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Julie Henderson

Expert tips on cleaning for all sorts of rooms/situations/items that we've gained and gleaned from over 20 years experience in the cleaning industry. We also hope to post news and information related to the British cleaning industry.

The 5 Hardest To Clean Areas In Your Home (And How To Tackle Them) Image via Flickr – Everybody is no doubt all too familiar with those tricky areas of the home that are just downright difficult to keep clean.

The 5 Hardest To Clean Areas In Your Home (And How To Tackle Them)

Whether it’s a lack of time, a commonly overlooked spot or simply a place that’s awkward to get to, we all have those areas that we regularly put off cleaning. But there are indeed easy ways to go about managing these tough spaces; ones that don’t require expensive cleaning products or the use of harsh chemicals. Not only will they save you time and money, they’ll also reduce the residue often left behind by common cleaners. Top Tips For Removing Vomit From The Carpet. Whether it is something as innocent as a young one who hasn’t been feeling well, or whether it’s something not quite so innocent as the aftermath of a night out, we have all found ourselves on our hands and knees trying to scrub sick off the carpet.

Top Tips For Removing Vomit From The Carpet

It is a huge understatement to say that it’s not an entirely pleasant way to spend your time (and that’s just the smell) but you really don’t have a choice. Left to sit for too long, it could leave a repugnant odor on your carpet for the foreseeable future, or even worse, it could seep through to the floor boards. Then you’ve really got a problem. Many people have their own unique pro-tip to clean up this mess, but this is what has worked for us in the past: The first step is the worst.

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