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EFL Ideas | Creative Resources for ESL/EFL Teachers. Off2Class Blog - Free ESL Teacher Resources: Articles, Webinars, Template Downloads. ELT-CATION – My Vocation is my Vacation: Resources, Materials and Ideas. LLT | A place for Students of English as a Foreign / Second Language. Awesome ESL. English WebBook – JHS English Language Classroom Activities. Apunts de gramàtica anglesa. English Grammar Notes - Idiomes, English, Deutsch, ELE, AICLE-CLIL. (Almost) Infinite ELT Ideas | Collaborative idea generation for ELT. Welcome to Excellent ESL 4u. My That's English! Would you rather? - Ultimate Questions. Blog - Deep English.

The English Blog. ELLA » Teachers’ Corner. Here you can download some of the materials you can find in this site: those that we have made ourselves. The zip lessons are compressed into a zip file that you will have to extract to a shared folder in your server. To start the lesson open the file: index.htm and follow the links.

All the video files are flv, if you can't play them in your computer you will need to download and install an flv player like VLC player. Check the FAQ for more information on this Units marked* are not available yet but will soon be released Elementary A Mobile World zip pdf video and audio A Healthy Flight zip pdf video How to Tie a Tie zip pdf audio and video How to Add Veggies to your Diet zip pdf video Going to the Doctor's zip pdf video It's so British zip pdf video and audio A Day in Town zip pdf audio Intermediate The Thumb Generation zip pdf video The Trial zip pdf video Why Should I Tip a Server? Advanced Cell Phones, could we Live without them? Jokes in Levels. Videos in Levels. Home - ESL Resources for Students & Teachers - Simple English News. English news and easy articles for students of English.

Gramática inglesa para estudiantes españoles. De Manuel Mañas Rodríguez. ESL games for adult learners - ESL games. English and Blogs.