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Carlton Griggs

Carlton Griggs of New Jersey has always had an affinity for people, talking to them, understanding them, seeing what they need and what they don’t. Griggs attributes this ability to experience, and a genuine concern for his fellow man. Griggs believes that all of his customers deserve the utmost respect, and the highest level of service.

Carlton Griggs became a model professional. Carlton Griggs New Jersey, A Unique and Interesting Career. From a young age, Tennis remained one of Carlton Griggs’ favorite sports, which he pursued throughout high school and later in university.

Carlton Griggs New Jersey, A Unique and Interesting Career

During his tennis playing years he managed to win several awards and achieved a lot for such a young player. Some of these achievements included the All South Jersey from 1998 – 2001, TCC Royal Division – All Conference – 1st Team, Singles from 1998 – 2001, TCC Conference Singles Champion: 1998 – 2001, All Group Three Division: 1998 – 2001, State Tournament – Singles, Top 16: 2000 – 2001, All State NJ: 2000 – 2001, Overall Singles Record 3rd in the State, 141 – 16. this success was recognized, and he was even chosen to play for two years as a varsity starter for The College of New Jersey.

This passion for the wonderful sport was also furthered as he took a role as a coach for adults and children at Haddon Heights Tennis club as a tennis instructor. Carlton Griggs NJ, The Professional Career of an Experienced Individual. Carlton’s career began as a customer sales representative for Fessenden Hall Inc.

Carlton Griggs NJ, The Professional Career of an Experienced Individual

His role in this position was to coordinate special orders for the customers and help in the management of warehouse inventory. Following this he became a teller at the reputable Commerce Banks, which gave him the chance to develop his customer care skills. His responsibilities were working with customers in opening and closing their accounts, and verifying night deposits for large companies. Carlton Griggs, Forging a New Future. After college there is a high demand to set aside our priorities to pursue a job that will pay the bills.

Carlton Griggs, Forging a New Future

Many times this means sacrificing our dreams of working at home, for ourselves, living a life of grandeur, or simply becoming what we have dreamt about becoming since childhood. Some of us have dreamt about becoming a famous artist in France, hanging our glorious paintings within the Louvre’s walls. Some of us have dreamt about becoming a ballerina for the New York American Ballet Company.

Whatever the dream may have been, many of us have sacrificed them in order to fulfill the role society has dictated. Carlton Griggs NJ, Striving for Customer Satisfaction. When purchasing a car, some people suffer from salesmen who push them into acquiring a van, a corvette, or other form of transportation they wouldn’t originally want.

Carlton Griggs NJ, Striving for Customer Satisfaction

People go to a car dealership usually with an idea of what kind of car they need for their day to day lives. Some people need a family car to transport their kids to and from school, soccer practice, dance practice, or other after school activities. Some entrepreneurs need a nice business car to prove their success to future clients, or a car that has good mileage for those who travel frequently. The sad part about purchasing a car is not knowing if one is going to end up being a lemon, a car that breaks down frequently and always needs a good mechanic, which increases costs. Carlton Griggs New Jersey, Fueling the Engine. After a hard day of work, many people rather eat out, get fast food, or simply eat some concoction of potato chips and dip.

Carlton Griggs New Jersey, Fueling the Engine

Understandably, we are all exhausted from waking up early in the morning, dealing with coworkers and bosses who have also had an exhausting day, and then going home to more work to be done in the yard and helping our kids with their homework. Providing healthy nutrition to our body is somehow always the last thing on our minds, when in fact it should be the first. Not taking an interest in what we put into our bodies could lead to health issues including obesity and cardiovascular disease. Carlton Griggs New Jersey- More than meets the eye, is another hard working, busy professional who strives to bring excellent service and care to his customers. Carlton Griggs, The Importance of Personal Time in the Workforce. In the United States, the workforce is comprised of employees who stay late at work, possibly work over 50 hours a week, and may even refuse to take vacation time.

Carlton Griggs, The Importance of Personal Time in the Workforce

They hope their determination and perseverance will look good in the eyes of their boss and earn them a promotion. This amazing work etiquette is commendable, however is physically and mentally unhealthy. Staying cooped up in the office for several hours without sunshine or movement is detrimental to your health. Refusing to take vacation time may prove to the boss your devotion to your work, but increases your stress levels, which can lead into mental health problems such as depression and anxiety and increases chances of obesity and cardiovascular diseases later down the road. Carlton Griggs, NJ, and Forging Business Success. Forging business success does not necessarily mean being an expert in one industry, in one capacity.

Carlton Griggs, NJ, and Forging Business Success

The highest calibre employees have a strong blend of skills, which they are able to apply across disciplines and adapt to changes in role, market, or customer. Essentially success in business always comes down to hard work and ambition. Although luck and networking will give professionals a good edge, at the end of the day this ultimately will only get an individual so far if they do not apply focus to their role. As a man who has been employed in various roles over the years, for Carlton Griggs, ensuring great customer service is a natural career objective.

His drive was first evident in high school, where he excelled in varsity tennis and was rated an All-State player in New Jersey. Carlton Griggs New Jersey and Setting Goals. Carlton Griggs is an expert Mazda salesperson in Wayne, New Jersey, who has over the years consistently hit sales targets and met bonus quotas in his roles within the car industry.

Carlton Griggs New Jersey and Setting Goals

As an auto enthusiast it has not been difficult for him to apply his knowledge to sales pitches, and this expertise has built up a strong customer loyalty. With a particular fondness from an early age of Mazda and Ford vehicles, he is able to adeptly match any new customer with a car that matches their needs and desires. This has been a skill which he has naturally acquired over the years, and it allows him to reach professional goals far easier than those who approach sales with more aggressive tactics.

Carlton Griggs — Carlton Griggs and Traits of a Car Salesman. Carlton Griggs, NJ and Forging a New Career – Carlton Griggs NJ. Carlton Griggs is a New Jersey resident who currently works as a Certified Sales Consultant for Mazda in Wayne, New Jersey.

Carlton Griggs, NJ and Forging a New Career – Carlton Griggs NJ

He is a person who has always kept up a healthy number of hobbies and interests, and has managed to find a great work-life balance. He is a Fairleigh Dickinson University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. This degree has given him a broad base of skills which have allowed him to succeed in a number of industries, and a comprehensive understanding of business practices has also helped his transition across professions. After graduating Carlton Griggs worked for some time at Commerce Bank, where he was trusted with large deposits for businesses as well as helping new and existing customers with their personal accounts.

His first managerial position came in the wake of his exposure in the bank to managerial meetings, and within five months of employment at GameStop he was soon promoted to manager. Like this: Like Loading... Carlton Griggs: Carlton Griggs and New Jersey’s Musical Heritage. As far as music goes, for such a small state New Jersey has been the birthplace of many famous musicians across genres.

Carlton Griggs: Carlton Griggs and New Jersey’s Musical Heritage

The most famous rockstar still living who was born and bred in the Garden State is Bruce Springsteen, ‘The Boss’, who was born in Long Branch, New Jersey in 1949. Springsteen has cited from an early age being musically inspired by a fellow New Jersey singer, Frank Sinatra. Sinatra was born in Hoboken to Italian parents, and grew up in the swing era where nearby musical events cultivated his music talent for years. Sinatra and Springsteen are now two of the best-selling artists of all time and are part of a long tradition of famous music talent that has come from New Jersey. Video Gaming Advice from Carlton Griggs, NJ. The video gaming industry has come a long way since the first games of the 1970s, in recent years especially so with the emergence of smartphone and tablets as computing devices for mobile games.

Social gaming has also increased and adapted to social media popularity and trends. The graphics of today’s video games are impressively advanced in their ability to mimic reality, and photorealistic images provide a virtual experience unparalleled in past years. Global video games revenue alone reaches over $100 billion per year, with gaming software amounting to $51 billion of that total. The length of time spent on gaming daily is increasing also, with some users taking it to extremes. Carlton Griggs & Supporting the Philadelphia Eagles. Carlton Griggs, NJ, is not the typical Philadelphia Eagles fan, as a born and bred New Jersey resident. Despite this he has since childhood been an avid supporter of the Pensylvanian football team. Although it has now been over half a century since they have been NFL champions, before Griggs was even born, he maintains optimism for their future success.

The Eagles have twice made it to the Super Bowl – once in 1980 and once in 2004 – but both times unfortunately conceded defeat. Carlton Griggs, New Jersey & Changing the Landscape. Landscape architecture is essentially the planning, designing, and management of the outdoors, parks or gardens, and demands a blend of several skills.

To be a successful landscape gardeners, professionals need to apply both art and science for the attractiveness and functionality of outdoor environments. The work of landscape architects are seen in neighborhoods, highways, parks, and gardens, in residential and industrial areas. It demands a keen knowledge of the limitations of the environment and utilizing any available natural resources to satisfy the needs and wants of people. As a profession it is wonderfully suited to those who have a keen eye and can visualize the potentials of a space, as well as comprehensive knowledge of the design and planning procedures.

Carlton Griggs — Carlton Griggs, Building a Wide Ranging Sill Set... Carlton Griggs, A Modern Approach to Career Pursuit – Carlton Griggs NJ. During his distinguished career Carlton Griggs has held a wide variety of jobs in many different industries, from business management and human resources to customer service and landscaping. He received his degree in Business Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University and upon graduation spent his years building professional experience and cultivating the taught skills in many different positions. Carlton Griggs from New Jersey is more than he may seem upon first meeting. He knew from a young age that he’s like to build a career in a wide range of roles and positions, to cultivate as many different skills and gain as much new experience as possible. This modern approach to career pursuit has been recognized by scientists as having a great effect on individuals long-term professional happiness for several reasons.

Firstly, having diversified careers allows people to combine all of their various interests, skills and hobbies. Like this: Like Loading... Transferable Skills, from Recreation to Profession. Carlton Griggs NJ, Keeping the Balance. Carlton Griggs, A Career in Skills Diversity. Carlton Griggs’ career began as a customer sales representative at Fessenden Hall Inc. During his time spent working there he coordinated special orders for the clients and helped in the management of warehouse inventory. Carlton Griggs — Carlton Griggs New Jersey – Expanding Your Career. Carlton Griggs NJ – From Salesman to Landscaper – Carlton Griggs NJ. Carlton Griggs: Carlton Griggs – Redefining Professional Experience.

Carlton began his career as a customer sales representative at Fessenden Hall Inc. During his time there he coordinated special orders for the customers and helped in the management of warehouse inventory. Carlton then moved on to be a teller at Commerce Bank for almost two years. Making Time For His Hobbies. Carlton Griggs knew early on that he wanted to go into business and especially customer service, which is just what he did by receiving his degree in Business Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Applying Skills From Sports to Future Professions. Carlton Griggs has exemplary salesmanship, which is due to his vast amounts of his experiences he has obtained through working at several different companies. Carlton Griggs – More Than Meets the Eye – Carlton Griggs NJ. Carlton Griggs – Pros & Cons to Being a Salesman.

Carlton Griggs has exemplary salesmanship, which is due to his vast amounts of his experiences he has obtained through working at several different companies. History of Landscape Architects. Carlton Griggs. Professionally Diversified. Carlton Griggs – The Importance of a Work Life Balance. Carlton Griggs – Coming Full Circle As a Tennis Player and Coach. Carlton Griggs – An Expert in the Sales Industry. Carlton Griggs – Excelling in Managerial Positions. Building Success as a Landscape Architect.

Demonstrating the Importance of Leadership. Staying in Shape Through Horseback Riding. The Benefits of Being a Sports Fan. Carlton Griggs – What Customers Really Want. Carlton Griggs – Excellent Customer Service. Carlton Briggs – Going Above and Beyond. Carlton Briggs – Decrease Turnover in Customer Service. Carlton Griggs – Customer Service Advice. Carlton Griggs – Give Great Customer Service Without Spending Money. Carlton Griggs – Human Resources Expert. Ensuring Great Customer Service. Customer Service Mistakes. Making the Most Out of Customer Service.

Carlton Griggs’ Riding Passion. Carlton Griggs’ Hobbies. Carlton Griggs and His Football Passion. Carlton Griggs and the Traits of a Landscape Architect. Travelling Man Carlton Griggs. Effort and Precision. Excellent Across the Board. A Sporting Attitude to Life. A Sporting Attitude to Life. Salesmanship and High Standards. A Life of Diversity.