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CA Office Liquidators

CA Office Liquidators is California’s leading office liquidator. Our team of professional liquidators has over 25 years’ experience in office furniture liquidation in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside County and Orange County.

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Arranging Furniture In Your Room » Thinking Home Improvement

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CA Office Liquidators - 5 Important Office Liquidation Tips. Are you closing, moving or downsizing your business?

CA Office Liquidators - 5 Important Office Liquidation Tips

Definitely you will think about removing all your pre-owned office furniture. The process of liquidation can be quite overwhelming for you if you do not have proper planning in place. The following 5 tips will help you find buyers for your used office cubicles, desks, chairs and more. Plan and Time Management Many companies make the mistake of not allowing enough time for their furniture to be assessed and removed. Prepare an inventory checklist It is important for you to get a complete inventory count of all the furniture in the space. Don't allow cherry picking It is always appealing to allow office liquidation company cherry pick furniture from the whole lot but there are a few drawbacks too. Choose an experienced office liquidation company Research and check references It is not that easy to get an office liquidator with good knowledge and experience.

Why use an Office Liquidator?! Moving your office is a large responsibility.

Why use an Office Liquidator?!

You might be saving considerable amount of money on the new lease or may simply need to meet the changing space requirements as your business grows. But despite all the reasons, there is much to do and many details to coordinate when planning an office move. And one of the main things to consider is what to do with your used office furniture. You may be moving to a location that is already well-furnished, downsizing, or want to upgrade your furniture. CA Office Liquidators: San Diego Office Furniture Liquidation Tips. Whether your company is relocating, downsizing or closing liquidating your office furniture should be on the forefront of your exit strategy.

CA Office Liquidators: San Diego Office Furniture Liquidation Tips

Often time’s businesses think of furniture liquidation as an afterthought, when it's down to the wire and then it becomes a dire situation. "Most businesses contact us when they find themselves in a desperate situation. They are generally hard pressed for time and want to avoid paying additional rent to their landlord. Though we are equipped to handle those emergency situations, the exit process would have been much smoother and cost-effective had they contacted us at the beginning of their planning process versus the end. " - Mike Rees, President of CA Office Liquidators and a San Diego Liquidation Expert. 5 Tips on how to Exit and Liquidate your Office in San Diego Plan and Prepare.

CA Office Liquidators San Diego