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Jewelry Ideas

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Five Minute Leather Bracelet. Good morning! Well, I sure am short on craft time in these early newborn days, since my free time is a choice between taking a nap or getting my supplies out. ;) So a fast and easy jewelry project is a perfect way to get my craft fix (and still have time to start that load of laundry). I made up this simple leather bracelet, and I wanted to share!

A beautiful DIY jewelry project doesn’t have to be complicated, after all. I got my supplies for today’s project from Goody Beads. Find the center of your leather loop, and double it up. If you are using an accent bead, slide it onto the two cords. Glue the ends into the base of the clasp and allow it to dry. And that is it! You know I LOVE quick projects like these, so be on the lookout for more 10-minute-or-less projects in the coming weeks (all right, when I have time – hauling out the supplies for a project like this – and writing it up to share with you – takes so much longer than the project itself!)