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Do you want to learn the basics of photography or improve certain camera skills? Do you wish to contribute to a growing knowledge base for photo enthusiast. With the morguefile photography classroom you can begin to take better photos of any subject and get more enjoyment from your photography. Jodie Coston 10 lessons to learning photography. These lessons were originally published in 2004. Lesson 1: Composition And Impact - It's A Beautiful Photograph, But Do You Know WHY It's Beautiful? Here are additional lessons from morguefile contributors. Baubauhaus. Learn Composition Through Simplification (Exercise) This is our first educational article of 2010.

Learn Composition Through Simplification (Exercise)

As such, I wanted to get a little more detailed. The article may be a little long for some, but it’s packed full of great concepts and an excellent exercise that helped me to get started as a photographer. I of course don’t want to go overboard, so I would appreciate your feedback. Please let me know what you think about this article and, most importantly, if you like the direction I’m headed. Please post a comment below, or use our contact form to let us know what you think. Introduction "Friends of Toddlers" by D. Photography is an art form which has, in recent years especially, been dominated by what I feel to be an unnecessary level of technical knowledge. 75% Composition10% Technical15% Style Our cameras, our digital cameras, are packed full of features. Now, in this hypothetical world where there is such thing as a perfect photograph, composition would be easy to define. Follow me so far?

Exercise: Step 2: Pick a Subject "Got Sole" by D. Creative Exercises For Artists. Behance. Creative Exercises For Artists. Compositionserie00dowauoft. Photograph Composition: Examples and Exercises. This section is packed with examples of photograph composition along with exercises to test whether you've grasped the concepts from our composition section.

Photograph Composition: Examples and Exercises

Check your skills in seeing, choosing, arranging and framing picture elements. © Julie Waterhouse Photography Answers to all questions follow the exercises, and are linked from within each exercise. Sometimes, there's no right or wrong! Your opinion may differ. Exercise #1 1. For a hint, review this visual design elements section. Find the answer. Exercise #2 1. For a hint for #1, review this section on subject placement For a hint for #2 and #3, review this photograph composition section. 10 rules of photo composition (and why they work)

In photography, it’s not just what you shoot that counts – the way that you shoot it is crucial, too.

10 rules of photo composition (and why they work)

Poor photo composition can make a fantastic subject dull, but a well-set scene can create a wonderful image from the most ordinary of situations. With that in mind, we’ve picked our top 10 photo composition ‘rules’ to show you how to transform your images, as well as offered some of our best photography tips from the experts who do it on a daily basis. Don’t feel that you’ve got to remember every one of these laws and apply them to each photo you take. Instead, spend a little time practising each one in turn and they’ll become second nature. You’ll soon learn to spot situations where the different rules can be applied to best effect. Photo composition doesn’t have to be complicated. In the real world, you’ll be working with a wide range of subjects and scenes, and this requires a more open-minded approach. 10 rules of photo composition (and why they work) Image copyright Jure Kravanja. Photographyactivity. Elena Okolelova's blog. CG Education. Contrasts In CompositionBy Neil BlevinsCreated On: Mar 10th 2012Updated On: Sept 3rd 2012 First off, you may wish to read my Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Shapes tutorial, it contains information that relates to the topic in this article.

CG Education

In composition theory, a more pleasing composition is a composition that contains contrast. Now by contrast I don't mean only the contrast control in photoshop, although that can be used to give us the kind of contrast we're discussing. I'm talking about the original definition of the word: "Contrast: The state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association. " So contrast is two opposing things. Contrast in a composition is used generally for 2 reasons... Part 1: Contrast To Create Visual Interest Contrast In Value So lets start with the following image. It might be fine as a wallpaper pattern, but it certainly doesn't get your attention.