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Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Since its conception in 2001, Capital Plumbing and Heating Ltd. has operated under a family-oriented business mentality. Even as the scope of our business expanded from Edmonton, Alberta to all of northern and central Alberta, we have stayed true to our philosophy of treating our customers as we do our own family members. As a member of Plumber’s Success International since 2008, it is important to us that we provide our customers with extra satisfaction. Whatever the plumbing or heating issue, we can proudly say that the communities we serve rely on us to get the job done. Call us today to experience for yourself why Capital Plumbing and Heating Ltd. is the most trusted plumbing and heating company in the Edmonton and Cold Lake areas.

Hire Experienced Plumbers ASAP when Telltale Signs of Plumbing Problems Appear. Having easy access to ample water supply is one of the wonders of civilization that many take for granted.

Hire Experienced Plumbers ASAP when Telltale Signs of Plumbing Problems Appear

You often only realize its importance once plumbing fails. Daily activities such as taking a bath, doing the laundry, using the toilet, or even watering the lawn become affected with a compromised water supply. If it’s not water supply that becomes the problem, then it’s water disposal. Toilet or drain clogs can cause the sludge to back up. Possible Reasons Why Your Water Heater Isn’t Giving You What You Need. There’s nothing more annoying than looking forward to a hot, relaxing shower only to be greeted by cold water once you step inside your bathroom.

There are many possible causes of water heater failures. It could be due to broken heating elements, faulty burners, or excessive sediment buildup. – capitalplumbing

You can wait all you want for the water to warm up but more often than not, you have no other choice but to bathe in cold water.

Possible Reasons Why Your Water Heater Isn’t Giving You What You Need

This is what can happen when your water heater malfunctions. You may need the help of a professional to find the cause of the malfunction and get it fixed. Here are some likely causes of water heater failures. Find Out if it’s Time for You to Consider Air Conditioner Replacement. People rely heavily on their air conditioners at home to provide relief from the heat and humidity especially during sweltering summer days.

Sometimes, your home air conditioning system just seems to have given up. Find out if it’s time to get an air conditioner replacement or repair. – capitalplumbing

As with any other piece of equipment however, there comes a time when it can no longer perform as well as it used to.

Find Out if it’s Time for You to Consider Air Conditioner Replacement

The big question is whether you should get it repaired or if it’s time for you to get it replaced. Here are some of the more telling signs that replacement is a much better option than repair. Life Span On average, a central air conditioning unit can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Kick these Bad Habits in Order to Make Sure Your Home Has the Best Plumbing Condition. Problems with the plumbing in your home can be a source of endless headaches.

Kick these Bad Habits in Order to Make Sure Your Home Has the Best Plumbing Condition

Not only will it affect the degree of your living comfort, but it will also impact your finances severely. Damages can be quite expensive, especially when you are unable to prevent a minor problem from ballooning. To abate such a disaster, you must pay attention to your plumbing’s condition on a regular basis. Taking care of your plumbing poses the biggest challenge. Repeated bad habits stand to damage pipes more than any other causes. These Warning Signs Provide More than Just Hints that You Need a Furnace Replacement.

The key to a comfortable home is an efficient heating system.

Wear and tear, rising electric bills, and carbon monoxide leaks are some of the signs that tell you a furnace replacement for your home is due. – capitalplumbing

As long as the furnace is running smoothly, you don’t have to worry about it swallowing huge amounts of energy or endangering your family with reduced air quality inside your home.

These Warning Signs Provide More than Just Hints that You Need a Furnace Replacement

While your system can last for many years, wear and tear—if not damage—will eventually render it inoperable. To maximize its service life, you must maintain vigilance of its operation and its parts. Once you notice something wrong with the furnace, you need to act immediately in addressing the issue. Otherwise, you might end up spending a lot on repairs and putting your family’s health at risk. A Successful Furnace Installation Relies on Your Help with Preparations. A furnace is an investment, one that provides you and your family the comfort you need to enjoy your home.

When preparing for a furnace installation, you must clear the work site, check the contractor’s certifications, and be there to oversee the project. – capitalplumbing

While it is readily available on the market, its installation can pose a challenge.

A Successful Furnace Installation Relies on Your Help with Preparations

It should be performed by a professional since it comes in various options, including electric, gas, propane, natural, and oil. Proper installation requires an understanding of how it works. As a homeowner, you must prepare the area for its installation. Just because you don’t know anything about its installation doesn’t mean you can abstain from the process. Clear the Area. How to Show Some Love and Care for Your Home’s Heating System. Many homeowners tend to take their heating system for granted until the cold weather starts.

How to Show Some Love and Care for Your Home’s Heating System

After all, it is only when you need the heater that you start to even think about it. Because it has been mostly ignored over summer, it can throw fits when winter finally rolls around, and long after a maintenance check could have prevented the problem. A heating system needs constant attention. By giving it some TLC once in awhile, you can actually keep it in shape all year long to prevent problems that might require a spendy, emergency repair. Schedule Regular Professional Checks. Experienced Plumbers Can Help You with the Common and Uncommon Problems in your Home.

A plumbing system gone awry, right along with a complete electrical failure, deals an inconvenience unmatched by any other systemic snafu in a household.

Plumbers have a set of skills, tools, and experience to fix problems such as clogged drains, flusher malfunctions, and bathroom renovation snags. – capitalplumbing

Just think about not having a proper supply of water to bathe, flush a toilet, or even brush your teeth?

Experienced Plumbers Can Help You with the Common and Uncommon Problems in your Home

Its span when it comes to daily exigencies is nearly infinite. Slash Those Bills: Plumbing Upgrades That Can Save You Money. Are your water and electricity bills too high?

Slash Those Bills: Plumbing Upgrades That Can Save You Money

You don’t have to grin and bear the extra expense. One way to cut down on utilities is by upgrading your plumbing system. Furnace Service Experts Cite the Four Common Causes of Short Cycling. Is your furnace turning on and off unexpectedly?

As a trusted Edmonton furnace service contractor will tell you, there are several issues that cause an HVAC system to turn on and off suddenly. – capitalplumbing

Short cycling, as the pros call it, is a frustrating and all-too-common occurrence.

Furnace Service Experts Cite the Four Common Causes of Short Cycling

Generally speaking, there are four major causes for this problem that you should know and be able to identify. Learn the Top Three Warning Signs that a Furnace Repair Is Truly Needed for Your Home. Purchasing, installing, and operating a home’s heating system does not come cheap.

Don’t wait for a total system failure before finding a company for furnace repair in Edmonton. Learn the subtle signs of a pending furnace breakdown. – capitalplumbing

Therefore, it is important to learn the most common warning signs that a furnace repair is needed in your Edmonton home. Knowing these red flags can prevent a total furnace breakdown and the expense of replacing the entire system. Replace vs. Repair It is only natural for homeowners to avoid costly purchases, such as replacing an old heating system with a new one. Consumer’s Guide on How to Choose a Heating System for Edmonton Homes. Even though the city enjoys a humid continental climate for a majority of the year, an efficient residential heating system is still necessary for Edmonton homeowners to combat the cold nights and winter weather. Best Plumber in Edmonton Gives Homeowners a Guide to Resolving Hard Water. It might sound like an oxymoron at first, but hard water does exist.

The best plumber in Edmonton offers residents tips on how to deal with the common household problem that causes myriad health concerns: hard water. – capitalplumbing

In fact, hard water is one of the biggest household concerns in the U.S., as many of its states suffer from elevated water hardness values, putting the health of its citizens at risk. While Canada is much more fortunate, enjoying extensive fresh water supplies, the water quality is still a growing concern following a number of incidents involving municipal drinking water. What Is Water Hardness? All freshwater consists of trace amounts of naturally occurring minerals. However, hard water has an excessive amount of these minerals, particularly calcium, magnesium, and manganese. In Canada, the principal source of water hardness comes from sedimentary rocks and soil seepage. While it might sound harmless, several studies have proven the link between hard water and several health concerns, such as cardiovascular diseases, growth retardation in young children, and reproductive failure among other maladies.

Sources: The Ins And Outs Of Clogged Drains, Drain Cleaners, And Plumbing Disasters. There are many things around the house you can put off until tomorrow – the dishes, a broken light bulb, your laundry, – but a clogged drain isn’t one of them.

Although most clogged drains can often be solved by regular drain cleaners, professionals understand the ins and outs of clearing drains better. – capitalplumbing

Because if you do, you must be prepared for plumbing disasters of catastrophic poop-portions. Telltale Signs You Have A Clogged Drain Probably the only good thing about a plumbing problem is that it won’t take you by surprise. Here Is How You Know Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repair. Your air conditioning unit is, perhaps, one of the most utilized appliance in your home.

Your air conditioning unit will cost less to operate if it is well maintained. That means getting repairs done the moment you spot a possible problem. – capitalplumbing

After all, you want your entire family to be comfortable, especially during warm months. This is why it is important to take good care of your air conditioner. With proper maintenance, you can be sure that it will easily cool you and your family down in case the outside temperatures rises. To keep your air conditioner running smoothly, there are certain parts that need to be checked and cleaned out on a regular basis. These include the air conditioner’s filters, coils, coil fins and more. Plumbers Explain How Your Bathroom Can Get a Tech Upgrade. The use of technology around the home is expanding.

In fact, research has shown that 77 percent of people are looking to include more technology in their homes. Plumbing Tips: 3 Toilet Maintenance Tips to Keep It Going for Longer.

Toilets are one of the few modern conveniences that many people tend to overlook—until the toilet starts malfunctioning. Such a problem can easily lead to costly water damage, or worse, sewage backups that “flush down” the contents of your wallet and expose your family to a bevy of health risks. – capitalplumbing

Edmonton Furnace Professionals Discuss Perks of Smart Thermostats. Thermostats have come a long way since the round dial models first seen in many older homes.

Thermostats have come a long way since the round dial models first seen in many older homes. Thermostat technology have become so advanced that there’s so many options to choose from, including line voltage thermostats, low voltage thermostats, programmable thermostats, and even Wi-Fi smart thermostats. – capitalplumbing

Edmonton Furnace Repair: Troubleshooting 3 Different Furnace Types.

Turning on the furnace in your Edmonton home can be one of the most satisfying things you can do on a cold day—unless your furnace is broken. If the air never warms up, that’s a sign that there’s something seriously wrong with your home heating system. – capitalplumbing

Edmonton Furnace Repair: Troubleshooting 3 Different Furnace Types: capitalplumbing. Edmonton Heating Explains Why Stack Effect is a Problem in Your Home.

Your furnace is responsible for keeping your home warm, but it is the job of the rest of your home’s ventilation features to keep the warm air inside – capitalplumbing

Edmonton Plumbers Talk about Possible Problems with Plumbing Vents.

Your home’s plumbing vents are responsible for maintaining neutral air pressure within the entire plumbing system. Aside from that, they also prevent sewer gases and odor from accumulating in the house by dispelling them outside of your home. – capitalplumbing

5 Warning Signs Saying It’s Time to Call an Edmonton Furnace Service. Edmonton Water Heater Tips: When Water Pools Under Your Water Heater.

Do you see water pooling under your water heater? This is the most common telltale sign that you have a leak somewhere in your tank. If your water bills haven’t spiked yet, consider that good news, because you likely caught the leak at its early stages. Of course, pooling could also be the result of condensation, so you need to confirm that this isn’t the case. – capitalplumbing

Examples of Plumbing Issues that Would Require Professional Plumbers.

More often than not, homeowners would rather make a quick-fix on what they deem to be minor problems in their household. Not only does it build up their DIY street cred, after all, but it also makes for some serious money-saving opportunity. – capitalplumbing

Edmonton Plumbing Experts Ensure Optimum Heating System Performance.

At this time of year, colder temperatures mean that homeowners and businesses alike depend on reliable heating. For domestic properties or workplaces with central heating systems, regular maintenance including an annual service helps to prepare for the coming winter cold. – capitalplumbing

Get Help from Drain Cleaners for Slow Draining and Running Toilets. Technological Advances in Plumbing Systems for Houses in Edmonton.

In recent years, plumbing has started to become automated. Sensors and warning lights enable us to keep track of the health of our plumbing system at all times of the day. These features are very useful, however, it is always worthwhile remembering that no matter how advanced your plumbing system is, you will always need to have the number of an Edmonton plumbing company on hand. – capitalplumbing

The Bad Effects of Water Damage and When to Call Plumbing Companies. Most Common Types of Plumbing Issues and How to Spot Them Early On. Why Call in Plumbing Companies in Edmonton to Inspect Your New Home.

Many relocating families or businessmen opt to hire surveyors or tradesmen to conduct a thorough inspection of their new property. They have foundations checked for subsidence, and have the roof timbers, floor joists, and boards checked for woodworm or dry rot. – capitalplumbing

Edmonton Furnace Service: What Does an Annual Furnace Check Include? Edmonton Plumbing Tips: 3 Ways to Fix a Tree Root Plumbing Problem.

In many residential homes, tree roots and drain pipes are often located in close proximity to each other. When the roots detect moisture coming from the pipes, that can be the start of an extensive plumbing problem. Tree roots are constantly in search of moisture, and if left unchecked, they can start to encroach upon pipes, entering through small cracks and poorly sealed joints until eventually, they’ll have filled up and clogged the pipe completely. – capitalplumbing

Edmonton Plumbing Companies Reveal Four Leaky Fridge Quick Fix Tips.

Nobody wants their appliances to break down, especially one that experiences frequent use such as a refrigerator. Unfortunately, time will come when your refridgerator will eventually give you problems. – capitalplumbing

Need Furnace Repair? Learn the Causes of Short Cycling in a Furnace: capitalplumbing.

Furnaces are handy appliances to have in the house, but they can be troublesome when they start malfunctioning. With the different parts that make up the heating system, there is so much that could go wrong without you knowing what the cause is. – capitalplumbing

Plumbing Experts List Down Reasons behind Low... Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd.: Plumbing Companies Share the Best Tips on Keeping Your Drains Clean.

Drains are perhaps the most overlooked part of a home’s plumbing, and homeowners would only think about them when it becomes clogged. Clogged drains are all too common among homes, and it often stems from lack of care and maintenance. – capitalplumbing

Plumbing Tips: Common Signs that It Is Time to Replace Your Furnace.

Your furnace won’t last forever. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the average life of a gas-fired furnace is 18 years. If you’re lucky, your furnace can last up to 25 years. Waiting for it to exhibit signs of deterioration before considering replacement, however, is not a good idea. – capitalplumbing

How to Identify and Quiet Strange Noises Coming from Your Home Furnace.

You’ve probably seen horror movies in which paranormal activities are typically depicted by strange noises coming from the ceiling or basement. In real life, these strange noises may come from a broken furnace, and if neglected, you may soon be dealing with a real horror. – capitalplumbing

Different Types of Leaks that Are Best Entrusted to Edmonton Plumbers. Factors in Determining the Efficiency of a Furnace for Replacement. How You Can Prevent Plumbing Issues While You’re Away on a Holiday. New Technological Advancements Used by Edmonton Plumbing Companies.

Drain blockages are common occurrences caused by the buildup of grease, hair, dirt and debris. – capitalplumbing

Get Free Furnace Service by Installing a New Air Conditioning Unit.

Undoubtedly, with milder temperatures enjoyed by everyone in the past few weeks, homeowners now have little need for their furnace in warming their home. Despite this, however, make sure to check your furnace and have it serviced by a professional before you prepare it for months of inactivity. – capitalplumbing

Edmonton Heating Pros Ask: Does Your Pilot Light Keep Going Out?

The most common problem with ageing Edmonton heating systems is a pilot light that keeps going out. The pilot light is the burning flame you notice on your furnace when it’s on and it is the one that ignites the burner. – capitalplumbing

Does Your Faulty Water Heater Tend to Overheat Your Home’s Hot Water?

Usually, water heater problems become self-evident over time in an Edmonton home. However strange it may sound, the moment your unit malfunctions, the water gets too hot. – capitalplumbing

This is How a Bad Compressor Causes Edmonton Heating Problems.

The compressor is the heart of the heating system, a component that resembles a piston engine. It is responsible for placing the refrigerant under high pressure by compressing it and turning it into a high-pressure gas. When the compressor burns in a heat pump, it threatens the entire operation of the unit. – capitalplumbing

Troubleshooting Tips for Some Common Refrigerator Plumbing Issues. Places in the Home Where You Should Check for Poor Plumbing.

We've all heard, or even experienced, horror stories of a wall that browns from an interior plumbing leak, or a pipe that bursts after years of service. Unfortunately, these problems are very difficult for a homeowner alone to notice ahead of time, but they can at least be repaired. – capitalplumbing

Why Call Edmonton Plumbers to Replace Your Cardboard Sewer Lines. The end of the Second World War was characterised by rapid industrialisation that resulted in the introduction of various exciting plumbing materials.

The end of the Second World War was characterised by rapid industrialisation that resulted in the introduction of various exciting plumbing materials. One such product that Canadian homeowners used were the Orangeburg pipes, which were made of wood pulp that was sealed with hot pitch. – capitalplumbing

Heat Exchanger Failure is Tops among Causes of Furnace Replacement. What Noises from an Edmonton Air Conditioning System are Telling You.

A modern air conditioning unit that is fully functional is relatively quiet. If not completely silent, the sounds you hear from your device are simply normal. So, when you hear unusual noises from your AC, it is best to ask an Edmonton air conditioning expert to check the gadget. – capitalplumbing

HVAC Maintenance Checklist Tips. Advice about Garbage Disposal Units from Plumbers.

Garbage disposal units are a wonderful modern convenience in many Edmonton homes. However, when they get clogged and stop functioning, this can be a nuisance. Not only will you be faced with waste backing up into your sink, but you'll also have a rotting residue in the pipes below, which will need the plumber! – capitalplumbing

Plumbing Tips to Keep Drains and Pipes Clog-Free. The Importance of Drain Cleaning. Protect Homes, Offices from Legionnaires’ Disease.

Air conditioning is an essential feature of modern living, giving us comfort in our homes and workplaces. Not everyone knows, however, just how important it is to keep an air conditioning system regularly maintained by a competent contractor. – capitalplumbing

Tips for Dealing with Pipe Bursts in a Bathroom.

Unexpected pipe bursts in the bathroom aren’t common, but they can sometimes happen when Pipe bursts in the bathroom are pretty normal occurrences, the problem is they have knack for happening when you least expect it. – capitalplumbing

The Basics of Edmonton Air Conditioning.

As of 2014, Edmonton boasted an impressive 877,000 residents. As this region continues to enjoy prosperity, it only stands to reason that bespoke and professional air conditioning services will be required. – capitalplumbing

What to Expect from a Good Plumbing Company.

An excellent plumbing service will always be an asset to any homeowner. After all, plumbing problems can not only be extremely disruptive, but may also lead to health and safety issues in the home. – capitalplumbing

Knowing the Tools in a Plumber’s Arsenal.

The problems that plumbers face are often complicated. More often than not, he’s going to need some specialized tools. – capitalplumbing

Summer: Best Time To Explore Home Heating Options. Good Plumbing Helps Homes in Saving Water. Staying Warm Indoors in the Cold Weather. On Resolving Typical Heating System Problems.

It can get quite cold in Canada, and many turn to their heating systems to keep themselves warm and comfortable during such nippy weather. As vital as furnaces and heaters are, they can experience the occasional hiccup that upsets their performance or prevent them from even working at all. – capitalplumbing

Furnace Care in Summer. Fixing Flooded Bathrooms: Know the Causes.

Flooded bathrooms can cause a lot of water damage. When you see water start to collect on the floor, turn off your water supply at once. The faster the source is found, the faster the problem can be fixed. Here are a few possible explanations on why your bathroom is filling to the brim. – capitalplumbing

New Water Filter Systems Give You Clean Water.

Clean water helps ensure your family’s health and safety. This is something that’s not lost on Edmonton residents, who boast of the cleanest tap water in all of Canada, if not the world. In fact, a University of Alberta study noted that the city’s tap water beats certain brands of bottled water as far as cleanness is concerned. This can be achieved by installing water filters in your plumbing system. – capitalplumbing

Options for Eradicating Roots from Pipes.

A comfortable home in northern or central Alberta is not just about how your space is arranged and decorated to feel cozy and inviting. Much of what makes a home or any structure intact in its integrity of design and function is how things are working internally, that is, the wires behind the walls and the fittings and pipes under the boards and around the foundations. – capitalplumbing

Extreme Climate Defense: Efficient HVAC.

Your local Edmonton plumbers provide an important service to maintain people’s heating and cooling systems to keep them comfortable in the extremes of weather. The Alberta climate covers a wide range of temperatures and, like most of Canada, it can get quite extreme so that homes and commercial buildings are directed to provide efficient HVAC systems against disruptive storms, searing summers, and frigid winters. – capitalplumbing

Off-Season Furnace Check. Some Common Plumbing Issues to Look Out For.

Your home’s plumbing is one of its most vital systems, providing you with water and the means to clean and wash. With daily use, however, your plumbing can wear down and suffer from the occasional problem. – capitalplumbing

Understanding Plumber Jargon. Stop the Flushing of Wipes.

Wet wipes are handy supplies that you can use to clean yourself in any situation. Lately, many have been enticed to use a special kind of wet wipes: the so-called “flushable” wipes, which their manufacturers say can be flushed down the drain after use. – capitalplumbing

Guidelines on Choosing Your Home’s Water Heater.

Water heaters are efficient devices used by almost everyone in their homes for various purposes like cooking, bathing, and cleaning. Thus, careful selection of the most suitable type of water heater for your needs is important not only for its many uses, but also to avoid additional expenditures when repair or replacement becomes necessary. – capitalplumbing

Heating Furnaces: Common Problems and DIY Repairs.

Heating furnaces are household devices primarily used to distribute heat throughout the household—heat which in turn is meant to provide comfort for the residents from the cold weather. – capitalplumbing

Saving Costs in Heating Your Home. Hard Water: The Bane of Plumbing. In Hot Water: Get a Water Heater for Your Home. Three Common Causes of Clogging in Your Toilet. Water Hammers: What You Need to Know About Them. Local Plumbers can Help Refurbish your Shower. Capital Plumbing & Heating Ltd.: Plumbing Depths: Calling Plumbers for Tough Jobs.

Nothing can be more frustrating to a homeowner than malfunctioning plumbing; who would not be vexed by clogs, leaks, and funny smells? Although some plumbing problems can actually be easily solved, there are those problems that require professionals. – capitalplumbing

A Fixed Faucet That Moves.

Faucets have been a boon to the human race as early as Roman times. The invention of plumbing also paved the way for water control methods that allow people to use as much water as they need. – capitalplumbing

Cleaning Drains without Polluting the Environment.

It’s important to keep the drains in your house clean, unclogged, and free from bacteria that cause odor. While you undoubtedly have a wide array of options when it comes to cleaners, many of these drain cleaners aren’t helpful to the environment. – capitalplumbing

Snuffing out the Stink in your Sinks.

Sinks and drains can carry away everything from fallen hair to toxic waste materials, so it’s only logical that if it stays unchecked for extended periods of time, it will simply stink up the place. – capitalplumbing