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Carcility, a one-stop destination for all Car services, Car Repair, Car Maintenance, Car Wash in Dubai . We help you connect with the best car service centers in UAE.

8 Amazing Facts About Dubai Police Cars - Carcility. If you’re in Dubai, and you’re trying to flee the cops – don’t even bother trying.

8 Amazing Facts About Dubai Police Cars - Carcility

Remember that Dubai Police cars are definitely faster than yours! Most residents of Dubai have at least two cars, and all these cars are special. From the latest Lamborghini to the freshest Ferraris, you can find them all here. When the residents’ cars are this high-tech and fancy, it was only obvious that the police fleet plays the same game- and win! The ultra-fancy, uber-luxury police cars don’t turn up for accidents or traffic-related issues. 1. With the best paint-jobs and uber-comfortable interiors, the Dubai police cars are simply marvelous. 2. Recently, the Dubai police force also gave their BMW i8 a fancy license plate – 2020. 3.

If you’re burning with curiosity and a dire need to see these fancy police cars (like us!) 4. Many of the drivers who get the responsibility of handling these powerful police cars are women. 5. 6. It’s not just the regular, high-speed cars that are on the force. 6 Car Maintenance Checklist: How to Keep Your Car Healthy All Year.

Regular preventive car maintenance is probably the single most important thing you can do to keep your vehicle in mint condition and save on future car repairs.

6 Car Maintenance Checklist: How to Keep Your Car Healthy All Year

However, there are instances where your car might need an out-of-turn run to the service center, even if you get regular servicing done. The following checks help you identify any niggles your car might have so that you can take care of them before they balloon into something troublesome! Power it rightGet to the battery enclosure, and check if the connections are clean and corrosion-free. If your battery is more than two years old, consider replacing it to avoid unexpected breakdowns during the year! It’s time to cool downCoolants should be flushed and refilled at least once in every two years in most vehicles. How Car Service Apps are Revolutionizing the Auto Industry. The modern global market is an extensive mix of various factors that are continuously interacting with one another in an ever-increasing manner.

How Car Service Apps are Revolutionizing the Auto Industry

The advent of newer technologies has enabled businesses to monitor their market in a way that was not possible before. It has also led to an environment where companies that don’t manage to keep up with these changing trends or innovate their processes will slowly fade away. Therefore, it is important that businesses now conduct extensive research into these emerging trends in order to remain relevant in their respective fields. One such trend is the integration of mobile apps into one’s existing framework. Mobile apps have become the bread and butter of most businesses as a large section of the population now have access to this technology. What Does a Full Car Service Include? (All Checklist) - Carcility.

So you just brought in the car of your dreams for a checkup and now you are deliberating whether to get hold of that quintessential full car service plan but you have no idea about its benefits or its disadvantages – sounds familiar?

What Does a Full Car Service Include? (All Checklist) - Carcility

We have all been there at some point in our lives. Standing there numb in front of the salesperson while he delivers his speech and only doing some quick math in our heads on whether the agency is trying to rip us off. This is the reason why we wanted to shed some light on the topic and discuss the possible advantages and disadvantages of full car service and what it has in store for you! 35 Questions You Should Be Asking Before Buying a Car. Deciding to buy a car for yourself can be a challenge in itself, to say nothing of the loopholes present in the process.

35 Questions You Should Be Asking Before Buying a Car

If you are not really familiar with cars and the way the industry works, the chances of getting scammed are extremely high. The reason behind this because of the number of moving parts inside the car and the relative knowledge among the community. 6 Signs That You May Have Car Transmission Problems. Whether you drive an automatic or a manual, transmission issues have always been one of the hardest problems to tackle from a user point of view.

6 Signs That You May Have Car Transmission Problems

It might not be the most technically challenging problem with the car but it is definitely hard to diagnose and also quite expensive to fix. Therefore, veteran car owners prefer to continuously maintain these parts so as not to incur large losses. However, it can become quite difficult for a new user to properly identify issues with the transmission.

That is why we are putting together this short article that will definitely help you in understanding the main problems with your transmission. Burning Smell Burning smells and automobiles don’t really go together. A Modern Solution to Age-Old Car Care Challenges - Carcility. UAE is turning out to be one of the major hubs of technology in the new world owing to the sheer number of businesses that are coming up with radical solutions to everyday problems.

A Modern Solution to Age-Old Car Care Challenges - Carcility

Innovation is the key to sustainable development and effective implementation of the said ideas is extremely crucial to the overall success of the project. One such idea came to Anirudh’s mind when he faced a rather serious issue with a very common problem. Anirudh, like many of us, was having trouble finding a dedicated car care service provider for his car that would be able to address all the issues at a fairly reasonable price. Some of you might have already noticed the problem statement here but for others, let’s just put it out in plain sight. 8 Golden Rules To Enjoy Driving In Dubai. With the gorgeous highways donning Dubai, it’s only natural that you’ll be tempted to venture into rash driving amongst all the supercars zipping past you.

8 Golden Rules To Enjoy Driving In Dubai

According to a German survey, Dubai ranked as the second-best city for driving and that shows that the people have respected the luxury by driving sensibly. The congestion level is 26% so if you keep certain rules in mind, the city will be, yours to explore and every journey will go smooth. 1. Speed check The wide beautiful roads and Dubai being a catalogue for the glorious supercars, driving scene in Dubai is unmatchable. 2. Whenever there’s an accident, it is natural that people will pull over to either help or just out of curiosity. 3. Register your business with Carcility. Can Car Detailing Remove Scratches? All About Car Detailing! A clean car not only reflects its maintenance schedules but also goes a long way in revealing the personality of the owner.

Can Car Detailing Remove Scratches? All About Car Detailing!

We definitely agree that maintaining a clean and shining vehicle is an extremely hard feat, especially in a country like the UAE, where the climate is itself against it. Car Warning Lights: What Do These 30 Dashboard Symbols Mean? Cars nowadays are extremely advanced pieces of machinery that are able to communicate with you in ways that were not possible even a decade ago.

Car Warning Lights: What Do These 30 Dashboard Symbols Mean?

They are quite sophisticated and can express themselves well regarding immediate issues at hand – all you need to do is pay attention. There are several warning lights in your car’s dashboard that can give you an exact idea about the condition of the car. However, sometimes these lights can be quite confusing since there are so many of them. It becomes extremely hard to understand the exact issue with the car through an image alone so we decided to put together this handy guide containing the most common ones for easier access and reference. How to Change Your Car Battery - Detailed DIY Technique.

The car battery is an essential component of your car, and needless to say, it can result in many headaches during road trips. How many times do you remember your car battery giving up in the middle of a highway with no gas stations nearby? We can definitely remember a few and they do not really induce a happy feeling! Therefore, maintaining and replacing car batteries is crucial to the overall functioning of your car. This is one basic mistake that we notice amateur car-enthusiasts make time and time again. Checking the condition of your batteries at regular intervals eradicates such experiences and ensures smooth sailing. Now, checking and replacing car batteries is not that difficult and one can take care of it right in their own garages.

Car Breakdown Tips: 5 Major Points to Avoid Car Failure. Poor car maintenance not only leads to a car breakdown but also breaks the bank! Imagine enjoying your drive, the endless road, the fun company you’re traveling with and out of nowhere, your car comes to a dead-halt or worse, your engine seizes, there’s a tyre blow-out and you lose control of the car. How to Choose the Best Car Wash Service in Dubai - Carcility.

A clean and well-maintained car makes a good impression on people. So you definitely want to keep it sparkling! To keep your vehicles dirt free and shining you need a reliable car wash service nearby. There are many car wash service centers in Dubai, but how do you decide which one is worth your time, money, and trust? If you entrust your vehicle to inexperienced or scamming hands, you might regret it. How to Choose The Best Car Service Center in Dubai. Car maintenance and car servicing are of at most importance for any car owner. It is crucial for any car owner and enthusiast to make sure that they are getting the best value for money, without compromise in quality.

What Kind of Car Wash Is Right for Your Car - Carcility. Whether you own an SUV, a Sedan, Hatchback, or a Convertible, the upkeep of your car is usually the topmost priority. Regular car wash and timely servicing are important for keeping it in the best condition. Washing your car regularly helps prevent dirt, muck, rust, and corrosion that your vehicle is subjected to constantly while on the road. Car Scratch Repair - How To Fix The Scratches On Your Car. Car scratches are a common problem as any car-owner will tell you, and they can be quite infuriating, to be honest.

They can occur from minor mishaps like brushing against other vehicles, sliding against tree branches and glitches during parking. Needless to say, nobody likes botched spots that stand out in the midst of their glossy perfect paint job. Car Repairs That Everyone Dreads. Buying a new car is easy in today’s time but maintaining it in its best condition can get difficult. One needs to regularly check oil, engine, tyres, brakes, etc. to ensure the car is in prime condition.

While there are certain things you can fix on your own, there are some jobs that require a skilled mechanic. 7 Benefits of Having Car Service App - Carcility Car Service. Mobile technology is changing our everyday lives. Best Car Service UAE - Car Repair & Maintenance Services.