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Développement durable. Hospitality News. Economie touristique. Réception. Housekeeping. Managing tools. HR - Performance Appraisal. HR - Recruitment. Employee Engagement Equals Profitability , by Ken Edwards. Mr.

Employee Engagement Equals Profitability , by Ken Edwards

Edwards Human Resources, Recruitment & Training By Ken Edwards, Owner and CEO, HMBookstore and Tristar Hotel Group Hiring and retaining great talent is by far one of the most challenging aspects facing businesses today. Hotel owners or operators know all too well that employee turnover in hospitality is high - and it can cost your property 100-200% of an employee's total compensation. Employee engagement is the practice of influencing employees to be fully involved in performing their job and contributing to business success.

Tips for Creating a Win-Win Corporate Environment For any employee engagement movement to make traction within your hotel property, everyone from the top of the management chain and throughout the organization must recognize value of engagement. Key conditions for creating engagement include capability, the big picture, and employee motivation. Capability - Employees bring a myriad of skills when they begin working for a new organization. Ways to Inspire Employees. Retaining and Motivating Millennials as Future Leaders of Our Business, by Joy Rothschild. Ms.

Retaining and Motivating Millennials as Future Leaders of Our Business, by Joy Rothschild

Rothschild Human Resources, Recruitment & Training By Joy Rothschild, Chief Human Resources Officer, Omni Hotels and Resorts High potential talent retention is the thing that keeps me up at night. And nowhere is this a greater challenge than with millennials. Millennials are quickly becoming the foundation of successful companies today surpassing Gen Xers as the largest generation in the U.S. Millennials have very different expectations of their workplace in comparison to other generations.

Millennials on my team say they want freedom and responsibility, hands off management, rapid career growth and work/life balance. So how do we satisfy them in an industry that operates around the clock? Hire for Attitude and Train for Skills, by Arte Nathan. Mr.

Hire for Attitude and Train for Skills, by Arte Nathan

Nathan Human Resources, Recruitment & Training By Arte Nathan, Human Resources Consultant, Self I spent more than 30 years practicing Human Resources, most of it as Chief Human Resources Officer for Golden Nugget and its successor companies, Mirage Resorts and Wynn Resorts. I still get asked what it was like to hire, train and manage the more than 125,000 people I hired at places like the Mirage, Bellagio, Wynn Las Vegas and Wynn Macau. The question I'm always asked is "How did I teach our employees to smile? " First: Hire for Attitude Every company should define one or two immutable characteristics they want applicants to already have - something within that can't be taught.

The next challenge was to find a simple and quick "test" whose answer couldn't be faked. In all service jobs, employees spend the majority of their time responding and reacting to things said, done and requested unexpectedly by people they don't know. Social Responsibility is More Than Just Being Green, by Mark Johnson. Mr.

Social Responsibility is More Than Just Being Green, by Mark Johnson

Johnson Eco-Friendly Practices By Mark Johnson, President, Loyalty 360 - The Loyalty Marketer’s Association Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly becoming an integral part of brands' business strategies. Typically, when we think of socially responsible hotels examples of environmental stewardship come to mind. Guests have come to expect hotels to be environmentally-friendly - be it through water conservation efforts, recycling programs, energy saving initiatives and beyond. CSR efforts affect consumer purchase decisions The way brands approach corporate social responsibility has evolved from philanthropy to a true integration into business practices. The 2008 Cone/Duke University Behavioral Cause Study, released by Cone and Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, validates for the first time that cause-related marketing can significantly drive actual consumer choice. A poll of its readers by CondeNast Traveler echoed these findings.

The Key to Hospitality Success: Your Seasonal Workers, by Megan Schuyler. Ms.

The Key to Hospitality Success: Your Seasonal Workers, by Megan Schuyler

HR - Training

Marketing. Clientèle. Hotel Brand Strategy. 2017 Top Ten Digital Technology & Marketing Trends. January, 4 2017 - To help you navigate what is forecasted to be a challenging year in our industry, we present 'The Smart Hotelier’s Top Ten Digital Marketing Resolutions' for the seventeenth year in a row.

2017 Top Ten Digital Technology & Marketing Trends

Reflecting on 2016 and successful hotel digital marketing campaigns that impacted the industry, there was an obvious and substantial emphasis on ‘Book Direct’ strategies. Hoteliers have been testing out multiple strategies to increase bookings on their own websites, from loyalty member-only rates, special incentives, unique packages found only on the hotel website, and more. Why? With distribution costs rising steadily over the last five years due to OTAs increasing market share over 40% (vs. hotel direct bookings), hoteliers are starting to understand this is not a sustainable business model.

In 2017, lowering distribution costs (the only cost driver hotels have control over), will be the only way to improve top line revenue and the bottom line. 1. Situation: Action Plan: 2. 3. 4. 5. Yield manager, un métier qui recrute dans l’hôtellerie. L’objectif du yield manager ?

Yield manager, un métier qui recrute dans l’hôtellerie

Vendre une chambre d'hôtel au bon prix, au bon moment et au bon client pour faire gagner un maximum d’argent à l’hôtel pour lequel il travaille. Avoir du flair et un œil partout "Pour exercer le métier de yield manager, il faut à la fois être un pro des chiffres et des tableaux, mais aussi être doté d’une grande curiosité et d'un excellent esprit d'analyse", prévient Adlène Djekiref, directeur du revenue management pour le groupe Home Plazza Hotels et cofondateur du LRMC, club de revenues manager de l'hôtellerie parisienne. "Le métier consiste à définir et à adapter les tarifs de l'hôtel en fonction d'une multitude de paramètres : dates du séjour (vacances scolaires ou cœur de semaine), type de clientèle ou taux de change", poursuit-il.

"Cela demande de se tenir au courant de tous les événements à venir dans la ville : Fashion week, Salon de l’auto, Euro 2016… et garder un œil sur tout ce qui peut avoir une influence sur les réservations.