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Vergelijk gratis goedkope vliegtickets. Computertips, info en nieuws voor de PCLeek. Batterijtje - Batterijtjes .nl - goedkope knoopcel batterijen. 200 Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) to Boost Your Productivity. Keyboard shortcuts can boost your productivity if your daily job relies heavily on using Windows.

200 Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) to Boost Your Productivity

They just don’t get the work done quickly, but also improves the efficiency. Give them a try and you just might find yourself getting addicted to keyboard shortcuts. De HuishoudCoach - Professional organizers voor een opgeruimd leven. Math Problem Solver. The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet.

Here are the most useful websites on the Internet that will make you smarter, increase productivity and help you learn new skills. These incredibly useful websites solve at least one problem really well. And they all have cool URLs that are easy to memorize thus saving you a trip to Google. Also see: The Best Android Apps Also see: The Best Mac Apps and Utilities. Zuinig met tante Dora – besparen, leven, genieten. WHOIS Search, Domain Name, Website, and IP Tools.

Levensverzekering Informatie Centrum. Favorite and Forget: 15 Useful Internet Tools. Favorite and Forget brings only the best links every day.

Favorite and Forget: 15 Useful Internet Tools

Mar 7, 2016 15 Useful Internet Tools 1. – Log out of many sites at the same time. 10 Most Useful MS DOS Commands : Use of internet technology in day today life. DOS (Disk Operating System) was one of the most usable operating systems during the initial period of personal computer’s emergence into homes and offices.

10 Most Useful MS DOS Commands : Use of internet technology in day today life

MS-DOS is Microsoft’s version of DOS which is integrated into most of their operating systems, including Windows 8. I will be talking about common DOS commands in this post. Technically speaking, MS-DOS is a command-line operating system that allows you to perform various tasks according to given commands. There is no GUI (Graphical User Interface) here, however it is a lot fun to play. Forums. Free Software Alternatives to Substitute Adobe Products. The price of Adobe software can really put the pressure on both experienced and beginner creatives, lets take a look at some of the best free alternatives to popular Adobe software.

Free Software Alternatives to Substitute Adobe Products

At the time of writing, the newest version of the Adobe master suite is priced at a wallet-busting $2,499, a lot for an aspiring web or graphic designer. For newcomers to the sector especially, it’s easy to think that the Adobe products on offer are the only industry-standard pieces of software actually available when infact, there are many different free alternatives to some of the main elements of the creative suite. 21 Windows Shortcuts For Better Windows Experience SkyTechGeek. Windows shortcuts are meant to make work more easier and faster, sometimes it nags users when their mice malfunctioned and don’t work, and if they are not aware of the windows shortcuts things go even worse.

21 Windows Shortcuts For Better Windows Experience SkyTechGeek

For rapid access and for smart work users should aware of some exceptional windows shortcuts. STG is sharing the best and easy windows shortcut which will allow users to perform their tasks more easily and specifically and will turn them a smart window user. Some of them are compatible with Windows XP and some aren’t compatible but users can use them in other version of Windows such as Windows XP and later. 1.

FREE Software Round-Up 2016. Image Editing Pixlr – Fully functional alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

FREE Software Round-Up 2016

(Web, Windows, Mac)GIMP – Another Photoshop alternative. (Linux, Mac) – GIMP for Windows (Windows)Seashore – Basic image editing with layers, textures, gradients and more. 21 Awesome (But Lesser-Known) Open-Source Applications for Windows. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in Madagascar for the last few years, you undoubtedly already know about the All-Star open-source applications for Windows.

21 Awesome (But Lesser-Known) Open-Source Applications for Windows

I’m talking about applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird, GIMP, OpenOffice, and VLC. However, there are hundreds of lesser-known but highly-useful open-source applications available for Windows. A few of my favorites are below. 77 Open Source Replacements for Expensive Applications. For several years now, Datamation has compiled an annual list of open source software projects that can replace very expensive software.

77 Open Source Replacements for Expensive Applications

In years past, the prices for the proprietary software generally climbed from year to year, but this year, we noticed a major change. Much of the software that has a reputation for being very expensive has switched to a software as a service (SaaS) pricing model, which looks less expensive because it's based on a monthly subscription rather than a flat fee. (Whether it's actually less expensive depends on a number of factors.)

In addition, some proprietary software actually decreased in price in this year, and at least one "expensive" software package we've featured in the past is now available for free. jPdf Tweak - Swiss Army Knife for PDF files. Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know. 7 links that will tell you what Google knows about you - One Minute List. Het politievirus. 20 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Might Not Know. Mastering the keyboard will not only increase your navigation speed but it can also help with wrist fatigue.

20 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Might Not Know

Here are some lesser known Windows shortcuts to help you become a keyboard ninja. Image by Remko van Dokkum Global Windows Shortcuts Win+1, 2, 3, 4, etc. will launch each program in your taskbar. It is helpful then to keep your most used programs at the beginning of your task bar so you can open them one right after another. Win+Alt+1, 2, 3, etc. will open the jump list for each program in the taskbar. 10 Minute Mail - Temporary E-Mail. Wat Betekent? - Wat betekent die ene term nu eigenlijk? Tijdsverschil per staat (Verenigde Staten) Website Informer. Прикол.ру - Лайфхаки. Vraag & Antwoord - Jellinek.

6 links that will show you what Google knows about... #3038363. Save paper & ink printing only what you want « Free Software Everyone Should Download – Johnny Lists. By Johnny Webber 1.

Free Software Everyone Should Download – Johnny Lists

F.lux – F.lux makes your computer’s display change based on the time of day to prevent eye strain. 2. Photorec – Recover lost files, including videos and documents, from your hard drive. Build Cheat Sheets and Share Your Favourites! 16 best youtube tricks everyone must try. Youtube is the third most popular website on internet after google and facebook. It has 800 million unique users a month.In every minute 300 hours of new videos were uploaded to the site. If you want to watch a movie or if you want to watch funny videos or past news we would always prefer to use youtube. Most of the people who uses internet watch youtube videos almost everyday. But most of them don’t know many features that youtube provides.

Free Paper Airplane Designs-Printable Templates. Web's Best 50 Free Downloads. Here, we’ve compiled our top 50 downloads – from apps that are measured in kilobytes to the Google Pack’s 200MB – all of which are guaranteed performers. We’ve covered a wide range of applications, including everything from browser add-ons, security software, music packages right through to Photoshop alternatives. Before you start downloading, a little housekeeping: although we’ve taken great care to personally test each of the software downloads we recommend, we haven’t installed all 50 on the same machine. So while we’re happy to vouch for them individually, we can’t guarantee that any of these downloads will be compatible with each other or with other software on your PC.

We’d also implore you to download the software from our recommended sites and scan it for malware before you install it. 1. Essential Free Software. WisFaq! Printable Paper. Hoe Moet Het ? - samen kunnen we meer. What Is...every file format in the world - A through E. Convert URL to IP Address. Verwijder eenvoudig je online account. ✿ Our favorite set —

De Hoax-Wijzer. Tabellenboekje - Startpagina. Library Stuff » 130 Tools in 160 Minutes. Product Problem Support, Troubleshooting Help & Repair Answers – Fixya. Password Strength Checker. Gooload find MP3 files with intitle index of and parent directory.

Tech Support Management. « Share your email in a safe way. Get less spam. Fake Name. All categories. ManualsLib - Makes it easy to find manuals online! Pipl - People Search.

Save paper & ink printing only what you want « Viralwoot - Pinterest Promotion, Analytics and Pin Scheduler tool - Get Pinterest Followers and Repins - Pinterest Marketing - More Pinterest Followers - Advertising On Pinterest. Drag & drop anything anywhere. Feedspot - A fast, free, modern Rss Reader. Peerbelt - All your online visits organized, archived and searchable. Clipica: Paste the web. WebList - The place to find the best web lists on the web.

Fastcode - zoeken, navigeren en veel meer via snelcodes! Zorgnieuws voor verzorgend en betrokken Nederland. List of websites that can be useful for anyone. Storingsoverzicht. Free Online OCR. Who needs to pirate software with a list like this? Welcome to WeetHet - Welkom bij WeetHet. Internet - Een paar leuke links. Goeie Vraag - Stel je Vraag aan heel Nederland! Save Web Files to Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. With Save, you can download any file from the web directly to your Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive accounts without having to download that file to your computer. Just enter the file's web address (or URL), pick a cloud service and, within seconds, the file will become available in your online account. The download is from cloud to cloud and therefore much faster.

Save is also useful for mobile users as you can remotely download files, including file types that aren't supported by your mobile phone or tablet, to your mobile devices via Dropbox or Google Drive. WeTransfer. Your own WeTransfer experience Present your files in style as Plus lets you personalize WeTransfer by choosing your own background images. You can also customize your URL and shape the emails that are sent with your files. 20GB transfers A Plus account lets you transfer up to 20GB at a time, whether that’s lots of small files, or one massive one. That’s ten times more than our regular service, and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Pipl - People Search. FUCKING HOMEPAGE - Useful Websites. Here is a list of websites we have featured in the past that might come in handy. Wanneer ga ik met pensioen ? Nooit meer een verjaardag vergeten... Routeplanner - plan route - auto, openbaar vervoer, fiets, te voet. - free info domainname. Millions of Free Manuals. Free Manuals Online. Koopzondag in Nederland, alle woonboulevards en winkels.

Weet wat je weet. Verkeer. Pensioenoverzicht opvragen. Service Manual free download,schematics,datasheets,eeprom bins,pcb,repair info for test equipment and electronics. POSTCARD.FM. 03:24. Instapaper: Save interesting web pages for reading later. Welkom bij Free Text-to-Speech (TTS) Avatar Widget by SitePal. Who needs to pirate software with a list like this? [Archive] Windows Vista tips, trucs & tools, versnellen, tweaken, en een oplossing hulp voor probleem en sneller opstarten computer.

Vergelijk supermarkt & slijterij aanbiedingen! - Supermarkt & Slijterij aanbiedingen. Praktisch advies van de overheid over uw rechten als consument.