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Manga by Otomo Katsuhiro at MangaTank - Page 1. The Comic Book Greats How to Create a Comic Book Jim Lee Todd McFarlane Rob Liefeld. CG Master Workshops - Full Pack. CG Master Workshops - Full Pack Type: Video > Other Files: Size: 18.52 GiB (19883574986 Bytes) Tag(s): computer generated master workshops concept art design photoshop painting drawing tutorial tutorials professional full pack cgmw cgwm background perspective character industrial creature vehicle Uploaded: By: Thevolone Seeders: Leechers: Comments Info Hash: (Problems with magnets links are fixed by upgrading your torrent client!)

CG Master Workshops - Full Pack

CG Master Workshops (CGMW) by CG Master Academy (CGMA) is an online community dedicated to helping artists develop and cultivate their creative talents. Chalk art & Dynamic Sketching, Peter Han - THE METHOD CASE. Posted on March 6, 2014 by Themethodcase Pardon My Dust, takes you into a world of art very much unexplored and discovers a unique sketch adventure that has become a very special art form.

Chalk art & Dynamic Sketching, Peter Han - THE METHOD CASE

A canvas, many of us have seen, but never used, Peter Han has transformed into chalk art. Witness Peter’s incredible talent as he discusses how he achieves his calculated art of illustrating, he calls “Dynamic Sketching.” Dynamic Sketching. Week 8 is a recap and polishing of previous work.

Dynamic Sketching

We retouch and organize the best pieces from previous weeks and present them all with a consistent layout. My final design project for the class is the completed “Atlantean Hovercraft”. Insect sketches Insect redesign Skeleton sketches Skeleton redesign. Highlights from Dynamic Sketching I. From October to December 2013, I took the 8-week CGMA Class Dynamic Sketching I with Patrick Ballesteros.

Highlights from Dynamic Sketching I

Week 1: Warmups Week 1 focuses on developing confidence with the pen by drawing and tracing straight, curved and zigzag lines, as well as ellipses. Week 2: Organic Shapes In week 2, we study organic forms, contour lines and texture gradations. Organic shapes 3 Organic shapes 2 Organic shapes 1 Organic shapes 4 Texture gradations Organic shapes with texture and dissections Week 3: Geometric Forms & Basic Shading In week 3, we free-hand cubes and other shapes in perspective – no rulers allowed!

Free-hand 1 point perspective Free-hand 1 and 2 point perspective. Dynamic Sketching 1 - CGMA 2D Academy. This class is designed to develop your foundations in basic drawing skills. You will learn how to break down objects to their most simplistic forms by going through drawing exercises, and developing them on paper. Using pen and toned paper, you will learn to build confidence in your line work.

Weekly individual feedback format: video critique. Classroom A taught by Peter Han is filled to capacity. Classroom B taught by Patrick Ballesteros (feedback & Q&A) with recorded lectures by Peter Han is filled to capacity. Classroom C taught by Fabian Lacey (feedback & Q&A) with recorded lectures by Peter Han is filled to capacity. Classroom D taught by Johnson Truong (fedback & Q&A) with recorded lectures by Peter Han is filled to capacity..

CGMasterAcademy CGMA. CGMasterAcademy CGMA. How to sketch & draw people Part 1. Proko. Full Access to Figure Drawing Videos - miss new tutorials, signup for my mailing list - Let's get into shading a drawing!


We'll explore form, planes and light on form. I'll guide you through making an object feeling 3 dimensional by indicating the elements of light on form - highlight, center light, halftones, core shadow, reflected light, cast shadow and occlusion shadow. How the local value of the object effects the tones. And how does intensity of light affect tones. In this Premium Lesson I describe my complete process of drawing a figure, step by step. Art Model Photos - Follow Proko:Facebook - - - - - Newsletter- *Music used with permission Intro Tune - Sound effects - Thank you Steve Huston for permission to use artwork: 3D Animation - Jilmar Altamirano ( Animation - Alec Fredericks ( Model - Lean Alvesan ( - Stan Prokopenko, Jon Neimeister ( - Stan Prokopenko ( - Yoni Baker ( Show less.

Drawing Demo by Glenn Vilppu. Proko. What is Blocking In? How to block-in the figure. What is Blocking In? How to block-in the figure.