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Cardiac Life empowers others to save lives with AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) and CPR Training nationally and in East Rochester. Their mission is saving as many lives as they can. They want every community to be a Heartsafe community.

Effectiveness Of Fully Functional AED Defibrillators by cardiaclife. Each year, millions of people all across the globe lost their lives from sudden cardiac arrest, according to the latest medical research as well as medical associations.

Effectiveness Of Fully Functional AED Defibrillators by cardiaclife

Sudden cardiac arrest is triggered by an unpredictable electrical malfunction in the heart, which causes sudden irregular heartbeat. Victims have very little chances of survival, but if the rescuer uses AEDs, then it is possible to save their lives. AED - A Sure Shot Solution To The Cardiac Arrest Problem. Sudden cardiac arrest is the world’s deadliest problem.

AED - A Sure Shot Solution To The Cardiac Arrest Problem

It is often caused by different types of critical (abnormal) heart conditions. Most sudden cardiac arrests occur when the heart's electrical system automatically fails to function properly and starts producing an abnormal rhythm such as ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation. Both men and women show such problems, which initially look natural as well as inevitable. Choose The Smartest & Easiest AED Defibrillator Devices. Modern technological equipment has the ability to support and save lives in a dramatic manner.

Choose The Smartest & Easiest AED Defibrillator Devices

Choose Life-Saving Automated External Defibrillators (AEDS) Cardiac Arrest is the number one killer in America and also worldwide.

Choose Life-Saving Automated External Defibrillators (AEDS)

More and more number of people face sudden cardiac arrest and lose their lives. Cardiac Arrest is a phenomenon in which a heart suddenly and surprisingly stops beating. Moreover, it sometimes becomes difficult/ inevitable to save the life of a person during such events. Understanding A Defibrillator. Adefibrillator is a tiny device which is placed on the chest of the cardiac patient in order to detect abnormal heartbeats.

Understanding A Defibrillator

When the heartbeat of the patient is too fast or begins to beat unsteadily, this electronic device sends electrical shocks to a person's heart, getting it to beat back at a normal rhythm. The device provides emergency support in case of cardiac arrest till the time a patient makes it to the hospital. A defibrillator works like a tiny computer. AED Defibrillators – All You Need To Know. AnAED defibrillator is a portable, lightweight medical device that sends an electric shock from the chest towards the heart.

AED Defibrillators – All You Need To Know

This shock stops the irregular rhythm of the heart and allows the regular rhythm to be resumed in the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest as it can cause a rapid loss in functioning which, if not treated in minutes, can also lead to death. AED defibrillators have made it possible for more and more people to act in response to a medical emergency wherever defibrillation is needed. As AED defibrillators are portable, they have become more accessible to non-medical people. They can be useful even in emergency cases wherecardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is required.

An AED defibrillator comprises of a built-in computer that checks the victim’s heart-rhythm with the help of some adhesive electrodes and calculates if defibrillation is required. All About Defibrillator. The human body has evolved to reign supreme on earth but that is largely because of our big brains.

All About Defibrillator

Our body, on the whole,has always been quite fragile and weak as compared to some other dominant species on the planet such as lions and elephants and the humpback whale. Our biggest strength lies in our brains and it sure is a masterpiece. It is this organ of our bodies that has actually discovered the way to keep all other components healthy, safe, and functioning properly. What Is An AED And How It Helps Heart Patients? The importance of AEDs can be realized when there is a sudden cardiac arrest event.

What Is An AED And How It Helps Heart Patients?

This lifesaving device has received recognition from almost every part of themedical world like the AHA (American Heart Association) and American Red Cross. In fact these associations have always advocated that AEDs must be available at all public places like airports, malls and the like, because cardiac arrest can happen at any time to anyone. Irrespective of the age or fitness of the individual, heart trouble can happen to anyone. Did you know timely defibrillation can prevent up to 100,000 untimely deaths? All you need is an available AED (automated external defibrillator) at malls, schools, airports, train stations, companies and clubs to ensure defibrillation can occur as soon as SCA strikes. BLS Certification - How To Get It. BLS stands for Basic Life Support.

BLS Certification - How To Get It

It is a set of techniques used in case of emergencies like cardiac arrest, drowning, choking and the like, as the immediate medical help may take some time to reach the patient. BLS certification is a short duration training course for health professionals to help them learn emergency revival techniques, giving artificial respiration to, or sustaining a person who is experiencing cardiac arrest or respiratory failure of any sort till the time the paramedics arrive or the patient reaches the hospital.

These techniques are helpful for laymen or non-medical persons as well as it allow them to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to provide emergency first aid. BLS certification, as the name suggests is the most basic certification in this field. It can be obtained with a few hours of class from the Red Cross Association or the AMA, American Heart Association, or other medical institutions that are offering such courses.

The History Of Defibrillation. Defibrillation is a process in which the life threatening conditions of cardiac arrest is treated via electric shock.

The History Of Defibrillation

The process involves the application of an electric pulse to the heart to cause depolarization of the cardiac muscles and then re-establishing normal conduction of its electrical impulses. The electronic device used to deliver this therapeutic shock to the heart is called defibrillator. History of defibrillation We all know that electricity was discovered in the mid 1700s, and in 1791 Galvani came up with a perception that muscle contraction could be induced with electrical current, but it was not associated with the heart at that time.

Electrical current was only used to make sure that someone was really dead. But in 1850, Karl Ludwig applied current directly to a dog’s heart and it quivered. In the year 1947, for the first time, this method was used on a human. Significance Of Defibrillators. The healthy heart beats at a rhythm of about once a second or 60 times a minute. Now just imagine the heart beat increasing to 120 times a minute-a suitable rate for light exercise. The heart is still competent at this rate, but definitely it’s doing hard work. Now let’s double that heart beat level i.e., 240 times a minute which is four times a second – a time when it won’t be able to pump blood properly or manage to keep up the high rates of work. AED Defibrillators – Going Through Reviews Before Selecting Your Brand. People who have been advised to use AED Defibrillators to manage their heart conditions are definitely advised to scour the market thoroughly before selecting the machine best suited to their needs.

The problem in making this choice however, arises when people get different recommendations from different sources. Most doctors have their own preferred brands which they whole heartedly suggest to patients. Your friends or acquaintances that have ever had to use this machine will have their own ideas about better brands. There really isn’t one reliable source that you can trust for a final word on this matter. There are various brands of defibrillators available in the market today. Zoll AED Plus Powerheart AED G3 Philips Heartstart Defibrillator Lifepak Defibrillator Heartsine Samaritan Pad Physio Control CU Medical Welch Allyn Cardiac Science Defibtech, and the like. The task of selecting the best suited one from this long list of brands available out there can truly be a tough task. AED Management and Maintenance is important. AED devices can be life savers but your AED device must be properly maintained.

You need to make sure that the AED device which you are using is in top notch condition and rescue ready at all times. AED devices must be maintained properly so that it ensures complete reliability, efficiency and accuracy. These are principal factors in life saving moments. Knowledge Of Automated External Defibrillators. Sudden cardiac arrests mean that the heart has gone into an erratic abnormal rhythm.

This can occur without any warning and biggest health problem in the country. It is generally caused by an abnormal heart beat rate called ventricular fibrillation. Importance Of The Philips Heartstart Onsite/Home Defibrillator. People who have cardiac problems need to be extremely careful and prepared to deal with Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Cardiac Arrest can be deadly, it is better to stay alert of the threatand be prepared. Defibrillators are important in the fight against Sudden Cardiac Arrest although many people do not know how to use a defibrillator or are unfamiliar with what one is.

But it is exceptionally easy to use an AED. With the Philips HeartStart Onsite the first step is to pull the handle on the electrode cartridge. You will see that the adult and pediatric cartridge indicates a pull sign on it. Saving A Life With AEDS. It has been statistically proven that Sudden Cardiac Arrests have begun to claim a huge chunk of people’s lives these days. This fact can be attributed to numerous reasons, with the most prominent ones being unhealthy fast food and stress. Sudden Cardiac Arrests are unprecedented events that can happen anywhere at any time.

If prompt treatment is not administered, it can result in death. Defibrillator Training. What is a defibrillator? Many of us have heard about it and must have even seen being used in many movies.Imagine a person having a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event,surrounded by doctors and nurses carrying a device trying to pump the heart through a dose of electrical current. AED Defibrillation At Home – To Buy Or Not To Buy? All You Wanted To Know About Defibrillator Training.

How Aed Defibrillators Work. Getting The Best Results From Your Cardiac Defibrillator. Philips Heartstart and other state of the art medical devices are bringing hope where none existed before. Saving Lives With Automated Defibrillators. AED defibrillator can simply bring people back from dead. Timely cardiac interventions are known to save countless lives and medical practitioners depend upon high quality defibrillators for saving patients. Cardiac arrest is one of the biggest killers worldwide and nowadays, companies are manufacturing easy to use AED mechanisms. This increases the possibility of at home use especially needed for patients suffering from chronic heart diseases and those in critical conditions. What is more, you can purchase these for use whenever needed without prescription as well. AED Defibrillators – Basic Overview Of The Mechanism. The human heart is a complex machine that works to keep your body alive and moving. The importance of this integral component in your system cannot ever be over-emphasized.

Cardiac Science To Ensure Public Safety. In modern day, due to lifestyle and many other changes, the health risks that people face have increased in number, diversity and frequency. The need to address these risks has also assumed critical position, driving the health and medical industry into a corner to catch up with the ailments. Contact Cardiac Life for AED Trainer. "Website is easy to navigate, prices are good, shipping/delivery is quick. " -Karen Brown-Landes, Xerox Corporation. Powerheart G5 Accessories at Cardiac Life. Cardiac Life for Cardiac Science G5.

Buy Powerheart AED G3 Battery from Cardiac Life. Zoll AED Plus Accessories at Cardiac Life. AED Program Management by Cardiac Life. CPR AED Certification Programs Offered by Cardiac Life. Cardiac Life for Cardiac Science AED. Cardiac Life Provides Defibrillator Training Programs. Visit Cardiac Life for AED Defibrillator.