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JQuery Plugins

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DdSlick - a jQuery plugin for custom drop down with images. With traditional drop downs i.e. using <select><option></option></select> you are limited to only text and value.

ddSlick - a jQuery plugin for custom drop down with images

But with this easily configurable jquery plugin, you can now create a custom drop down that can very well include images, a short description, along with your usual text and value. Take a look at the following demos in action. 1Basic Drop down using JSON. Select2 3.0. Gets or sets the selection.

Select2 3.0

If the value parameter is not specified, the id attribute of the currently selected element is returned. If the value parameter is specified it will become the current selection. val method invoked on a single-select with an unset value will return "", while a val method invoked on an empty multi-select will return []. jQuery Masonry.

Galleria – The JavaScript Image Gallery. Slides, A Slideshow Plugin for jQuery.