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LoU Tweak for Greasemonkey. Script Summary: Adds various functionalities to Lord of Ultima Overview LoU Tweak adds extra functionality to Lord of Ultima, making your gameplay more comfortable.

LoU Tweak for Greasemonkey

Bossraids script - jsFiddle demo by moritana. Fill in the blanks from the selections (Make a selection from each field, or the script will fail): I want to attack a/n level with .

bossraids script - jsFiddle demo by moritana

I researched % attack bonus for the unit. using the boss raids calculator and your availible troops, fill in the blanks below (make sure to choose the type of the troop in the boss raids calculator for it log correctly) the calculator will help you add up all the units until you have enough troops to send at the boss. I have out of units I need to send at the boss.

Flash City Planner for Lord of Ulitma an Online Multiplayer Strategy Game - Gaming, Games, PC, Console, Xbox, PS3, Wii.