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Bakemonogatari - PDF Volume 3. To Aru Majutsu no Index - PDF Volumes 1+6-20+SS1-2+NT 1: NEW. F*** MEDIAFIRE it's just deleting my files like flies.....just grab the PDF HERE *Update: For those tho haven't read the notice teh_ping posted in the main wiki page here it is: SUPERVISOR NOTICE: I will be locking up all the main translated stories, as according to how the stories were translated.

To Aru Majutsu no Index - PDF Volumes 1+6-20+SS1-2+NT 1: NEW

Check the updates section for when I will be locking them. Format shall be in British English and past tense (except for dialogues and thoughts, which are to be in present tense). --Teh Ping 12:34, 11 July 2011 (UCT) THEN ill be remaking the PDF's according to those dates, n pretty much will be the final version. Don't forget to check my notes =D Ok well the batch reached more than 200 MB and mediafire doesn't let me upload more than that, so i had to split it in 2 parts. The date is the last time i modified the file (MM/DD/YYYY). The Toaru Majutsu no Index Series The Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament Series The Toaru Majutsu no Index Side Stories Generate ePUB here: BTE-GEN by CarJ by Simon. Hidan no Aria - PDF Volume 1-4. Kira0802 wrote:I think you forghot the pics.

Hidan no Aria - PDF Volume 1-4

Actually, I didn't forget them. I omitted them. Trying to get them in the PDF nicely is driving me up the wall at the moment. -_-; The problem is, I'm using a straight text file of the content to generate the PDF with; it's not going from HTML to PDF or anything like that, but rather from a set of text files.I don't have a way to indicate where the image thumbnail should go; to add in the images, somehow I'd have to get the script to set enough lines of text to not take up the entire page width so that the image could be placed in the designated area. To put it simply, I'm in a state of "A-S-D-F&#^ING F" about the images. I do have good news though. Here's the latest run of the script: I'm gonna play around with the generation script a bit more, see if I can figure out how exactly to divide up the text files so that it can still be automated easily. Infinite Stratos - PDF Volume 1. ENJOY!

Infinite Stratos - PDF Volume 1

And the date its the last date modified (MM/DD/YYYY) F*** MEDIAFIRE it's just deleting my files like flies.....just grab the PDF HERE (~^_^)~ *PDFs* ~(^_^~) Volume 1 (25/7/2011)Volume 2 (17/7/2011)Volume 3 (17/7/2011)Volume 4 (25/7/2011)Volume 5 (25/7/2011)Volume 6 (17/7/2011)Volume 7 (25/7/2011) In this Post OK i made some changes to ALL the PDFs (NOTE: edited volume 4 n 5 again cuz i forgot something, OH n added Aferword in volume 1), most of those are in the images, added some deleted some n pretty much made them kinda standard, except for volume 6 that i remade completely to include the huge change in the notes n any correction made to the text itself ppl~~ GO THANK EVERY1 IN THE STAFF FOR THIS TRANSLATIONS >=O aaand if theres any mistake like blank pages, bad numbering, double paragraph, etc tell me to fix it =P. Fate Zero Volume 4 PDF.