unspoken truth: You are fostering disappointment and frustration from all parties while fooling yourself into believing you’ve arranged for the best of both worlds.
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While it's great to have a business blog, it's easy to fall into the trap of posting whatever you can in order to stick to your blogging "schedule." Newsjacking is great, certainly, but if you're just writing about any news event you can in order to loosely tie it to some product or service, you risk losing readership, and worse, devaluing your influence. It's important that if you want to be a Thought Leader in your industry, you take the time to develop your thoughts and publish information that will educate, entertain and engage your readers. Think about the issues you've worked through yourself in the past with your business and talk about those. Are you a Thought Leader? Are you a Thought Leader?
World Trade Center High Wire Artist Philippe Petit's Colorful Advice For A Career On The Edge World Trade Center High Wire Artist Philippe Petit's Colorful Advice For A Career On The Edge On a summer day in 1974, a 24-year-old Frenchman stepped onto the world stage with one of the most astonishing performances in modern history--walking back and forth on a wire illegally rigged across the void between New York’s World Trade Center Towers, three quarters of a mile above spellbound onlookers. It all began six years earlier when the young Philippe Petit was inspired by a rendering of the not-yet-constructed towers he saw in a magazine. He spent the following years refining his wire walking skills and making countless visits to the towers to plot how to surreptitiously enter the buildings and solve the complicated logistics of rigging his wire between the swaying towers. Petit has gone on to perform many other spectacular wire walks, authored over half a dozen books, was the subject of the acclaimed documentary Man on Wire, and singlehandedly built a barn using eighteenth-century tools and design.
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Image source by Hana Muchova' Many CEO’s are told what they want to hear, rather than what team members really think. That’s a foolish way to avoid butting heads with the boss. I asked Jamie Naughton, Speaker of the House for Zappos, to talk about a time when she butted heads with her famous CEO, Tony Hsieh. Jamie indicated that issues don’t escalate to head butting. “There’s no argument, ever. I Don’t Butt Heads with the CEO of Zappos I Don’t Butt Heads with the CEO of Zappos
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Most Effective Persuasion Technique You've Never Heard Of If we're all in sales, as the old saying goes, then we're all in the persuasion business. And this is particularly true for entrepreneurs. Whether you're asking investors to hand over their money, potential customers to try your product, or employees to give their best, much of your day is probably spent persuading people. So how do you do it well? There are a million hints and tricks out there--some more practical than others. A little swearing might help, suggest some studies, or if that's not appropriate for a given situation, how about simply adding a because statement to your request? Most Effective Persuasion Technique You've Never Heard Of
Innovative Leadership: Best Leaders Think Like 5-Year Olds A few years ago, I was in charge of my five-year-old niece for the day. As is often the case with five-year-olds, I was about to get a whole lot more than I bargained for. I needed to run to the office for a minute--I was then the CEO of Virtual Shopping Inc., an early e-commerce player later sold to Europe's Wallenberg Group--so I told her to get in the car. As we walked to the garage, she looked down at the carpet and asked me how carpet is made. I knew there were big machines that sewed it, or something like that, but I didn't know much more. She was clearly disappointed.
“One does not begin with answers,” the legendary business consultant Peter Drucker once said. “One begins by asking, ‘What are our questions?’” The notion that questions may at times be more valuable to a business than answers is counterintuitive. The 5 Questions Every Company Should Ask Itself
Leadership & Managing | 10 Ways Any Leader Can Step It Up Today Strong leadership is a lifelong pursuit that requires continuous evaluation and improvement. Every leader has his own style, and every company needs a personalized approach. That said, there are 10 things any entrepreneur in any organization can do to deliver results: 1. Don't try to get stuff done. That's not your job.
Words are powerful. The language we use influences how we think, feel, act, and interact with the world. That’s why I propose a new kind of dictionary. One founded on the belief that we do not have to live how the world expects us to. Why? Why Tweaking Your Career Vocabulary Can Radically Improve Your Life
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