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Writing as a Radical Act: Three Questions for Hannah Giorgis ’13. Hannah Giorgis ’13 is a writer, activist, and special projects editor for The Ringer.

Writing as a Radical Act: Three Questions for Hannah Giorgis ’13

Her work has been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Guardian, as well as online at BuzzFeed, The Toast, and Jezebel. She’s been lauded for her “witty yet unapologetic commentary on race relations in the U.S.,” as well as her ability inspire her readers to tackle and understand difficult issues. While at Dartmouth, she majored in English, modified with African and African American Studies (AAAS). She lives in New York. Visit Giorgis’ website to learn more about her and read some of her work. How did Dartmouth help you become a writer? I'd always loved reading and writing, but AAAS classes like Professor Soyica Colbert's courses on black literature or Professor George Trumbull's Africa and the World challenged me to elevate both the content and style of my writing. My writing process definitely changes based on subject matter, timing, mood, weather–you name it. Full Service Integrated Advertising Agency. You probably know a little bit about Wieden+Kennedy.

Full Service Integrated Advertising Agency

At least we’re assuming you do, because, well, you’re on our website. So you probably know we’re the largest independent agency in the world, with offices in Portland, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo, London, Delhi, São Paulo and Shanghai, and that we work with clients like Coke, Nike, Facebook, Old Spice and Chrysler. What you probably don’t know much about is our internship program. You might not even know if you want to be an intern. After all, you’ve already graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in—if not specifically communications—something relevant to advertising. What you really want is a job here.

Good, because that’s essentially what an internship at Wieden+Kennedy is—a job that may or may not end in three months. If accepted, you’ll get $12 an hour plus overtime for any hours worked over 40 hours a week, plus free housing (Portland only). In exchange, we expect you to be good at what you want to do. Portland. Wieden and kennedy. YoYo Games. How to Become a Video Game Script Writer. How to Become a Video Game Script Writer Have you ever had a great idea for a game along with a killer story to back it up?

How to Become a Video Game Script Writer

Do you enjoy writing and using your imagination? Do you love video games? If so, becoming a video game script writer might just be a perfect fit for you and your future. Below, we look at how to become a video game script writer. What does a video game script writer do? A video game script writer has the job of not just creating a story for a game, but explaining the environments, characters, details of different scenes, music, sound, event triggers and possible actions. Because the video game player has choices to make, you will need to create flow charts that show the possibilities and variables that the player can face and choose based on their actions. What qualities do I need for script writing? I think it goes without saying that you will have to love writing to be an effective video game script writer.

You should also be creative. Get some training In Summary. Developer Advice. YoYo Games. Stencylpedia - Crash Courses. A Brief Introduction to Stencyl Introduces you to the various parts of the Stencyl workflow.

Stencylpedia - Crash Courses

Takes 30 minutes. Step 1: Create a New Game Get started with Stencyl.View Step 2: Gather Resources Work with Actors, Tilesets, Sounds and Behaviors.View Step 3: Customize Actors Attach behaviors to the player actor.View Step 4: Create a Scene Build a level for your game.View Step 5: Test your Game Run your game in Flash Player.View Create a game from scratch In this course, you'll create a "Space Invaders" like game from scratch. The Beginning Introduction A summary of what you'll learn.View Step 1: Create a Game Get started.View Step 2: Create Actors Learn about Animations and Physics.View Step 3: Actor Collisions Create a Collision Group.View Step 4: More Actors Create a few more actors.View Build the Game Out Step 5: Import Sounds Learn about Sound Effects vs.

Step 6: Create a Scene Build out a scene and test your game.View Step 7: Add Background Music Learn about Events too! Add Logic Step 8: Make the Ship Move.