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aha~ I love free stiff even if i don't like it. I've had a feast at costco made entirely of their free samples. xD I'm a self-proclaimed otaku~ I draw on literally, EVERYTHING. even my hand. (especially my left hand xD) I have a hard time with money. I have a hard time spending it, but when i do, I end up being broke by the end of the day xD.... *sigh* asdldfasdfsjad;lsf;sfjs'fsjadlkfjsdf;ajsgfjasuiawejfansdlfn eAe


Tumblr peeps who i like but they left so weh. Reference. Image 25921: Casey crossover Dave_Strider Eli hammertime John_Egbert shipping. Color Palettes. Fandoms. Colonial + "revolutionary" music + info.... Writing and Such. Reactions (mine drawn lol) Manga to read. Indium. A bar of indium metal and a penny. Data Zone Show more, including: Heats, Energies, Oxidation, Reactions, Compounds, Radii, Conductivities Indium in a test tube. The Element Indium. Periodic Table. (Promo) You're listening to Chemistry in its element brought to you by Chemistry World, the magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry (End promo) Meera Senthilingam This week, the rare, lustrous element that we have to thank for our flat screen TVs and computer monitors. To tell us more about the chemistry of indium here's Claire Carmalt.

Indium (In) Periodic Table of Elements: Indium - In. This page designed print cleanly without extraneous menus, ads, etc. and may make a great classroom handout.

Periodic Table of Elements: Indium - In

This page may benefit from setting your browser to print background colors. Comprehensive data on the chemical element Indium is provided on this page; including scores of properties, element names in many languages, most known nuclides of Indium. Common chemical compounds are also provided for many elements. In addition technical terms are linked to their definitions and the menu contains links to related articles that are a great aid in one's studies.

Mineral Information Institute. Sources: Indium is retrieved as a by-product of zinc ores, specifically from the mineral sphalerite, where its abundance can be as high as almost 900 parts per million (ppm) or as low as 1 ppm.

Mineral Information Institute

By comparison, the average abundance of indium in the Earth’s crust is about 240 parts per billion (ppb). Indium can also be found in significant amounts in lead, copper, and tin ores. Indium. Indium's current primary application is to form transparent electrodes from indium tin oxide (ITO) in liquid crystal displays and touchscreens, and this use largely determines its global mining production.


It is widely used in thin-films to form lubricated layers (during World War II it was widely used to coat bearings in high-performance aircraft). It is also used for making particularly low melting point alloys, and is a component in some lead-free solders.


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