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Description système solaire et Univers

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The Atmospheres of the Solar System. Click to enlarge We’re heading out of this world for today’s post, to examine the atmospheric compositions of the other planets in the solar system, as well as our own. Practically every other planet in our solar system can be considered to have an atmosphere, apart from perhaps the extremely thin, transient atmosphere of Mercury, with the compositions varying from planet to planet. Different conditions on different planets can also give rise to particular effects.

Mercury Mercury doesn’t really have an atmosphere in the strictest sense of the word – its incredibly thin atmosphere is estimated to be over a trillion times thinner than Earth’s. Its gravity is about 38% that of Earth, so it isn’t capable of retaining much of an atmosphere, and in addition, its proximity to the sun means that the solar wind can carry gases away from the surface. Venus Venus is similar to Earth in several respects: its density, size, mass, and volume are all comparable. Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune.

Scale of the Universe – Putting the universe into perspective.