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Cannabis Legalisation: Where is Medicinal Cannabis Legal in the World? Medicinal cannabis is extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant.

Cannabis Legalisation: Where is Medicinal Cannabis Legal in the World?

Ever since cannabis is found to have medical benefits, it is researched worldwide to explore its potential. Today, it is prescribed to relieve the symptoms of some medical conditions. They are available as a pill, oil, nasal spray, or other cannabis plant extract. Despite the proven medicinal use of cannabis throughout the world, more than a hundred countries still have banned the usage of cannabis. The reason for declaring medicinal cannabis as an illegal product varies from country to country.

Common misconceptions about cannabis Regardless of so many advanced researches, several myths and misconceptions persist regarding cannabis. The legal position of recreational cannabis If you look at the medical cannabis legalisation worldwide, you will find that almost 150 countries have strict rules and prohibition laws. CBD May Enhance the Efficacy of Antibiotics in Fighting Bacteria. There are not many antibiotics that can be used for fighting bacteria.

CBD May Enhance the Efficacy of Antibiotics in Fighting Bacteria

This has made researchers look into the other helper compounds and alternatives that can work well for fighting bacteria. According to recent research conducted by the University of Southern Denmark, the researchers have mentioned CBD as one of the helper compounds. The helper compound cannabinoid cannabidiol found in the cannabis plant is said to be that suspected compound. The researchers combined both CBD and antibiotics. The result was a more powerful effect of antibiotics, which cannot be seen when antibiotics are used alone. But at present, the bacteria have become resistant to some antibiotics. In one of the Austrian studies, it has also been found that some bacteria like Gram-positive can be treated only by using CBD.

CBD has not been declared as an antibiotic yet. Like this: Like Loading... CBD Vs. Anxiety – Can it Help in the Face of a Pandemic? Today, because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, its quite evident that many people are going to suffer from anxiety.

CBD Vs. Anxiety – Can it Help in the Face of a Pandemic?

Anxiety is one of the common mental health problems; it is more likely to spike in this situation. People are dealing with low-confidence or low self-esteem, social anxiety, and other such issues. But few of them are dealing with more severe symptoms of anxiety-like panic attacks. There are different ways to deal with anxiety. Some of the common approaches usually recommended are practicing yoga & meditation, getting involved in hobbies, healthy eating habits, and self-care.

How can CBD help in treating anxiety? There are a few chemicals present in the human body that affect our mood, behavior, and sleep. However, a study is still going on to understand the relationship between Serotonin receptor and CBD. What research or studies suggest CBD for anxiety? When it is about using CBD for anxiety, several types of research do support it.

Like this: Like Loading... CBD Extraction Methods – The Production of Healthy Products. Cannabidiol (CBD) is widely used to produce a vast range of products, including edibles, oils, and creams.

CBD Extraction Methods – The Production of Healthy Products

However, the quality and safety of a CBD product depend on the method by which it is extracted. The CBD is first extracted from the hemp plant, distilled and then isolated to formulate into a final product. CBD extraction methods are relatively simple processes that people have used for centuries for the production of healthy products. For CBD extraction, researchers have discovered safe and productive methods to extract CBD from industrial hemp. Let us discuss the three common ways of CBD extraction. Hydrocarbon Extraction This technique involves using hydrocarbons like propane and butane.

Ethanol Extraction This process initiates with the heating of the hemp plant material to obtain decarboxylation. CO2 Extraction Under this supercritical method, pump forces are used to pressurise carbon dioxide gas into an extractor chamber filled with cannabis/hemp material. Like this: What are the Differences between Hemp and Marijuana? The popularity of the CBD or cannabidiol products is on the rise.

What are the Differences between Hemp and Marijuana?

It is found in large amounts in the hemp plant. CBD differs from THC or Terahydrocannabinols in that, unlike the latter, it is a non-psychoactive substance and will not make a person feel high. You should know the differences between hemp and marijuana to be aware of the origins of CBD and THC and make proper purchase decisions that do not affect your health adversely.

Difference between Hemp and Marijuana To know the difference between the two plants, we have to learn a bit about Cannabis, a flowering plant belonging to the Cannabaceae family. Hemp is used for classifying all the varieties, species, and genus of the cannabis plants that contain THC up to 0.3 % of their total weight (no more than that). Both THC and CBD (cannabidiol) are phytocannabinoids, as they are found in plants only. Marijuana is any variety of cannabis plant that has high amounts of THC content (more than 0.3%). Considering CBD Products: How to Purchase the Right Product. Today, thousands of CBD products are easily accessible to the average consumer.

Considering CBD Products: How to Purchase the Right Product

From edibles to tinctures, the choices are infinite. However, people are sceptical about these products spinning off from the cannabis plant. Their anxiety is obvious because marijuana is a well-known drug, and you should think twice before purchasing anything related to the plant. Here are a few pinpoints to consider when it comes to CBD products. Products with a low THC count.