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Career Focus is a boutique career development firm which prides itself on evidence based and individualised services. Committed to providing web

Career Psychologist Sydney-Are you Feeling Stuck in your Career - Classified Ad. Get an Interview Winning Resume Specialist in Sydney. Properly Manage Change in your Career Development in Sydney. Properly Manage Change in your Career - Sydney customer service jobs - Want that Dream Job with Professional Career Consultant Sydney. Career Psychologist Sydney-Are you feeling stuck in your career. Top 10 Interview Follow-Up Tips from a Career Psychologist. Top 10 Interview Follow-Up Tips from a Career Psychologist. You have had the interview, now what?

Top 10 Interview Follow-Up Tips from a Career Psychologist

These 10 Interview follow-up tips from a career psychologist will help you on your way. Well done! You got through the interview. You may have been told in the interview that you would hear of the outcome in 1 week or so. But what now? It is key not to lose sight of the importance of follow-up, even at this stage. Your interviewers are likely interviewing a pool of candidates so it is vital that you maintain a good impression and stand out from the crowd through the entire process! The most effective way of doing this is by sending a follow up ‘thank you’ type note, card or email. Below are a few things to consider for your follow up correspondence: 1. Avoid writing an essay. Career Focus - Strategies for Managing your Career. Strategies for Managing your Career – Career Focus.

In the past, when you completed school you got hired by one of the large corporations, and mostly stayed with them until retirement.

Strategies for Managing your Career – Career Focus

However, the 21st century workplace is a more dynamic one. There are constant changes every day. This has affected how corporate do business. The employee, after being hired, is expected to develop and learn at own time using own resources. Moreover, they have to deliver outstanding results to keep employed. Know Yourself This is perhaps one of the things that will make you thrive in today’s workplace. Career Focus - Strategic Career Planning for Students. Strategic Career Planning for Students. Of the things that have undergone changes in the 21st century is the workplace.

Strategic Career Planning for Students

Gone are the days that employers dedicated a large chunk of resources to employee growth and development. Today’s employee is expected to do more, market themselves, use the latest technology as well as find meaningful work that contributes to life-work balance. A young person entering the workforce without any preparation will feel overwhelmed if not lost. Tips from a Career Psychologist in Sydney. ​The Role of Networks in Job Search : Tips from a Career Psychologist in Sydney - Career Focus. Most people know that networks are important in job search, but they either don't invest in their networks or don't really know how to utilise them when it comes to job seeking.

​The Role of Networks in Job Search : Tips from a Career Psychologist in Sydney - Career Focus

As a career psychologist in Sydney, I spent a lot of time helping individuals work through their networks and to utilise networks for information or job leads. Here are some tips to help you leverage your networks in the job seeking process.1.Identify your networks Most people think their networks are only professionals and therefore restricted to who they may have on Linked In. Networks are a lot broader than that. Think about everyone you know– friends, family, extended family, friends of family and off course anyone you have met in a professional capacity (colleagues and managers). By exploring your networks you can begin to think about what they do for work.

Thinking broadly about your networks will expand your job options. 2.Elevator pitch – value proposition. Career Focus - How to Redefining Your Goals. Career Focus - How to Redefining Your Goals. Career Focus - Your Career Our Respinsibility. Career Focus - Your Career Our Respinsibility. Career focus is a leading name in the market when it comes to career consultancy.

Career Focus - Your Career Our Respinsibility

We are your partners en-route your successful career providing guidance at every step, making sure that you easily overcome the hurdles in your journey. Career related decisions are difficult to be made but under the right supervision it gets a lot easy. We, at Career focus help you in choosing the right career path to advance you towards your dreams. We offer various services to our clients.  Career counselling is one of our major traits that we offer. .  We also provide an experienced job coach that will pay special attention to make your job search endeavour go smoothly by offering pieces of advice and insightful tools.  A compelling resume plays a vital role when applying for a job.

.  We aim at increasing our client’s confidence by providing them with interview preparation and coaching. Career Focus – Escorting Towards a Bright Career. Career Focus – Escorting Towards a Bright Career. Career development Sydney is making its place in the market and is becoming one of the major career consultancy firm.

Career Focus – Escorting Towards a Bright Career

In this era of competition there comes a dire need for professionals to help in excelling with your career and to make the most of every possibility that comes your way. Career focus is a unit comprising of the most talented and sorted out career advisors in Sydney. Our team motivates you in making the right choice for your professional life and finding the right career path to excel in future. We are trained in providing the following solutions to our clients.

Career Focus - How to Redefining Your Goals. Career Focus - How to Redefining Your Goals. Career Focus - Torch Bearer Towards Your Perfect Career. Career Focus - Torch Bearer Towards Your Perfect Career. ​The Role of Networks in Job Search : Tips from a Career Psychologist in Sydney - Career Focus. Career consultant Sydney and Career counselling Service. We all know how critical and challenging career related decisions can be, whether you are looking to pursue studies or make changes with your work direction.

Career consultant Sydney and Career counselling Service

Career psychologist in Sydney. Business Directory - Products, Articles, Companies. Did you know that a tiled and carpeted home feels much warmer, safer and homelier than other types of houses?

Business Directory - Products, Articles, Companies

Tiled floors, no matter the room’s layout, have that unique touch of beauty and sophistication and are known for that calm, cosy feel. Carpet, on the other hand, makes the room warm, comfy and attractive. When the two are brought together, cleaned and maintained are expected, achieving that homely experience isn’t a surprise. However, with the modern-day lifestyles described by busy schedules, giving these them the required care and attention isn’t always a guarantee.

And, as you know, when carpets aren’t cleaned as needed, the tiny, dangerous insects will slowly consume it, leading to rotting. There are tons of professional tile and grout cleaning sydney firms today, meaning that it’s not so ideal spending your otherwise productive day doing the cleanup. Meet The Best Career Psychologist in Sydney. Performance Review Feeling Empowered, Prepared and Confidant. How to Go Into Your Performance Review Feeling Empowered, Prepared and Confidant! - Career Focus. The end of the year marks the beginning of an exciting festive season.

How to Go Into Your Performance Review Feeling Empowered, Prepared and Confidant! - Career Focus

At work though, it commonly marks the yearly dreaded performance review. This year in particular I have been inundated with friends asking me for advice about how to manage (and survive!) Their upcoming performance reviews. The event is all too often associated with negative feelings and a sense of dread. In its pure sense, I am such a huge advocate of performance reviews. I am saddened by the tick box status of performance reviews. With a couple of tweaks and just a bit of investment (from both the manager and employee side), the benefits of a good performance review are well and truly worth it as they can help paint a holistic picture of employees, beyond the hard quantifiable performance related data.

So here are my favourite tips for both sides sitting at the performance review table! Tips for the Boss. Some Tips from a Career Psychologist in Sydney. The beginning of the year is a perfect time for reflection.

Some Tips from a Career Psychologist in Sydney

As a society, we spend a lot of time thinking about our health, family, relationships and money. We set specific goals around weight loss, hobbies, savings, leisurely activities and spending time with loved ones amassing a list which is sometimes as long as our arm (I am guilty of this!) While there is some merit in setting goals around these areas, I’m here to encourage you to also reflect on your professional identity and to set yourself professional goals. Please note that I use the term ‘goal setting’ loosely as my practice as a career psychologist is firmly underpinned by the concepts of Chaos theory which proposes an openness to change coupled with a loss sense of direction.

Career Focus Services: Start a Great Career with a Better Consultation. Career is always a significant priority of every individual, but how many people do it the best way. It does happen at times that we think to make career in some trade but by mistake we take on something else which is not applicable to go through making the future with. Today we would come across a lot of courses which we even don’t know all about, with excitement we go through some courses that after some days we don’t even understand. It happens because of a wrong decision that we take on for managing our career.

When we go across a good education pattern then why it becomes difficult for us to choose a career ahead. To sort out such problems there is a great invention today online. There is always an alternative way to manage with relatively internal and external factor that stimulate the desire energy which would make your future bright. How you get through that is even a significant matter. Career Consultant in Sydney. Top 5 Resume Tips From a Career Consultant. As a career consultant in Sydney, I have seen an array of job applications in my time.

Across most resumes, I have seen a number of common errors which completely undermine the strength of any application. If you are a job seeker who has been relentlessly job seeking for what feels like a life time, or you are just starting out the job seeking process I urge you to take some notes as I am going to share my top 5 tips to help you craft your most strategic and powerful resume yet! Tailor! Tailor! Tailor! Career Focus — Advice to help you find your ideal career Sydney. Career path for yourself with expert assistance from our career consultant sydney. Career Adviser Provide Career Development Review, Psychologist. Get the right help with your career development in Sydney today.

Career Focus Can Help With a Suite of Career Development Service

Career Development for Women: Managing Your Pregnancy and Your Career - Career Focus. This is a topic I am particularly passionate about as a mum. The pregnancy journey is a cocktail of emotions and not knowing how to manage ones pregnancy and upcoming parental leave at work can add an extra layer of stress or worry. The purpose of this blog is to give any mum-to-be some practical tips to help with managing the logistics associated with pregnancy at work and parental leave. By no means am I presenting an exhaustive list of do’s and don’ts, this blog is more a well-intentioned guide coming from a mum who has ‘been there and adone that’. During Pregnancy: The Ins and Outs Get yourself informed: Knowledge is vital here. Informing your boss: When is the right time to tell your boss you are pregnant?

Negotiate the logistics around appointments: Focus Your Career Development - Career Adviser Sydney. Career planning and development process. Career Development and Career Development Methods. Importance of career development planning. Importance of career development 4 step planning process. Career Development, Advisor, Psychologist & Consultant Firm Sydney.