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Alt.polyamory home page. Polyamorous Percolations. Poly 101 © Rose Fox; March 20, 2006 a garden in riotous bloom This text originally appeared as part of Rose's "Polyamory 101" workshop.

Polyamorous Percolations

It is reproduced here as a reference with her full consent. Thank you all for coming out tonight for this. My name is Rose Fox and I've been poly since I was 14, well before I knew there was a word for it. I currently have two partners, Josh and Xtina. Polyamorous Percolations. So you're thinking about adding a member to your "conventional" family, thereby creating an expanded family?

Polyamorous Percolations

Here are a few insights you might wish to ponder before making that step. Issues covered in this section are: Alt.polyamory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Polyamory: How To F*** It Up.