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When Wanderers Cease to Roam: A Traveler's Journal of Staying Put. After traveling around the globe for two decades, Vivian Swift decided that it was time to stay put, in a small village on Long Island Sound.

When Wanderers Cease to Roam: A Traveler's Journal of Staying Put

In a sketchbook, she begins recording her new phase in life with writings and watercolour paintings. It's not a travel journal, but a staying-put journal. Her thoughts span across the four seasons she spent there, from January to December. Through her writing, we learn about the place where she stays, her past, and also on appreciating little things in life. You'll see drawings of cats, teacups, mud, snow, clothes, the town and nature. This is a charming sketchbook, very different from the usual travel sketchbooks. La pantera rosa capitulo 25 Hambre Color De Rosa (audio latino) [1080p HD]

The 100 Day Project. Kirsten Zirngibl. Yaybahar by Görkem Şen. Loreak (Flores) Trailer 2014 Subtitulado.  La directora de fotografía de Pixar y la creación sus mundos. Blog Archives Latest Posts Monthly Categories.

 La directora de fotografía de Pixar y la creación sus mundos

Director of photography. Flowers of the Sky. In this section of the site we bring you curated collections of images, books, audio and film, shining a light on curiosities and wonders from a wide range of online archives.

Flowers of the Sky

With a leaning toward the surprising, the strange, and the beautiful, we hope to provide an ever-growing cabinet of curiosities for the digital age, a kind of hyperlinked Wunderkammer – an archive of materials which truly celebrates the breadth and variety of our shared cultural commons and the minds that have made it. Some of our most popular posts include visions of the future from late 19th century France, a dictionary of Victorian slang and a film showing the very talented “hand-farting” farmer of Michigan. With each post including links back to the original source we encourage you to explore these wonderful online sources for yourself. Pygmy Lush - It's A Good Day To Hide. The Return of the Thin White Duke.

I never met David Bowie.

The Return of the Thin White Duke

After a while it almost became a game: I only had one hero left, and it was him. The nearest I came to it was meaning to send him a copy of Trigger Warning, with this story in it, and an apologetic note. THE NICE GUYS Trailer Red Band 2016 (Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe) Earth From Space HD 1080p Nova. Michel Odent. Michel Odent (Oise, 1930) es un médico obstetra francés, y uno de los defensores más notables del parto natural, entendido como aquel parto en el que la intervención externa es la mínima posible.

Michel Odent

Terapia Artistica - Rhodocrosita. Premios Mayma. Neuronas espejo: explicación de lo que sucede en las Constelaciones Familiares. 13 Short Guides That Will Make You A Color Expert. Color is all around you but you probably don't fully understand it.

13 Short Guides That Will Make You A Color Expert

Why does some art look almost 3D or why do some colors look totally different next to others? Finally you'll understand why using 3-4 shades of base makeup makes a face look like it's a different shape with no flaws. Think shadows, hilights, midtones and even accent colors. Bored Panda - Plumber creates a REAL hoverbike in his garage! Bored Panda - Plumber creates a REAL hoverbike in his garage! Wooden door with a glass panel detective. Akira Kurosawa - Composing Movement. Las 56 películas sobre arte que todo artista debe conocer - Noticias de Totenart. Aprovechando que estos días se celebra la Fiesta del Cine, en las salas de cine españolas, queremos hacer un breve post para recomendaros algunas películas sobre arte que consideramos muy importantes y que deberían estar en la vida de todo artista.

No son películas de cartelera comercial actual, pero si tenéis ocasión de verlas os las recomendamos. Puede que ya hayáis visto algunas, porque muchas de estas películas sobre arte son muy conocidas. Aquí tenéis el listado, del que hemos querido desarrollar un poco cada uno de los títulos para abrir las puertas de la trama sin desvelar demasiado, para que seáis vosotros quienes descubráis el resto del relato. La kermesse heróica, 1935. La llegada de soldados españoles a Flandes, combina la escuela barroca holandesa con la española.Rembrandt, 1936. el cambio de vida del pintor tras la muerte de su esposa.The moon and sixpence, 1943.

What I Learned Listening to David Fincher's 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Commentary. Fincher talked to people he knew that had been through “hideous abuse” before shooting Lisbeth’s rape of Bjurman and asked, “Would he be naked?”

What I Learned Listening to David Fincher's 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Commentary

And all of them said, “No, I wouldn’t want to see — even if I was going to sodomize him with a dildo I wouldn’t want to see his naked body.” However, after shooting the scene with him with his clothes on it seemed as if they had copped out by showing Rooney naked and not showing Bjurman naked. So they reshot the scene with Yorick van Wageningen wearing a Speedo and they digitally added his buttocks. Sorry, I had to censor the above photo, but for anyone that’s seen the movie you know what is behind the blur. As for this scene, Rooney asked to have a merkin made for her.

TEDxRosario - Alfredo Casero - Presupuestar las ideas. Bill Sienkiewicz on Defining Elektra, Inking Others and Missing Out on Jack Kirby. ¿Universidad Miyazaki? La universidad de Berkeley tiene una clase dedicada a la leyenda de la animación. Algunos artistas son profesionales en sus creaciones; otros pueden enseñarle a estos profesionales una o dos cosas más.

¿Universidad Miyazaki? La universidad de Berkeley tiene una clase dedicada a la leyenda de la animación

Hayao Miyazaki es un gran ejemplo de los últimos, inspirando el gusto por la animación del grande de Pixar, John Lasseter con su estilo único para contar historias. “En la comunidad de la animación, el es un genio, como lo es para mi,” dijo Lasseter una vez a Roger Ebert. The Daily Bandha: Sitting Up Straight and Expanding the Chest Forward in Sukhasana. Slumping the back and collapsing the chest is a common occurrence in Sukhasana, especially in those who are new to yoga.

The Daily Bandha: Sitting Up Straight and Expanding the Chest Forward in Sukhasana

Factors that can contribute to this posture include fatigue, defeated mental state, and tight muscle groups. Many yoga poses are designed to counteract these factors, Sukhasana being one of them. Sitting up in Easy Cross-Legged Pose aids to bring the spinal column into alignment, so that the vertebral bodies and their discs support the torso; expanding the chest forward enhances breathing. With practice this can lead to a comfortable, easy position that is reflected on the central nervous system—an example of the mind/body connection in yoga.Here’s the Cue . . . El relevo de Miyazaki: los nuevos maestros del 'anime' Que Hayao Miyazaki haya decidido jubilarse y The Wind Rises sea su última película es una noticia amarga, desde luego, en la medida de que nos priva de futuras obras del autor de Mi vecino Totoro, La princesa Mononoke, El viaje de Chihiro o Ponyo en el acantilado, por nombrar sólo algunas del puñado de obras maestras de la animación que pueblan su filmografía.

El relevo de Miyazaki: los nuevos maestros del 'anime' - Amazing lettering by Glen Weisgerber Artistry. Descubre Cómo Crear una Página Web. Satoshi Kon. Satoshi Kon - Editing Space & Time. Oficina Media España - Cartoon Forum 2016. Los huesos cantores _Shaun Tan - Los Cuentos de la Caputxeta. The Bird King. The Singing Bone: sculpture notes.

Picture books. This book is a collection of 75 clay figurines inspired by Grimm's fairy tales, theatrically photographed and accompanied by short excerpts from each story. The Singing Bones takes it's title from a Grimm's fairy tale about the bone of a slain boy that, once carved into a flute, sings of fate and injustice. It's a theme that runs through many European fairy tales, and reflects the generational memory of oral story-telling – as dark as it is playful – leading to Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's 1812 collection Children's and Household Tales. Interestingly this work was not intended for children, yet became a source of persistent fascination for readers of any age and the inspiration for many artists and illustrators over subsequent centuries. My own book features 75 sculptural works that I constructed and photographed between 2012 and 2015.

The book was launched in Melbourne in October 2015, and accompanied by a complete exhibition of my sculptures and No Vacancy Gallery. Sergio Toppi. IRON & WINE Essential Songs. Expresiones Faciales, Hoja De Expresión y Dibujar Cabezas. The Art of Animators (or Sakuga) The Art of Animators (or Sakuga) Sakuga pt.1 - Intro & Yutaka Nakamura: Grandmaster Battle Animator. COLOSSE - Teaser Trailer. Sketchcrawl 27, san francisco. Worldwide Sketchcrawl 27 in San Francisco last Saturday was a lot of fun. Animation.Magazine.20-03.-.Mar.2006.-.The.Natural.Charms.of.Kirikou.and.the.Wild.Beasts.pdf. Hayao Miyazaki's Sketches Showing How to Draw Characters Running: From 1980 Edition of Animation Magazine. Earlier this week, we let you know about the animation software used by Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli coming out in an open source version free to download.

While this makes available to you a piece of the technology used in the service of such masterpieces as Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and The Tale of Princess Kaguya, it won’t, alas, get you any closer to possessing the artistic skills of the Ghibli team. To attain those, you’ve just got to engage in the same long, cyclical process of observation, replication, and refinement that you would when mastering anything. What to draw and how to draw it (1913) What to draw and how to draw it, by E.G. Lutz; 1913; Dodd & Mead, New York. Drawing made easy a helpful book for young artists; the way to begin and finish your sketches, clearly shown step by step, by E.

G. Descarga gratis los libros de la Bauhaus - Viva Muebles y Decoración. Los aportes más valiosos al mundo del diseño sin duda los dio la Escuela de la Bauhaus. Se inauguró en Alemania en 1919 y revolucionó los parámetros académicos burgueses del arte de aquella época, estableciendo una nueva visión de lo estético y funcional entre arquitectos, escultores, pintores, etcétera. Para quien no lo sepa, el diseño gráfico y el diseño industrial se gestaron en esta escuela, al igual que la llamada arquitectura moderna.

Overview – DC Talent Development Workshop. Artists Workshop Welcome! Welcome to our first-ever DC Comics Artists Workshop application process! The DC Comics Artists Workshop is a new initiative that will immerse up-and-coming artists in the mainstream comic book industry. With the professional setting of the DC offices as the learning environment and established artists as the instructors, those selected for the program will have the opportunity to participate in a personalized workshop experience. DC Wants You to Make Comics (After Learning How to Make Comics) La vida es como el viaje del alma - Joan Garriga. Selob noslen. Production I.G To Produce New Seasons of 'FLCL' For Adult Swim.

Adult Swim has announced that it will produce a sequel to the rule-breaking, graphically innovative six-episode anime series FLCL. The new episodes will be produced by Japanese studio Production I.G., which acquired the rights to the series from Gainax last fall; the two studios had both been involved in the production of the original series. Production I.G will produce two new six-episode seasons, under the supervision of FLCL series creator Kazuya Tsurumaki. Nick DiLiberto. This one time... Nelson boles on Vimeo. Comic Book Video Tutorials – How to Draw a Hand Holding a Sword - A conversation between Katsuhiro Otomo and Takehiko Inoue. Men’s culture magazine Brutus did a special issue on Katsuhiro Otomo back in April 2012, when Otomo was doing his giant exhibition where he displayed the original handdrawn pictures of every page of Akira.

DRAW Inoue Takehiko 1 - فيديو Dailymotion. Ax bx. Title00. Elfen Lied Brasil: Preview: Monster - Naoki Urasawa [Volume 01] Open-Source Animation Production Software OpenToonz Available March 26. Headless Productions on Vimeo. Studio Ghibli - Choju Jinbutsu Giga - NipPop - Giappone all'infinito. How To Use Photoshop Actions To Speed Up Your Comic Work - 5 libros sobre Animación 2D – Ser Audiovisual. 8 Libros para Artistas de la Animación – Ser Audiovisual.