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10 Free Language Learning Communities. Explore the Best Livemocha Ever. Everything you love about Livemocha just got better Questions? See our FAQs Practice with native speakers in more productive ways Master your new skills by trying them out with native speakers, pressure free. Feedback from Native Speakers Every lesson includes four opportunities for you to get feedback from native speakers.

You will get better feedback, more quickly with star-ratings from native-speakers in the community and detailed reviews from Language Experts. Language Partners on Livemocha You will find a list of your closest friends in the Language Partners tab of your profile. If you do not yet see your friends fro the old site, don’t worry, we’re still keeping track of those connections! Earn or buy access to anything on Livemocha You can unlock everything–lessons, feedback, etc–on Livemocha using either Points (which you earn) or Beans (which you buy).

Points You can redeem your earned points for lessons, feedback, activities, and more. When you earn points, you’ll hear a “cha-ching!” Lite — Spellchecker Designed For The Web. A - Z of grammar content. Plamena. Single tests. Higher Education. > Vocabulary > Higher Education > Reading Comprehension Higher Education Reading Comprehension Based on the text below, answer the questions, and then click the "Check" button to check your answers. Each question can be answered with one word. James said, "I studied at a local junior college for two years, and then I transferred to Harvard University. Copyright © Language Dynamics, All Rights Home | Advertise at Your personal online English school. A Commercial Break: TV Adverts / Commercials - Make and present your own advert / commercial.

You are going to Watch some TV commercials and answer some questionsDiscuss advertising Make an ad of your ownWrite about advertising 1) Intro - Watch this TV ad. How does it make you feel? Is it scary, funny or both? Is it memorable? Do you think it's a good ad? 3) Watch the clip of TV adverts and answer the questions 1) How many of the ads are for shopselectrical itemscentral heatingfilmsinsurancecameras 2) What nine products or businesses do they advertise? Answers (highlight here) = 1) How many of the ads are for shops 3 - Wickes, Currys, M&Selectrical items 3 - TV Recorder, 02, Currys,central heating 1 - Worcesterfilms 1 - The King's Speechinsurance 1 - Churchillcameras 1 - Cannon 2) What nine products or businesses do they advertise?

Wickes Kitchen units shop saleFreeview plus box TV recorderO2 phone networkCannon camerasCurrys and PC World shop SaleWorcestor home heatingChurchill home insuranceThe King's Speech filmM&S shop Sale 3) Watch again. Answers (highlight here) =6 have slogans1. Mr Bean at the Dentist (Past Simple) Mr Bean is late for his dental appointment and tries to get dressed and clean his teeth on the way. After arriving just in time for the appointment, he gives an anesthetic to the dentist. DVD on amazon here You are going towatch some clips of Mr Bean and answer questionspractise using the Past Simple write summary of the story in the past How often do you go to the dentist?

Do you like going? Did you ever have a filling? Check Do you know the past simple forms of these verbs? Instructions Look at the questions before you startWatch the clipAnswer the questions in the interactive exercises after the clips Look at questions for parts 1 - 3Part 1 Which is the the correct answer? 1) Mr Bean’s alarm clock went off at 8.00 / 8.15 / 8.30 2) He put the clock in the cupboard / a glass of water / a bag 3) He continued reading a book / sleeping / watching TV Part 2 Put the following in the correct order Mr Bean… A) got up B) walked into the wall C) shaved D) did some exercise F) made his bed Watch the clip 3b.

Should parents follow their children on facebook? You are going to discuss social networkslisten to some teenagers discussing social networkslisten to some teenagers and parents talking about their online relationships and order their commentslook at some language used for writing - connectiveswrite a discursive essay on the topic 1) Discuss Do you use any social networks? Why do people use them? What do you do on them? What effect do you think they have on people? Questions Researchers at Utah Valley University wanted to explore if the amount of time spent on Facebook affected how users saw others. What questions did they ask college students? 5) Put the comments in order Read the comments below. These common informal expressions have been edited out... and stuff...'s like... it's kind of like sort of...I'm like...

What do they mean? "If you post something that your mum won't be happy with then it's really not suitable"What kind of things do you think are suitable to post on a social network? Fill in the gaps with the connectives shown. Flo-Joe: Topic Record Sheet. How much does the internet weigh? You are going towatch a video about the internet and answer some questionslook at an infographic and do a multiple choice exercisepractise the language of trends and graphs 1) DiscussWhat do you know about the internet?

How many people in the world use it now? What do you think are are the most popular online activities? How much does the internet weigh? Watch the video and find out. 2) PractiseNow do this True / False exercise on the information in the video clip What do you think is the most "mind blowing" fact in the clip? 3) Read Look at this infographic. Infographic by Look at the infographic again and do the multiple choice and matching exercises below.1) Gap-fill 2) Matching exercise. Look at the presentation below. What language do you know for describing graphs and bar charts? 5) Write (IELTS)Try this IELTS academic task 1 writing question on computer ownership. Go here for excellent advice on how to plan and write an IELTS academic task 1 writing question.

Happy English New York – Free English Grammar Lesson: Using Wait. Free English Grammar Lesson: Using Wait I waited for the train to arrive I think most people don’t like waiting for things, but if you think about it, we wait all the time. We wait for trains, busses, meetings, and wait for people to do things for us. We wait hours for flights to arrive and concerts to begin. Maybe you have waited to see an English lesson that deals with the verb wait. There are four basic English grammar patterns when using wait. We use wait for + [someone/something] I was waiting for the train in the rain this morning.Can you wait for me?

We also use wait for + [someone/something] + [to verb] I was waiting for the train to arrive.Can you wait for me to go out? We use wait + [time] without a preposition after wait. I waited ten minutes for the train.Can you wait five minutes? Lastly, we use wait + [to verb] I waited to hear the results of the exam.You have to wait to eat the soup because it’s hot.I’ve waited to buy a new watch because I am saving the money to buy it. Price: Determiners and quantifiers. Reading. You are going to practise the 2nd conditional by discussing some imaginary situations reading some texts and doing some comprehension activities featuring conditionals Note; Conditionals can be revised here Conditionals 1 and 2 1) Introduction Look at the presentation and answer the questions in pairs or groups. Click to go to each new question. 2) Discuss What do you think? 3) Reading / Webquest Read the questions for each text and then find the answers 1) What would happen if you stopped sleeping?

Look at these questionsWhat happens if you don't get enough sleep? To answer this, we need to look at some basics about sleep. Beyond the immune system and growth hormone factors, no one really knows why it is that we sleep, but there are all kinds of theories, including the following. A good way to understand why you sleep is to look at what happens when we don't get enough. It only takes three days of sleep deprivation to cause a person to hallucinate. Read the text below. Read again. Ex1 Ex 4. Flo-Joe's Preview Page. Premier Skills English. Learn English with the Premier League | Premier Skills English. Premier Skills English Email Lessons. Business & Work. American RadioWorks from American Public Media. Free online tutorial for using ESL Yes. Grammar & Vocabulary.

English Grammar | LearnEnglish | British Council | A - Z of grammar content. English Grammar | LearnEnglish | British Council | Quick English grammar. Free online tutorial for using ESL Yes. First Certificate in English Vocabulary Record Sheets. FCE Word Bank. FCE Word Bank. Grammar & Vocabulary. FCE Practice Tests. Exams. Games and Quizzes. Jung Typology Test EFL SMARTblog Games and Quizzes Alphabet Quiz Game (ppt download) Alphabet, Beginners,, Games, Kids, Pronunciation, Quizzes, Vocabulary, Young LearnersCan you name all the animals?

- Quiz Game Animals, Beginners, Games, Kids, Quizzes, Spelling, Young Learners Celebrities Quiz for Beginners (Countries, Nationalities and Jobs) Beginners, Countries, Famous People, Games, Jobs, Nationalities, Present Simple, Quizzes, To Be. Fun & Games. All Posts (by level) ESL or English as a Second Language free materials for teaching and study. Materials for Learning English. Yarr.