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How to Handle Fall and Slip Accidents. Aside from clutter and environmental culprits like poor lighting and slippery floors, some other factors why fall and slip accidents happen to elders are: Poor visionPoor postureImpaired balanceIncreased ageMedication side effects As home care in Rockville, Maryland, that cares for seniors – we are aware that we shall help prevent the said elements.

How to Handle Fall and Slip Accidents

But there are times we do not foresee them happening. What shall we do in the case of these accidents? See the list below. Do not move the patient.Carrying or even just changing their position might cause further damages. As much as we like to watch our elderly loved ones round the clock, we are not always available due to other responsibilities. Doctors’ Specializations Elders Need to Visit Frequently. As they age, elders need to visit their doctors regularly.

Doctors’ Specializations Elders Need to Visit Frequently

But what are the specializations of the doctors the elderly should frequently visit? Your home care in Rockville, Maryland, should be able to identify all these. Below are some examples: Geriatric Doctors – they specialize in geriatric or elderly care. They aim to treat and prevent illnesses and diseases in older adults. Aside from these, there are more doctors your elders should frequent depending on their cases.

Why Caregivers Need Your Care Too. Caregiving is more than a job – it is a calling that noert evyone can endure.

Why Caregivers Need Your Care Too

Being a home care professional takes a lot of tests, training, and certifications to be able to qualify. And we know that they have to be patient, understanding, and caring at all times. As a home care in Rockville, Maryland, we have noticed how hard it is to be a care assistant. They have to consider many things and feel all kinds of emotions at work – including sadness and grief. Let us give you a glimpse of why you have to take care of your caregivers, too. Catering Safe Transportation Services for the Elderly. Transportation services are essential for seniors to keep them safe while attending significant matters.

Catering Safe Transportation Services for the Elderly

We acknowledge their need for social independence and overall wellbeing, but as they age, driving can already be challenging and risky. And we don’t want any mishaps to happen. That is the reason why the said service is now in demand from the field of home care in Rockville, Maryland, and nearby locations. There are many situations and events our elders require caregivers for transport. Listed below are some instances: Trip to doctor’s appointments and medical check-upsEmergency room and outpatient surgery transportationAccompaniment in exercise and group activitiesRunning errands like grocery shoppingAnd other door-through-car services As family members, we know how big deal security is for your senior loved ones. Aside from that, we also offer Respite Care in Fairfax, Virginia, and other locations within the state.

The Break That Carers Deserve. As they age, seniors slowly get restricted in doing many things, especially when they already had acquired many illnesses that come from old age.

The Break That Carers Deserve

That’s why they already need accompaniment and assistance, services that we offer in our home care in Rockville, Maryland. There’s a lot of things to consider when you have an elder at home. You have to be mindful of a lot of things like their food, safety, and comfort. Although they must be kept independent, they need help with tasks, such as: Qualities of a Good Respite Care Provider.

It’s quite challenging when you have a job, a business, or a whole family to take care of all at the same time.

Qualities of a Good Respite Care Provider

We understand that it’s not easy to leave everything because you have worries. That’s why when looking for home care in Rockville, Maryland, you should consider their safety, professionalism, and accountability. Many people are looking for home care services that offer Respite Care in Fairfax, Virginia, and they all have the same reason. 6 Smart Ways You Can Prevent Fall Hazards at Home. Did you know that a couple of home improvement projects can make your loved ones safer?

6 Smart Ways You Can Prevent Fall Hazards at Home

And no, you won’t have to spend on costly renovations for it either. Falls are one of the most common dangers seniors face at home daily. It can be caused by: Rickety or unbalanced furniture Unsecured mats, rugs, or carpetsLoose electrical cordsPetsDecorative itemsDim hallwaThe culprits behind fall hazards are endless. If these aren’t given prior attention, it can bring serious injury to loved onesysSlippery floors. Encouraging Your Senior Loved One to Maintain Hygiene. When our senior loved one has poor hygiene issues, their overall well-being is also at risk.

Encouraging Your Senior Loved One to Maintain Hygiene

This inability to groom themselves can be caused by many factors. For seniors, the reasons range from cognitive impairment, depression, to fear (especially of falling inside the bathroom). What You Should and Should Not Do in Emergencies. A lot of families opt to engage the assistance of providers of home care in Rockville, Maryland to keep their loved ones safe and healthy while remaining at home.

What You Should and Should Not Do in Emergencies

While the patients may receive the care they need, there are instances where emergencies may arise. When this happens, are you ready? Do you know what you should and should not do? Take note of the following the dos and don’ts in any emergency. Dos: Do your researchEmergencies can vary in nature. Caring for a Loved One with Epilepsy and Seizures. Seizures can vary in terms of frequency and type.

Caring for a Loved One with Epilepsy and Seizures

At the same time, the kind of care that the patients suffering from seizures need will also vary. As a result, many families with loved ones who suffer from epilepsy take advantage of home care in Rockville, Maryland. Through this, the patients will receive the right type of care that they need. When looking after a loved one with epilepsy, take note of the following tips: Talk to the doctorYour loved one’s doctor is the best person to ask about what they are going through.

What Can Our Caregivers Do for You? Are you on the fence about looking for a home care service provider? This is understandable because it is a big step to invite someone over to watch over you. So before you make your decision, you should know what our caregivers can do for you and how they can benefit your life. When Taking Care of Someone with Dementia… Important Do’s and Don’ts Understanding how to care for someone with dementia can be a learning process for anyone. After all, you are exploring uncharted territory with your loved one. Home Care Assistance MD. Capital Home Care offers Top Quality Home Care Services in Maryland for Seniors, Disabled, Autistic, Patients with limited mobility. Home care often becomes a necessity for people in their old age or for those who have a disability limiting their physical or cognitive ability. Reasons are simple! The prime one being the inability to do the efforts required for completing as basic tasks as walking, changing clothes and even eating.

In the case of people with special needs, including patients with limited mobility, autism, and those suffering from a disability such as seizures, challenges differ and our licensed medical professionals help customize the plan of care based upon individual needs. Capital Home Care. Having a loved one suffering from an Alzheimer’s disease is never easy. It does not only affect that patient’s mental capacity, but also deteriorates their physical and mental health.

To help individuals and families deal with this situation, our caregivers will provide you with efficient and credible care services that suits your loved one’s condition. Nutritional assessment Personal Care Social interaction Mental and emotional activities Home safety A dignified care carried out by our compassionate staff. Companionship and Homemaking. Companionship and Homemaking Capital Home Care Companionship and Homemaking services include the following: Diet PlanningHaving a healthy diet helps you maintain and even better your physical condition. This is also for people who are under a health treatment. Our caregivers will help you get the right kind of nutrition that you need as determined on an ongoing basis by the Registered Nurse or as advised by your Physician. Meal PreparationOur Caregivers can help you prepare a well-balanced meal to ensure that you are properly nourished maintaining your health by taking into importance the prescribed diet.

Collaborative Hospice Care. Veterans Care. In Home Care Giver Services. About Us. CAPITAL HOME CARE has been providing home care services since 2002. The Team behind Capital Home Care comprises of Health Care and Management professionals with decades of combined experience behind them. Together, the Capital Home Care management team leads the support staff, Nurses and Caregivers to serve hundreds of clients throughout the state of Maryland and Virginia. With our extensive network, the patients are taken care of even if a Caregiver calls in sick, or is not available due to some other reason. Using an objective analysis through a state of the art matching system, we are able to match a suitable Caregiver that best fulfills the needs of the care recipient and becomes a good fit in the patient’s home.

We strive to meet and exceed the industry standards. We take pride in consistently exceeding the established standards of homecare industry. 1. Mission Statement: Our Approach: Capital Home Care. The care challenges that come along with an aging or a disabled family member can cause a lot of worries. Some medical conditions are more or less a given beyond a certain age.