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We are transforming senior care so Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa can age gracefully.

3 Types of Power of Attorney (And Which One is Best) Enjoy a best fit care partnership for you or your loved ones today! 25 Nursing License Compact States. With telemedicine, this is now possible.

25 Nursing License Compact States

Using the latest in electronic communication technology, you can easily get in touch with a professional and discuss your health problems as if you’re talking with a friend on messenger or video chatting with a family member. Although there isn’t any question about the many benefits that patients can get from telemedicine, it has compelled the medical industry to examine more closely how health care providers are allowed to practice their profession, such as the licensing of nurses.

Nurse Licensing Compact (NLC) Like other professionals, nurses are required to get licenses in order to practice their craft. This is to make sure that standards are observed when caring for patients. Data Driven: Home Care Reviews In-Depth Analysis. Keeping Your Brain on Ice; How to Keep Your Brain Young. The human brain is a constant whirlwind of activity.

Keeping Your Brain on Ice; How to Keep Your Brain Young

Every day we run through complex tasks without even appearing to think about it. From playing musical instruments, an exciting game of chess to a stressful presentation at work; the possibilities are endless.