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Caribbean Dream Yachts

Caribbean Dream Yachts

Activities To Do on Your Yacht Charter Getaway - Caribbean Dream Yachts. Activities To Do on Your Yacht Charter Getaway. The excellent way to explore the beautiful islands of Caribbean coastlines is undoubtedly to book a boat rental in Playa Del Carmen or sailboat, allowing you to hop from island to island easily. 1. Get a Caribbean Tan Basking under the sun in one of the Caribbean islands will give you a beautiful tan, but make sure that you don’t expose yourself in the sun too long or else you will get a sunburn. Moderate sun exposure is advisable. 2. When sailing or yachting in the Caribbean, it’s the ideal time to write a journal. 3.

Organizing a party in your chartered boat in the Caribbean is one of the best activities to do. 4. Discover the local cuisine in the Caribbean, so walk around and explore local food — you never know what foodie pit stop you could discover. 5. Anchor your yacht and explore the water world of the Caribbean Sea. Are you looking to explore the Caribbean with a yacht rental Playa Del Carmen, in the Caribbean?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tips on How to Go Green on Your Next Sailing Trip | Caribbean Dream. Tips on How to Go Green on Your Next Sailing Trip Tips on How to Go Green on Your Next Sailing Trip. If you like sailing in the waters of the Caribbean, ensure that you dispose of your trash properly so as not to harm our marine life. On the water, waste can quickly become marine debris, and it is the most pervasive pollution problem now. Not just an eyesore but it also kills marine animals and birds. As a sailing enthusiast, we need to do our part and help the environment, Here we’ve put together our tips and ideas on how you can care for the sailing environment in the Caribbean.

Keep your boat deck trash free While sailing makes sure that you dispose of your trash found on the deck because it can quickly end up in the sea this is to protect your property and the sea from pollution. Limit your plastic usage After you have prepared your yacht and ready to sail, please check perhaps you are stocking too much plastic. Use a refillable drink bottle Learn how to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Guidelines for Your First Yacht Charter - Caribbean Dream Yachts. Guidelines for Your First Yacht Charter. Are you planning to go on a boat rental holiday in the Caribbean? Is it your first time? No frets, we gathered the essential aspects of planning a yacht charter trip. Ensure that you do it the right way so that nothing can go wrong. Essential viewpoints of planning a yacht charter If you are planning for a sailing holiday, deciding the right people for your journey is vital. Choosing the right yacht for you Choosing the right choice of the charter yacht.

Yacht charter insurance It would be best if you always secured insurances for the yacht charter– like deposit and the skipper liability insurance and advisable amongst friends or couples. Charter season and the sailing weather at the destination In order not to spoil the enjoyment of the boat rental might as well check first the charter season and the sailing weather condition in the Caribbean.

We assume that we help you plan your boating holiday a little easier for you. Choosing the right yacht for you. Simple Recipes to Cook Onboard | Caribbean Dream Yacht. Simple Recipes to Cook. Dear sailing lovers! Are you planning to have a sailing holiday in the Caribbean? If you need some fresh ideas to cook on your sailing holiday, you’ve come to the right place. Food is always an essential part of packing for a sailing holiday, whether you will be sailing for a day or a month.

Here are some simple recipes that will ensure that your crew and guests get a delicious, healthy meal without a lot of prep or cleanup time. Salsa Verde Stew Ingredients 1 small pre-cooked rotisserie chicken1 jar salsa verde, 12 oz.1 can cannellini beans, 15 oz.3 cups chicken broth1 tsp cumin1 tbsp. cilantro, chopped2 scallions, choppedSour cream and tortilla chips for topping How To Prepare Cook salsa verde on medium heat for 2 minutes.

Tuna And Potato Salad Ingredients How To Prepare Southwestern Shepherd’s Pie Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Red Curry Lamb Stew How to Prepare Additional tips for cooking onboard Happy cooking and we wish you fair winds and calm seas! Salsa Verde Stew. Yacht Experience After Shopping. Yacht Experience After Shopping. After a great day shopping ending a sunset on our amazing yacht its a way of doing it. ? Shots after shots the Playa Del Carmen yacht tour started and soon enough everyone laughing and swimming in the deep waters or the shallow waters of our trip. Eating the snacks away GLUTEN free as requested everyone started to dance especially the girls that finally got a tequila down or 2 or even more. So what are you waiting for?

Get a private yacht playa del carmen Yacht Experience After Shopping. Yacht Experience After Shopping. Playa Del Carmen Wedding Yacht Catamaran. Yacht and Catamaran Weddings- Sail To New Horizons A catamaran looks like the perfect option for a Caribbean wedding Guess why? Catamarans have a full deck, and they are ideal for maneuvering through the coral reefs and cays of the Caribbean Sea. We help you to plan a beautiful destination wedding in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

The Caribbean is known as a yachting paradise. Do you love the ocean? Service We have several catamarans and yachts to charter that are all available for your dream wedding. Weddings Playa del Carmen on a Yacht Weddings at Playa del Carmen on the water may be the most intimate and romantic experience you would have. We love special events and ensure that everyone will have a fabulous time.

If you are planning to get married in the Mexican Caribbean, we are your best choice! Tulum Weddings Tulum is one of the most famous destinations to get married in Mexico. Puerto Aventuras Weddings on a yacht The Puerto Aventuras is another perfect wedding destination. Events. Caribbean Yachts Charter | Dream Yachts. 8 Tips to Avoid Being Ghosted By Your Candidates. It’s downright frustrating when an applicant doesn’t show up for their contract signing or first day of work.

Has this ever happened to you? Ghosting is an emerging issue in the staffing scene and is likely to get worse as more candidates believe it’s reasonable to disappear on a recruiting employer without explanation. The virtual job market is hot so a labour shortage means seekers can afford to be choosy. Already, a huge percentage of workers are backing out from positions after having said yes.

This can be a problem if you’ve taken down your job ad and stopped all hiring efforts because you thought you’ve found the one. Meaning, you’ll start over from scratch if your candidate ghosts you. Ghostbusting Tips To prevent your top candidates from disappearing on you, you’ll need to adopt strategies to keep them engaged throughout the recruitment process.

Be honest and accurate When selling a role to applicants, make sure that you aren’t misleading or over-promising to them. Final Thoughts. How to Do a Thorough Real Estate Virtual Assistant Interview. According to Pro REA Staffing president Vanessa Rosenblum, you have three objectives to accomplish when interviewing candidates for real estate virtual assistant jobs. You need to verify that the candidate has: The skillsThe experienceThe culture fit for your office. You need to do all that while also getting each VA candidate’s buy-in. Remember: they need to like you as much as you like them. Of course, you have to do all this quickly because everyone involved is busy. If you add too many steps in the interview process, you risk losing great candidates because other companies will entice them before you do. So how do you get all the information you need to make an informed decision about a candidate, and do it as quickly as possible?

Vanessa shares several well-researched suggestions to help you navigate the interview process and screen your candidates effectively. Key traits that VA candidates should have Interview tips Critical questions that candidates should answer To validate skills. 10 Tasks to Outsource to Your Sales Virtual Assistant. How much of your sales representatives’ time is spent speaking with prospective clients? You may have noticed that it’s not as high as you want it to be. Instead of communicating with prospects, your agents are spending most of their day looking for new leads, securing contact information and scheduling meetings.

Such tasks are critical to the sales process but it’s not the most efficient use of their time. Why? As a matter of fact, anything that doesn’t involve building relationships or figuring out what clients need can be seen as non-core. If you want to give your in-house representatives more time for actual selling, learn to delegate and outsource non-core tasks to a sales virtual assistant. Creating expense reports An expense report is a form that itemises expenditures for which you are asking for reimbursement. As to the sales process, dealing with databases and filling out forms isn’t high on the list of things to do. Confirming tomorrow’s meetings Researching about prospects. 10 Tasks to Outsource to Your Sales Virtual Assistant. How to Hire a Social Media Manager Who Doesn’t Suck.

Meet Bobby Baehne, digital marketing specialist and president of Think Big Go Local Inc, a social media management firm based in McHenry, Illinois. She has a few concerns about hiring social media managers today: One of the biggest problems in the job market right now is that anybody with a Facebook page thinks they’ve got what it takes to call themselves a social media manager.As a small business, you’re probably being hit up by all kinds of people (individuals and companies) that make you the promise that they can build your audience, increase visibility, and take over all your social media management.But how do you know that they’re not going to suck at it? Over the years, Bobby has heard her share of laughable encounters. Here are several off the top of her head: One of her clients was trying to choose a social media company to help them with their online presence.

Because of these experiences, Bobby is sharing ways you can tell a good social media manager from a bad one. Playa del Carmen Yachts and Catamarans Tour. Catamarans Tours Mayan Riviera Catamaran tours are an excellent way to get out on the sea. Our boats will help you across the ocean and take you to beautiful destinations that are not accessible. Most tours will take hours and can take you to snorkeling points, enjoying food, and an opportunity to go swimming and relax. Catamaran Tour in the Riviera Maya is definitely a bucket list you should check while on vacation here for your caribbean dream . These are the tour options while in the Riviera Maya. Here is what is included in the tour: transportationalcoholic drinks including beersnorkels and equipmentFoodmusic and fun Catamaran Tour Package 72 usd per person Includes: Isla Mujeres TourTransportation round tripFood buffet in isla mujeresDrinksSnorkellingActivity similar to parasailling if wind is goodMusicMarine Taxes More information, CONTACT US!

Catamaran Platinum Tour Package 105 usd per person Private Catamaran Tour starting at 1500 usd Includes How to book for a catamaran tour Includes: Yachts Tour In Riviera Maya. Are you looking for the ultimate experience cruising the Riviera Maya? Maybe no other destination in the world can give a wide range of beaches, beautiful islands, fishing, diving/snorkeling, turquoise water, and superb sailing conditions than the islands of the Caribbean and the Yachts Tour In Riviera Maya. These factors make for the perfect tour to key destinations such as the Riviera Maya. Our Yachts Tour In Riviera Maya is always available for your dream Caribbean tour. It is our great pleasure to be a part of your dream tour and with the details of your perfect event. We offer the most luxurious Yacht Rentals, Riviera Maya, whether it is for a corporate event, wedding, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, a romantic outing, or just for fun. It is your tour, so it’s your choice!

Also, you can enjoy your tour with our delicious snacks, freshly-grilled cheeseburgers, open bar, and your gourmet chef at your request! It is your tour, so it’s your choice! The Beginner’s Guide on Playa del Carmen Yacht Rentals. Playa del Carmen Yacht Rentals and Sailing Perfect Way to Unwind through a playa del carmen yacht rentals or sailing the Riviera Maya. Breathe, relax, and enjoy. These words make us think and ponder that living life is more than just about working, surviving, and bearing the weight of the world on our shoulders. A perfect way to unwind is to go on a vacation or a trip with your family and loved ones, nothing can be better than having travel getaways with them. For some, summer may be a short period to relax, that is why we must find an excellent way to spend it. Smell the sea, Feel the Sky Water-centered vacation is a unique way of spending your holiday as it unfolds to give passengers a space to unwind.

Welcome to Playa del Carmen! Have you heard the place, Playa del Carmen? Yachts, Catamarans, and many others can be seen through the beaches of the place as it is commonly known as fast sailing or recreation vessels that are almost exclusively for leisure. Here’s What to Remember: The Beginner’s Guide on Playa del Carmen Yacht Rentals. Get Married in A Yacht in Los Cabos | Cabo Sailing. Get Married in A Yacht in Los Cabos Yacht Los Cabos for an amazing wedding Yacht Los Cabos for a fantastic destination and a tropical-themed wedding promised to give a memorable experience and photos every bride and groom seeks.

Why choose Los Cabos? Destination weddings in Los Cabos give a broad range of romantic experiences for your big day and provide a beautiful environment for your family and friends to enjoy something new. The warmth and charm of its people and the remarkable landscapes that making your big day an unforgettable one. Tips on getting Marry in Los Cabos, Mexico Follow your personal preferences. Choosing Los Cabos as your wedding destinations is stepping up from ordinary into extraordinary. Help local businesses The next step is the planning of the details of your wedding like your wedding flowers, venue, favours and menu choices. Dress Accordingly Plan an itinerary of activities for your guests Are you thinking of getting married in Los Cabos, Mexico?

Tips for a Successful Fishing Trip on a Rental Yacht | Caribbean Dream. Tips for a Successful Fishing Trip on a Rental Yacht Tips For a Successful Fishing Trip on a Rental Yacht. Most people love to hit the beaches and go on a fishing trip on a yacht. But, some tourists are heedless of the ways through which they can catch a fish. If you are a fishing enthusiast then perhaps you know the essential aspects of fishing. One way to enjoy fishing is to charter a yacht in Playa del Carmen.

Fishing is another popular water activity in Playa Del Carmen. Helpful Tips to Boost Your Fishing Game Do not forget to check the shipwrecks and reefs. If you are looking for an unforgettable fishing experience, a boat rental in Playa Del Carmen may be the perfect way to make it happen. Check out our full range of boats for your fishing adventure. Tips for a Successful Fishing Trip on a Rental Yacht Tips For a Successful Fishing Trip on a Rental Yacht. Fishing is another popular water activity in Playa Del Carmen.

Helpful Tips to Boost Your Fishing Game. Why You Should Rent a Boat For Your Next Birthday Party | Caribbean. Preparing Your Charter Yacht Crew. Your Yacht Charter Checklist. Tips for Planning Date Night on a Private Yacht. Top 5 Reasons Why Yacht Sailing is The Best Way | Caribbean Dream. Make The Most Out Of Your Yacht Bachelorette Party! | Caribbean Dream. Book A Private Tour with Catamaran Private Tours | Caribbean Dream. A Dream Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Charter. Romantic Date on A Yacht. How to have the Best Wedding at Sea | Playa Yachting. How To Save Money on a Yacht Charter. How to Plan a Successful Yacht Party. Cancun A Paradise To Visit. Tips On How To Choose a Wedding Planner.

Things You Need To Know About Boat Wedding. Guide to Catamaran Vacations. YouTube. Things You Need To Know About Boat Weddings | Caribbean Dream Yacht. Private Tour Catamaran Riviera Maya. Playa del Carmen Yachts and Catamarans Tour. Charter A Yacht In the Caribbean | Caribbean Yacht Dreams. YouTube. Tips on How To Snorkel in the Riviera Maya. Playa Del Carmen Wedding Yacht Catamaran. Caribbean Bachelorette Party On A Boat. Bachelor Party Australian Style. Top 10 Things To Do in Playa Del Carmen. Gallery Caribbean Yacht Catamaran | Caribbean Dream Yachts. Caribbean Bachelorette Party On A Boat | Caribbean Dream Yachts. Bachelor Party Australian Style | Caribbean Dream Yachts. Yacht Experience After Shopping | Caribbean Dream Yachts.

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Caribbean Dream Yachts.