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Microsiervos sur Twitter : "Más barajas de naipes científicas: matemáticas y astronomía #Ciencia #Juegos. Más barajas de naipes científicas: matemáticas y astronomía. Por @Alvy — 31 de Julio de 2015 Si te gustó la baraja de naipes de la ciencia probablemente te encantarán estas otras, llamadas simplemente EduStacks.

Más barajas de naipes científicas: matemáticas y astronomía

Hay una versión matemática absolutamente preciosa y otra de astronomía que tampoco está mal. Esta idea consiguió en su momento financiación en IndieGoGo (unos 3.500 dólares cuando buscaban 2.000); proviene de la India y casi todas las unidades están ya vendidas, aunque si rebuscas un poco en el lateral derecho de la página puedes encontrar algunos de los packs todavía disponibles: también se venden como pósteres y en versión camiseta.

Su precio en la versión simple es de unos 10 dólares (matemáticas) o 12 dólares (astronomía) a los que hay que añadir 8 dólares de envío internacional, así que hacerse con unas que lleguen a España debe salir por unos 16-18 euros más o menos en total. Estudio muestra en que partes del cuerpo humano impactan las distintas emociones. Science v. Faith. The Antikythera Mechanism: The Story of Humanity's Oldest Analog Computer, circa 150 B.C. By Maria Popova 30 gear wheels of anachronism, or what a 2,000-year-old shipwreck reveals about the evolution of technology.

The Antikythera Mechanism: The Story of Humanity's Oldest Analog Computer, circa 150 B.C.

On their way back to Greece from Africa in October 1900, Captain Dimitrios Kontos and his crew of sponge divers encountered a severe storm, so they decided to wait it out on the small island of Antikythera. To pass the time, they set out to dive for sponges off the island’s coast. The first of them, Elias Stadiatos, had barely submerged 60 meters when he laid eyes on a striking sight — a heap of human and horse corpses lying on the sea bed.

He rushed frantically to the surface and reported what he had seen. Tablas de Conversion Automatica Unidades de Medidas - Peso, Distancia, Area, Volumen, Temperatura. ScienceWorld. Free Learning Resources on various subject categories at Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide. Existence. First published Wed Oct 10, 2012 Existence raises deep and important problems in metaphysics, philosophy of language, and philosophical logic.


Many of the issues can be organized around the following two questions: Is existence a property of individuals? And Assuming that existence is a property of individuals, are there individuals that lack it? What does it mean to ask if existence is a property? A full answer to this question requires a general theory of properties, which is well beyond the scope of this article. The 48 Laws of Power. Background[edit] Greene initially formulated some of the ideas in The 48 Laws of Power while working as a writer in Hollywood and concluding that today's power elite shared similar traits with powerful figures throughout history.[5] In 1995, Greene worked as a writer at Fabrica, an art and media school, and met a book packager named Joost Elffers.[4][8] Greene pitched a book about power to Elffers and six months later, Elffers requested that Greene write a treatment.[4] Although Greene was unhappy in his current job, he was comfortable and saw the time needed to write a proper book proposal as too risky.[10] However, at the time Greene was rereading his favorite biography about Julius Caesar and took inspiration from Caesar's decision to cross the Rubicon River and fight Pompey, thus inciting the Great Roman Civil War.[10] Greene would follow Caesar's example and write the treatment, which later became The 48 Laws of Power.[10] He would note this as the turning point of his life.[10]

The 48 Laws of Power

Nautilus. Scirus - for scientific information. Scientific journals online apps for iPad and iPhone. 8 Great Philosophical Questions That We'll Never Solve. Economista Alternativo Christian Felber Economía del Bien Común. Rostros Mundo Mejores Retratos National Geographic. Sc-tech. Environmental News and Information. Flickr. Life Science – ScienceBlogs. Over 1,000,000 Torrents of Downloadable Books, Music, and Movies. Dressed to Kill, 1946 The Internet Archive is now offering over 1,000,000 torrents including our live music concerts, the Prelinger movie collection, the librivox audio book collection, feature films, old time radio, lots and lots of books, and all new uploads from our patrons into Community collections (with more to follow).

Over 1,000,000 Torrents of Downloadable Books, Music, and Movies

Night of the Living Dead, 1968 Torrent Link at the bottom of download box. To download the Torrent of the files in the item, click the Torrent link at the bottom of the download box; your Torrent client (such as transmission and uTorrent) can use the Torrent file you get to download the files in the Archive item, including the original item files, plus all derivative and metadata files. Individual files can be selected (or deselected) from the list within most BitTorrent clients, allowing Torrents to be used to retrieve an entire item or a specific subset of files within it. What Makes a Community "Sustainable"? Dear EarthTalk: The term “sustainable communities” gets bantered around quite a bit today.

What Makes a Community "Sustainable"?

Could you define it for me? Scientific American Blog Network. Make Room for a New Bloom: New Flower Discovered: Scientific American Gallery. The world's newest flower is a species less than 140 years old hailing from southern Scotland, but its parents are from the Andes and North America's west coast.

Make Room for a New Bloom: New Flower Discovered: Scientific American Gallery

The yellow monkey flower, or Mimulus peregrinus—Latin for "wanderer," is described in the journal Phytokeys. (Click on the image for higher resolution.) Science News, Articles and Information. The Internet Archive: Más de un millón de archivos torrent para descargar. Science Photo Library. Collections. Royal Society Picture Library. Inside Science: The Royal Society's magazine. Sombra de un átomo. Física ¡Comparte esto con tus contactos!

Sombra de un átomo

Math and Physics News, and Articles. The Royal Society: Welcome.