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Submissions – Creators for Creators. Information: The goal of the Creators for Creators grant is to support original comics work from new creators.

Submissions – Creators for Creators

Applicants must either be a single creator or a writer-artist duo with joint ownership of the submitted work. Each applicant must be eighteen years old or older, and the work cannot have been submitted to a publishing company or similar entity within the past year. The Creators for Creators grant is international, so there are no geographic restrictions on applicants. Applicants must have never had solo work published by a third-party publisher. Self-published work is acceptable, as is participation in anthologies, but any non-anthology industry publication is unacceptable.

Eligible stories for proposal must be between 64-100 pages upon completion. A completed submission must include a signed release agreement for each applicant and the grant application, including a bio, proposal, and sequential art sample as described in the instructions.


, Here are some tips about pitching to comics... — 11 Tips For Promoting Your Comic Book To The... If you are a comic book artist—or any type of other professional illustrator—please do check out this site, PACT. — 11 Tips For Promoting Your Comic Book To The...

PACT describes itself as “a tool to help freelance fantasy, sci-fi, comic book and other illustrators negotiate a better living for themselves.” While there is a $14.50/a year membership fee for all their services (which includes company ratings and an artist’s profile on the site), one of the free services is contract templates for freelance work. One of the #1 things I’m asked for by editing clients and freelancers is: “do you have sample contracts I can use?”

At this link, find contract templates for a number of arrangements you might be making with a client in exchange for your work. As PACT notes, this is not explicit legal advice. Un innovador diseño para una granja urbana puede producir hasta 6 toneladas de alimento al año. How do I write a letter to a publisher? - Writers Stack Exchange. Dear [Name of Editor], my name is [Your Name], I'm [your age] old and work as [your job] in [your town].

How do I write a letter to a publisher? - Writers Stack Exchange

I have [never published anything before / published the following stories and novels:] Title of Short Story, Anthology, Year, NumberTitle of Novel, Year, Publisher Enclosed you will find [the first draft / treatment and first 50 pages / whatever] of my novel "[Title of Novel]". The Submission Guidelines for every Comic and Manga Publisher in the Universe - Optimum Wound.

The Definitive List of Comic Publisher Submission Guidelines - Jason Thibault. Photo by Jason Thibault Last updated: April 25, 2015.

The Definitive List of Comic Publisher Submission Guidelines - Jason Thibault

Residencia de novela gráfica en la Maison des Auteurs 2015 2016. Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) y la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image, con la colaboración del Institut Français de España/ Embajada de Francia en España, organizan una residencia para un autor español de novela gráfica en la Maison des Auteurs en Angoulême.

Residencia de novela gráfica en la Maison des Auteurs 2015 2016

La residencia tiene como objetivo promover la creación en el ámbito específico de la novela gráfica. La persona que resulte elegida disfrutará de la residencia en La Casa de los Autores (La Maison des Auteurs) de Angoulême (Francia), entidad que forma parte integrante de la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image (Ciudad Internacional del Cómic y de la Imagen).

How To Find Freelance Illustration Jobs. Many illustrators start out with a simple interest in drawing and painting and they may specialize at an early age in what they may be interested in creating and early on in their artistic life, family members may have said, I know they've often said to me that you could sell some of your art and that to me was a mystical thing that I used to dream of and thought I had no real art qualifications, so I thought I would fail, but I had the talent and there are many who do have the talent and do nothing with it, which is a shame.

How To Find Freelance Illustration Jobs

Degrees or good qualifications aren't important in this field as it's more about the work you can show based on your art portfolio or art samples, this is what makes you viable for the job and indeed in the running for a chance at further work if not at the present time but also in the future. Guts & Glory. ReMIND. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.


Thanks for visiting! Building a successful Kickstarter Campaign Since funding reMIND, my graphic novel, through, several people have asked how I was able to get so much interest to generate the kind of money that I did. Well, I’m not really sure, but I’ll try to break down all the things I thought about while putting together my campaign. If you’ve never heard of before, you really should check it out.

Ultimate Productivity Booster: How To Apply The 80/20 Rule. The Pareto Principle came into this world as an observation: That 80% of the land in 1906 Italy was was owned by 20% of the population.

Ultimate Productivity Booster: How To Apply The 80/20 Rule

Since then it has been seen in many other circumstances — 80% of the world’s money is controlled by 20% of the population; 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients; and the one we’ll be looking at here, 80% of your productivity comes from 20% of your applied time. Another way of looking at this would be to say, “80% of output, comes from 20% of input.” 5 Tips to Chase Your Entrepreneurial Pursuit While Working a Full-Time Job.

I heard some pretty terrible advice the other day.

5 Tips to Chase Your Entrepreneurial Pursuit While Working a Full-Time Job

The advice came on a business podcast from a successful entrepreneur who had built a company to billion-dollar status. In this podcast, he told the audience that if you are going to be successful as an entrepreneur, you cannot have another job. Nonsense! Perhaps the goal of that blog post was to scare away the wimps and whiners, but the advice was terrible nonetheless. Very few companies that enjoy incredible success today were started by people who had no other commitments. Addtadd! Comics & Illustration. Information on How To Get Into Comics and Survive Once You’re There. The Comics Reporter. Home > All About Comics Getting Published -- Comic Booksposted October 10, 2004 Comic book companies fall into two camps.

The Comics Reporter

Several companies use talent to work on books they put together in-house in the service of licensed properties. This is the assembly-line way of doing comics most Americans think of as standard comic book production, where various people take on specific tasks assigned to them. Marvel hires outside contractors to write and draw the various Spider-Man books, for instance; ditto DC and Superman. Affordable Art Prints, iPhone Cases and T-shirts.

Rebeldes - Guias de Marketing. BRIGADA (cómic) Crowdfunding para amantes de la creación. Paul Klein on How to Succeed as an Artist. Advice to A Young Artist. The Artfuls - A Place for illustrators. Motion comics startup Narr8 to begin accepting submissions from indie creators. Along with the growing movement of people who like to read comics on tablets is an equally enthusiastic group that actually wants to make their own digital comics. Motion comic book startup Narr8 (pronounced narrate — get it??)

Tells VentureBeat it’s planning to release a Narr8 motion comic Editor tool that will enable those creators to bring their stories to life. Narr8 isn’t what most U.S. comic book fans would think of when comic books come to mind. Essentially, you’re still downloading digital comics that can be read on a weekly or monthly basis, but Narr8’s approach is much different.

The service is set up a lot like mobile gaming networks in the sense that it employs gamification techniques as a main part of its business strategy. You earn currency within its platform, called Narrs, for doing things like logging in every day, reading comic books on a consistent basis, and following through on recommendations from Narr8. What kind of money? How to Make Big Money Selling Your Comic Strips. ComiXology Submit. The 5 Keys To Mastery - Full Movie. Inspirational Artists: Victoria Ying and Mike Yamada (Ultra HD 4K) Artists From San Diego Comic Con 2014. 10 Things Before You Start A Comic Or Graphic Novel! - Making Comics (dotCom) Do you have a long form project in mind? Are you ready to pull the trigger and start the journey? Well, believe it or not, there are some really important things to know and do before you start. My Art Business Philosophy.

5 Biggest Mistakes Artists Make in Their Businesses. R.S.I. Page. Basics for Success on Etsy. Art Is Real Work! ...thoughts from Cedar Lee. 7 Steps to Start Selling Your Art or Craftwork. The Wealthy Artist: 6 Myths and 6 Tips on Marketing your Art. Sithrah - Book 1 by Jason Brubaker. Making Comics (dotCom) - Let's make comics! Choosing a site to sell from. Do you sell shirts, mugs and other webcomic-related memorabilia? Hello everyone! I thought I'd share our merchandise store on here: We do have our own custom-built store system, but we decided to start using Gumroad to sell Aikonia-specific merchandise because we've been running into issues with our actual store and I would prefer not to direct people there until the issues have been resolved.

We do understand that people have concerns regarding Gumroad due to their policy against selling NSFW products and "products that promote homosexuality" (So dumb *sigh*) and we are not extremely proud to be using them as a fallback while we fix our store but, unfortunately, they are the quickest and easiest to setup To make up for that, though, we are doing a short 25% off sale on the first volume of Aikonia! The offer ends on April 30th, 2014, at midnight MST and is only available for the first 100 sales. Submissions. The American comic book industry has been suffering for years from a shrinking market due to competition from other entertainment venues such as video games and the internet.

This competition is fierce, and many stores and comic book companies have closed since the "crash" of the industry in the early '90s. Compounding the problem is the diminished number of distribution outlets, as well as the severe economic downturn following the banking industry problems that came to a head in 2008/2009, which just made things tougher on the remaining distribution outlets, retail outlets and publishers. Iron Circus Comics. Creator says creator-owned comics pay as little as $31.25 a page—if you’re lucky. I posted a number of thoughts over at Jim’s blog and will post additional thoughts on my blog as well, but I think there are some things worth saying. First, in regards to digital, there seems to be this automatic assumption that digital consumption should mimi the patterns of print consumption, in other words, per issue purchase of content or purchases of collections of content.

Either way, this seems somewhat wrong headed to me. While my print purchases will, damage not withstanding, last my lifetime, my digital purchases are likely to be unusable at some point. The Reality of Mainstream Creator-Owned Comics. Thermohalia. New comic anthology looking for writers/artists. The National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic. Beautiful books. Made by you.