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Capital Immigration Lawyers

As a seasoned team of immigration attorneys, Capital Immigration Lawyers assists individuals and organizations in Fairfax, VA , and around the globe with their immigration legal needs. Our team is adept at handling a wide array of immigration-related issues, including petitioning for US citizenship, obtaining immigrant and non-immigrant visas and visas for victims of crimes, and providing detention, deportation, and removal defense. We understand that immigration issues can sometimes take months or years to resolve, and it always helps to have someone who is ready to listen to you and to answer any questions you may have along the way. If you want to get legal assistance in your case or want to get in touch with us for any information, click on the given website link. 10505 Judicial Dr #104 Fairfax, VA 22030 (703) 259-8185

Immigration Attorney Natalia Segermeister - Firm Logo. Visas for Victims of Crimes. If you have been or a victim of crime or domestic abuse in the U.S., you may be eligible to apply for a special type of immigration status available to victims.

Visas for Victims of Crimes

Many immigrants fear reporting crimes to the police because they fear they will be asked about their immigration status and removed (deported) from the U.S. by law enforcement authorities. However, this is not the case. In fact, U.S. law provides protections for both legal and undocumented immigrants who have been victims of crimes, to encourage cooperation of victims who might otherwise be reluctant to report or to participate in law enforcement investigations. The two most common types of visas for crime victims are “VAWA petitions” and “U visas.” Both of these immigration benefits were created under the Violence Against Women Act, which was first authorized by Congress in 1994, and was most recently renewed in 2013.

Learn more about how a visa lawyer in DC can help. DC Student Visa Lawyer. While applying for a student visa can often be a tedious and confusing task, a DC student visa lawyer is a helpful resource to assist you in making it through the process as successfully and painlessly as possible.

DC Student Visa Lawyer

By contacting a DC student visa attorney you will be able to learn about the eligibility requirements for the different student visas and which kind of student visa is the best fit for your situation. Additionally, if any problems arise during the application process, an immigration attorney with experience handling these matters can work on your behalf to try to overcome any obstacles to your educational opportunities. Hiring a Student Visa Lawyer If you are attempting to obtain a student visa, a DC student visa lawyer can be of assistance. However, an attorney can also help if something has happened that could jeopardize your immigration status. Types of Student Visas Available There are three types of traditional of student visas which are F visas, M visas, and J visas. Immigration Attorney - Natalia Segermeister. DC Family Immigration Lawyer. It may not seem like it to the thousands of immigrant families who are separated from loved ones for years due to immigration laws, but family unity has traditionally been one of the primary goals of immigration policy in the US It remains the most common way for individuals to apply for immigration benefits, though it often presents applicants with the most procedural roadblocks.

DC Family Immigration Lawyer

A DC family immigration lawyer can work with you to help you understand the process and explain your options. There are two categories of family-based immigrants: “immediate relatives” and relatives who fall under the “family preference system.” The main difference between these two is that immediate relatives do not have to wait in line in order to become eligible for visas. For more on the distinction between these two parties and the various processes involved, consult with an immigration attorney today. What is the Immediate Relative Category? 1. DC Employment Visa Lawyer. Employment-based immigration comes in several forms, namely as non-temporary or temporary visas.

DC Employment Visa Lawyer

Depending on the type of employment opportunity and your qualifications, you may be eligible for different employment immigration options. Contact a DC employment visa lawyer today to learn more about the application process, sponsors, and more. The experienced DC employment visa attorneys at our firm understand the complexities of the visa application process and can help guide you throughout. Call today to schedule your initial consultation and learn more about how they can help you. En Español. Non-temporary Employment-based visas: Every fiscal year (October 1 – September 30), approximately 140,000 non-temporary employment-based immigrant visas are made available to qualified applicants. . (1) First Preference – Priority workers (reserved for extraordinary ability aliens, outstanding researchers, and multinational managers and executives),

Cancellation of Deportation. For non-citizens, having to handle the possibility of removal (deportation) from the United States can be one of the most frightening experiences imaginable.

Cancellation of Deportation

The consequences of removal are generally long-lasting and severe. Removal may include extended or even permanent separation from family, friends, or employment in the US. For many, it may also include returning to a country where the person may face persecution or harm. Unlike criminal court proceedings, where a defendant’s right to counsel is protected by the Sixth Amendment, the government does not provide non-citizens with legal representation at immigration court. This means it is up to you and your family to choose an immigration lawyer who will vigorously advocate on your behalf.

If you have been placed in removal proceedings, it is important to remember that time is of the essence. Defending Myself in Removal Proceedings Every case is different which means that a “one size fits all” approach does not exist.