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7 Ways To Manage your Facebook Wall Feeds Better - Hongkiat. Not seeing what you like on your Facebook Wall anymore?

7 Ways To Manage your Facebook Wall Feeds Better - Hongkiat

Regardless of how many friends you have, your Facebook Wall can be such a mess from over-Shared materials, quotes and Instagram photos. The new feature on Facebook Ads that allow Pages to feature their statuses all day long isn’t helping as well. Stories from close friends, like-minded peers and your actual favorite pages are being drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Let’s take back some control over our own FB Walls now. Some of the ways I’m describing below may take some effort and could be time-consuming (if you really want to go into details), but it will help reduce the time you spend clearing up the mess on your Facebook afterwords.

Recommended Reading: Better Facebook Fan Page: Essential Tips, Apps And Examples 1. The first thing and easiest thing to do is to sort through your news feed by selecting ‘Top Stories’ or ‘Most Recent’. 2. Friends The arrow will give you subscription options. Pages/Games/Apps. Edit Inbox Subscriptions – The Art of Non-Conformity » About the Art of Non-Conformity Site. Welcome to the Art of Non-Conformity site, a home for unconventional people doing remarkable things.

The Art of Non-Conformity » About the Art of Non-Conformity Site

I'm glad you're here. The page below goes into more detail about the site itself. You can also click the links to learn more about me, the AONC team, or a list of Frequently Asked Questions. What This is About The Art of Non-Conformity (AONC) project chronicles my writing on how to change the world by achieving significant, personal goals while helping others at the same time. Twice a week (every Monday and Thursday) I write on at least one of those topics, and once in a while I profile other revolutionaries who are also changing the world through unconventional ways.

Life Improvement. A lot of folks in our society try to be hyper-productive.

You know — the people who scurry from task to task, always checking e-mail, organizing something, making a call, running an errand, etc. The people who do this often subscribe to the idea that “staying busy” means you’re working hard and are going to be more successful. While this belief may be true to an extent, it often leads to mindless “productivity” — a constant need to do something and a tendency to waste time on menial tasks. Instead of behaving in this way, I choose to do things differently. Working Smarter, Not Harder The old adage, “work smarter, not harder” has become a staple in the way I go about work of any kind.

Instead of being robotic in how I approach tasks, I try to be thoughtful and always ask myself if something can be done more efficiently or eliminated altogether. Managing my time isn’t about squeezing as many tasks into my day as possible. 21 Time Management Tips 1. This is the golden rule of time management. 2. 16 awesome productivity hacks to streamline your work. “Anything that does not belong where it is, the way it is, is an “open loop” pulling on your attention.” – David Allen I used to fancy myself a multitasker.

16 awesome productivity hacks to streamline your work

I felt the most productive when I had a bunch of different tasks going at once and was rapidly vacillating between them. I also didn’t do much else other than “work,” which I parenthesize to foreshadow my next point: “Multitaskers” are less productive than people who focus on one task at a time. This isn’t a particularly controversial point. I’ve adopted David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” methodology as my productivity method. The velocity of change for technology has created some pretty amazing opportunities to be even more productive. The Best Voice Recording App for Android. How To Remove Devices From Your Browsing History On Chrome. The problem of multiple devices being listed in your Chrome browser’s history is one that is frequently discussed on forums and in technology chat rooms.

How To Remove Devices From Your Browsing History On Chrome

It not surprising that it’s a problem – Google have made the process of deleting old devices frustratingly opaque in their online help documents. How to synchronize Chrome web history on different Android devices? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange. TeamViewer - Free Remote Control, Remote Access & Online Meetings. App training - Zapier. The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Apps - Zapier.

About This Guide For all of the social networks and chat apps today, there's one online messaging system that everyone uses: email.

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Apps - Zapier

No matter which email service and apps you use, you can send an email and know your recipient will see it. That makes it the best place to share your marketing and transactional messages, and make sure your message will get seen. But it'll take a bit more than just opening Gmail and sending an email message. You'll need a tool that helps you send thousands of emails easily, and the tips to optimize your messages and make sure they don't get flagged as spam.

That's where this eBook comes in.