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Carl Freer, Entrepreneur

Carl Freer is a Swedish businessman and technology entrepreneur primarily known for founding the American company Tiger Telematics, which created the handheld game console Gizmondo. Carl Freer is also the founder of Singapore-based medical-device company, Aluminaid and co-author of several patents.

Combining Engineering and Medical Science Technology Through Carl Freer Vision. Carl Freer is a Swedish business Magnate with astounding entrepreneurial skills in different sectors.

Combining Engineering and Medical Science Technology Through Carl Freer Vision

He became a prominent household name in the American Families for creating Gizmodo (Parent company named as Tiger Telematics), a handheld gaming console. Although, the device wasn’t a huge success yet it forged a major perception about Carl Freer as an innovative and fearless entrepreneur. In 2008, Freer was optimistic in reinventing the better version of Gizmodo. Carl is fanatic about creating new mobile video technologies. Carl Freer co-owns several patents in different fields. With a career spanning over 3 decades, he has successfully blended the modern technology along with innovation for creating products/services for the people. Carl Freer – Business Development tactics have been the subject of various criticisms from different sectors yet time and again he has proved his intellectual prowess combined with acute business and marketing tactics.

Save. Carl Freer Achievements in Business. Carl Freer is one of the few people who have managed to scale the ugly heights of entrepreneurship.

Carl Freer Achievements in Business

It will not be out of place for you to say he is a man that has seen it all in the field of business. He is someone who has risen to the top of his business class and has equally experienced some negative impacts along the course of his business. This is a great man who has so many achievements to this effect. There is more from where this came from, you can check out Carl Freer account on for more information.

This post will be focusing on some of the business achievements that has helped this individual rise to fame. Carl Freer – A Business Genius. One can only take a look at Carl Freer achievements and ask, how he managed to attain such feats in his early days.

Carl Freer – A Business Genius

This is a man who can be rightly considered as a pace setter. He blazes the trail for others to follow. While some are very quick to discredit the man and his achievements, the facts are still there for anyone who care to examine that this man has enjoyed some good success in the field of business. Another way of putting it is that, not too many people understand what he understands about thriving in business. You are about to be exposed to the true business architecture of a genius. His Ideology This individual has made a name for himself with his unrivalled motivational and renowned entrepreneurship skills.

He has become a household name across Europe, Asia and the United States. Like this: Like Loading... Carl Freer - Personal Life And Work. It takes a lot of discipline for anyone to succeed in their work life, and as well as life outside work.

Carl Freer - Personal Life And Work

Those who have emerged as successful icons in their respective industries know exactly how to balance these two aspects of their lives. However, for some other people, they keep continuously struggling with these areas of their lives and the overall picture is always negating to success in its entirety. The Future of the Innovation Technology World – Carl Freer. The Future of the Innovation Technology World – Carl Freer Carl Freer is a leading futurist, innovator and serial entrepreneur with over two decades experience in the technology sector.

The Future of the Innovation Technology World – Carl Freer

Swedish by birth, Carl has over a dozen of patents in the US, Europe and Asia. Carl J Freer’s latest venture, Aluminaid, was founded 2010. Born in the year of 1970 in the city of Stockholm, Sweden, Carl Freer’s father was a programmer at IBM by profession and a nuclear engineer by qualification. The founder of Aluminaid, Carl Johan Freer spent much of his early career creating disruptive technologies in the mobile device industry. Prior to joining Magitech, Carl Freer spent three years at Tiger Telematics, Inc. Today, Carl J Freer focuses on the medical bandage industry at Aluminaid.

In 2010, entrepreneur Carl J Freer launched Aluminaid, which has since brought disruptive technology to the medical device industry. Carl Freer, The True Definition Of A Businessman. Successfully running any business is an endeavor that depends on so many factors.

Carl Freer, The True Definition Of A Businessman

One of such factors is persistence. For anyone who wants to be successful in any area of business, the attitude of fighting to the end as against giving up, cannot be overemphasized. This is an important ingredient that is required for the continued existence of any organization or business. This is where most businessmen have failed however, this happens to be a very striking feature of Mr. Carl Freer. You are just about to find out some very compelling facts about the man in question, as you read through this post. This individual is nothing but a true businessman. These are astonishing qualities that made him stand out in the midst of other businessmen. His YouTube Account If you are sincerely looking forward to getting more insight into how he got his ideas and what gave him the guts to run his various businesses then you can do a Google search on Carl Freer - Swedish Businessman video on YouTube.

Carl Freer - The Other Side The Of Story. Ever come across the name, Carl Freer before?

Carl Freer - The Other Side The Of Story

If you have come across the name what do you know about him? You may think you know so much about the man most especially when you have picked up your information from sources that tell his story from one perspective. It is nice to have you onboard. You are about to embark on an enlightenment journey as it regards the subject.