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As Alberta based Environmental Consultants, Biological Consultants and Geotechnical Consultants, Anderson Environmental Pty Ltd assists private and government clients with a broad range of projects including: Ecology Assessments and Biology Biophysical Assessments, Environmental Compliance and Planning.

Anderson Environmental. Anderson Environmental. Anderson Environmental provides tailored solutions for businesses, municipalities, and both public and private organizations.

Anderson Environmental

Please see the list below of the markets that utilize our suite of environmental assessment services. ConstructionReal EstateGovernmentEnergyTransportationForestryMiningNon-Profit Our team is equipped to address the needs of each business sector listed above. It is our job to be familiar with the various regulations and challenged when undertaking new project. Contact us today so we can better assist you. Wetland Assessments – Anderson Environmental. Habitat and Ecosystem Restoration – Anderson Environmental. Wildfire Protection & Planning – Anderson Environmental. Habitat Offset and Compensation Planning – Anderson Environmental. With many projects, impacts on actual or potential habitat for listed species is unavoidable.

Habitat Offset and Compensation Planning – Anderson Environmental

As part of this process it is important to undertake detailed assessments of the baseline quality and extent of such habitats and quantify the area of impact. This is often undertaken as part of our Biophysical Impact Assessments in relation to ecological inventories and biological assessment surveys of development sites. Surveys and assessment of habitat for sensitive and listed species and their habitats provides the data required to determine the impacts and required offsets for the protection of sensitive species habitat thus forming the basis of Compensation Planning for your project. A pro-active approach in the early stages of project planning leads to better outcomes for your project and the environment through a more considered approach leading to faster approvals. Soils Assessments and Erosion Control – Anderson Environmental. Soil assessments may be conducted for a variety of reasons, depending on the nature of your property and its current and future use.

Soils Assessments and Erosion Control – Anderson Environmental

Soil is a complex aspect of any local environment and thus requires careful attention and scrutiny. We test soils for a variety of purposes for agriculture and development and land capability assessments. We also provide detailed erosion control measures to accompany developments. In general, our soil assessment services test for the following. Acid sulphate, salinity levels, Arsenic etc.Presence of nutrients for plant growth or contaminants in the soil.Suitability for various uses, such as agriculture, construction, and landscaping including Agricultural Land Capability Assessments.Erosion risks and potential for hazards due to waterways and weathering.

We also provide erosion control services, taking measures to control and reduce the effects of erosion. Environmental Impact Statements – Anderson Environmental. Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment – Anderson Environmental. Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment – Anderson Environmental. Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments are undertaken in accordance with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) document “Z768-01 (2012) Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment – Anderson Environmental

We are Certified Environmental Site Assessors (Phase 1 and Phase 2) – Associated Environmental Site Assessors of Canada (AESAC National Certification Programme). We provide Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment services to: Commercial, Industrial, Real Estate, Agriculture, Mining, and the Upstream Oil and Gas industries throughout Alberta. The role of an Environmental Site Assessment is to assist in reducing uncertainty about potential environmental liabilities and in making informed decisions about property transactions.

Due diligence reports are also undertaken for a range of clients to provide a baseline of conditions before a development occurs. In commercial real estate transactions, many lenders require a detailed Phase 1 ESA before a loan can be approved. Environmental Compliance and Planning – Anderson Environmental. In Canada, multiple agencies regulate projects that pose risks within the environment and regulate the types of assessments required.

Environmental Compliance and Planning – Anderson Environmental

Because of this, it can be hard to maintain and comply with regulations. We assist our clients by meeting the regulatory compliance aspects of their projects. Anderson Environmental is looking to safeguard both our clients’ needs and the safety of the environment by improving the success of your project while helping to avoid project delays. We implement all-inclusive environmental services, such as the following Filing for permits in accordance with local, provincial and federal regulationsIdentifying any applicable exemptions to regulationsConducting objective compliance auditsEnvironmental impact monitoring for complianceBaseline surveys before projects commenceProject compliance management to meet project approval conditions Trust Anderson Environmental’s experienced team to help make sure your projects stay within all regulations in your area.

Ecology and Biophysical Impact Assessments – Anderson Environmental. Anderson Environmental provides Ecological Impact Assessments, Biological Impact Assessments and Biophysical Impact Assessments for a variety of projects such as pipelines, railroads, wind farms, mining, urban development, wetlands, and any other project likely to impact Biological Resources.

Ecology and Biophysical Impact Assessments – Anderson Environmental

Every project has the potential to impact the environment, and we are here to determine the best solution. This incorporates the required permitting for the activity. We assist our clients with the following services: Every project is different. The methods above are applicable to most projects but not to all, and in some cases, we will take further steps to complete a comprehensive impact report. Anderson Environmental. Skip to main content Environmental Consultants that are..

Anderson Environmental

Dedicated Professional Experienced Free Consulation Contact Us For A Free Quote * = required. Anderson Environmental. Anderson Environmental – Proudly Serving All of Alberta As Environmental Consultants located in Calgary Alberta, Anderson Environmental provides Environmental Consulting, Biological Consulting and Geotechnical Consulting services in Western Canada.

Anderson Environmental

We service the areas of Calgary, Lethbridge (down to the US Border) including Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, High Level, Fort McMurray and cover the whole of Alberta. Services include: Environmental-Biological-Geotechnical Consultants Alberta.