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Clips de video profesionales en HD al mejor precio. Telemachprofessional. Amiga - Sensible Soccer.

El Rincón del Publicista: Video online: Una de las mejores herramientas para estimular audiencias. Los que me conocéis ya sabéis mi predilección por el video online, los que no, lo notareis a lo largo de este post.

El Rincón del Publicista: Video online: Una de las mejores herramientas para estimular audiencias

Los datos de los últimos estudios respaldan la tendencia en aumento -producción, publicación y consumo-, del vídeo online. En la actualidad ya se habla de cifras sorprendentes en este sentido. El vídeo es responsable de más del 40% del tráfico de Internet. Mucha culpa tienen las redes sociales y las plataformas destinadas a este fin, tales como Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, etc… Sistemas sencillos para publicar y compartir vídeos, además de facilitar la creación de canales temáticos con sustanciales posibilidades de personalización. TROM : the reality of me.

Documentos TV - Cómo empezar una revolución , Documentos TV. Play Television #Transmedia News. La doctrina del shock, documental completo. Top Documentary Films - Watch Free Documentaries Online. Los datos del vídeo online [Diciembre] - HiperVideo Lab. Tempelhof eins. Video_Study_2012-12-8. El vídeo online, la herramienta de marketing imprescindible para las marcas - HiperVideo Lab. Twitvid - Share videos and photos on Twitter. Mozilla Popcorn. Screen Australia. ARS ELECTRONICA 2011.

PressPausePlay. The European Leader for Video Advertising - smartclip.


You-tube-ok2. Estudi-sector-audiovisual.pdf (application/pdf Objeto) Online Video for Business: Business Video Best Practices for Success. So much has changed about the way we absorb information in the past few years. Can you even remember what accessing the Internet was like ten years ago? In 1999 one of the most used features in Netscape's Navigator was the ability to uncheck Autoload Images . Once you did that you would only get text, no pictures. Page load times were crucial as users were often paying per minute to their phone service provider in addition to whatever they were paying their Internet service provider.

Jump forward to 2004 and everyone was starting to sign up for broadband, but no one was watching video online (especially business videos) it was still too heavy. Then in early 2006, things started to change - instead of video being attached to emails people started sending links to a mysterious new site called YouTube. By the time YouTube was acquired by Google for $1.65 billion in September 2006, everyone who used the Internet regularly had seen one of their videos. The Hero with a Thousand Faces: Joseph Campbell. Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting: Robert McKee. Video .fu - home made online video. Jorge Lorenzo photo shoot by Rockstar. Shelly Palmer Digital Living. Usability Standards for Web Video (Where The Hell Are They??) Most companies producing online video content aren't giving enough consideration to the end user's experience with the video they're watching.

Despite the huge business growth of online video, not a single major usability organization or video solutions provider has put out any publicly available 'best practices' information on the web video experience for the end user! Listen to my podcast on web video usability. Intro - Grant's bad user experience with a web video company Oh, it was so traumatic! Dónde estamos - ÉPOCA. Premios - concurso creación audiovisual luz verde. Pantalla Global - PARTICIPA-HI. Getting Started on Google AdWords TrueView Video Ads.

Google AdWords has released a new self service campaign format specifically to build video advertising campaigns.

Getting Started on Google AdWords TrueView Video Ads

AdWords for Online Video campaigns bring completely new video ad formats previously not seen on YouTube promoted video accounts. This guide walks you through using the new campaign interface and the new ad positions. The new AdWords for Online Video interface means more formats, easier setup, improved targeting, more stats, an engagement-oriented payment metric (known as TrueView), and more ad inventory via YouTube and Google Video Search, and the Google Display Network (GDN).

After several months of internal testing, the new interface and formats have been released in a limited beta in the U.S., Germany, and the UK today. Top video advertisers have already been contacted, but you can let Google know you're interested by filling out this form. Seis sitios para transmitir video en vivo (web y móvil) Los sitios de transmisión de video en vivo no solo servirán para comunicarte con la familia, un periodista lo puede usar para presentar información a su grupo de trabajo, brindar su opinión de algún tema o, lo más obvio, cubrir un hecho noticioso.

¿Cómo hacerlo? Se puede utilizar sitios web o aplicaciones móviles. 10,000 Words recomienda algunas opciones, agregamos otras más: 1. Bambuser. Transmite en vivo desde tu smartphone y chatea con tus visitantes. 2. 3. 4. Canal de TheTechMuseum. Documentales Online, Documentales gratis, Documentales national geographic... Foc sobre el Màrmara. RIP!: A remix manifesto. So this would have to be my favourite flick of them all.

RIP!: A remix manifesto

I love the use of the word mash-up. It applies to so many aspects of life in general--interracial relationships, dance hybrids like Bollywood (bhungra & urban dance together), chicken and waffles. At any rate, dance is all about taking different worlds, combining them and enjoying the explosion from that partnership.

I hope I get the opportunity to watch Girl Talk live one day. He creates stimulating sounds, perfect for a dancer or any artist's palette. Home - our freeware programs. Welcome to JockerSoft website.

home - our freeware programs

Here you will find several programs more or less useful (well, I hope the former :-) ) On the left side there is the list of programs currently released in English. More programs are available in the Italian section. All programs on this site to work need the Microsoft .NET Framework freely downloadable from site or through Windows Update service. New programs will soon be available: keep this site checked regularly. Tranlators needed: If you can read english or italian and write in another language and you want to make a translation for one of my programs, please let me know : I will send you the texts to be translated. Site optimized to be viewed at a minimal resolution of 1024x768 and with the Firefox browser.

Flixmaster makes HTML5 video interactive — Online Video News. Creators that want to build interactive video applications have largely been constrained by the lack of easy-to-use tools for doing so.

Flixmaster makes HTML5 video interactive — Online Video News

Today those publishers can either use rudimentary tools like YouTube annotations to extend an element of choice to video applications, or they can turn to expensive, custom web design firms to build that interactivity into their videos. Now one startup is looking to provide an alternative: Boulder, Colo. –based Flixmaster offers a platform for publishers like transmedia creators and interactive advertisers that provides most of the functionality that they desire, without requiring them to shell out tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to build custom experiences. Live Video Encoding & Transcoding. Ignition.


Zeega. 3wdoc. Klynt. RealZeal Soft Freeware, free video software, free audio software, free DVD software. Free YouTube Uploader: upload video to YouTube. By Techgigpremiumcorp fabulous , incredible , excellent , great by A great Boon to Music lovers that too traditi.

Free YouTube Uploader: upload video to YouTube

Bajar youtube vídeo, bajar megavideo, vimeo y otros! DragonTape, edita videos de YouTube. DragonTape es un editor de videos de YouTube.

DragonTape, edita videos de YouTube

Para mezclar archivos no necesitas instalar ningún programa, puedes cortarlos y componer otro archivo en la red. Solo necesitas una cuenta con tu nombre e email. DragonTape te enviará la clave a tu email. Es un similar al YouTube editor, pero también puedes agregar documentos de SoundCloud. 2.0. World's First Camera Top HD Video Encoder Solution.