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PANCE PANCE To become a certified PA, you must pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE), a computer-based, multiple-choice test comprising questions that assess basic medical and surgical knowledge. Check out the following engaging video on PANCE! It has a wealth of information to prepare you for taking the initial exam, including how to register, what to expect on test day and when you will receive your score.
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Curriculum - Physician Assistant Department Curriculum - Physician Assistant Department Department of Physician Assistant The Physician Assistant Program provides you with the “basic training” necessary to become a physician assistant health care professional practitioner. Overview: The intensive curriculum consists of 117 quarter credit hours of professionally related coursework over a continuous, 27-month period (the part-time option requires an additional calendar year). Students gain an understanding of both the health care system within which they will work and the functions appropriate to the role of the physician assistant.
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Arguably one of the most important components of your application will be your minimum three letters of recommendation. These letters of recommendation should be from people, preferably in the medical field who have worked directly with you during your patient contact hours. If you choose to select one of your professors from your undergraduate studies, that may also be acceptable, but no more than one. Ideally you should contact the programs you are interested in to confirm what are considered proper and acceptable references. These letters should come from people that are respected and admired in their field that have clear knowledge of your intentions and qualifications. Letter Of Recommendation Letter Of Recommendation
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