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FCE New Format

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Fce new exam 2015. Changes to FCE in 2015 | teflgeek. Following on from the extensive revision of the Proficiency(CPE) exam in March this year, Cambridge have just released a revised handbook for the changes they’ll be making to the First exam (FCE) from the start of 2015. Similar changes are also likely to take place to the Advanced exam (CAE), though details on this aren’t available yet. The big news is that the Reading and Use of English papers are being squeezed into a single paper.

The combined version weighs in at 1 hour 15 minutes (half an hour shorter than the current combined lengths) and contains exactly the same tasks as the current versions, though each section contains fewer questions (about 20 fewer questions overall). From a practical point of view the skills, sub-skills and strategies learners might need for the tasks won’t change, and other than changing the frame of reference for the tasks, it appears little else does either.

A few minor alterations crop up in the speaking. Finally, changes to the writing paper. First (FCE) exam format.