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Aimless Travels follows the adventures of Shelby and David as they visit the many beautiful places around the world. Come start the Journey with us!

15 Pictures From Garden Of the Gods That Will Make You Fall In Love - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. These pictures of Garden Of the Gods will be sure to make your mouth drop. Garden Of the Gods is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is about an hour south from the Denver airport. The beautiful formations you’d see at the park are ancient sedimentary rocks made of deep-red, pink, and white sandstones, conglomerates, and limestone that were deposited horizontally, but are now tilted vertically due to uplifting.

The rocks were once an ancient sea, eroded remains of an old mountain range, sandy beaches, and great sand dune fields. How did Garden Of the Gods get it’s name? Garden Of the Gods was actually named after a beer garden in 1859, after Beach and Rufus Cable stumbled across the rock formations. They had proclaimed that the park was a place for the Gods to assemble and drink beer. How much does it cost to visit Garden Of the Gods? The park is FREE and will remain that way! The Ute Tribe The Ute tribe of Native Americans used to camp in the Garden Of the Gods. The Kissing Camels. 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Baltimore National Aquarium - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide.

Baltimore, Maryland is a fantastic city filled with great restaurants, hotels, and easily accessible transportation. What’s even more great is Baltimore’s National Aquarium that offers it’s visitors a great experience with its beautiful design and educational exhibits. We decided to take a trip to Baltimore, Maryland to celebrate my birthday and Valentine’s Day. We are beginning to get into the habit that, for every year around this time, we try to visit a new aquarium around the country. Since the Baltimore National Aquarium was only about two and half hours away from us in New Jersey, we thought it’d be the perfect destination for our mini vacation!

1. Baltimore has so many beautiful hotels for you to choose from, even if you’re on a tight budget. Quick Tip: If you sign up for the Kimpton Karma/IHG Rewards Club, they’ll give you a discount on your booking. Memorable Moments: Have you ever dreamed what it would be like to have a giant adult bubble bath? 2. 3. Quick Tip: 4. 5. 6. 7. Fun Vacation Ideas in Salt Lake City, Utah - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide.

Have you and your friends been looking for a great spot to go on vacation with a group of friends? Salt Lake City, Utah may just be the perfect destination for you, that you may have never thought about. Back during August of 2014, David and a few of his friends decided to take a road trip across the country after they graduated college. We had just met a couple months before he left for his trip. We talked throughout the month he was away, and he threw out the idea that my friend (who was dating his friend that was also on that same trip) and I should fly out to Utah to meet up with them.

Wakeboarding Utah was a beautiful state, especially during the summer. If you’ve never tried wakeboarding or wake surfing before, I highly suggest it! Quick Note: The guys we went with had brought their own wakeboards, so my friend and I were able to ride those. Memorable Moments We have a tendency to get injured when we’re around each other. Hiking If you’re a big hiker, you’ll love Utah. Snowbird. 4 Things You Need To Know When Backpacking Near NJ - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide.

Growing up in New Jersey really limits many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, specifically camping and backpacking. Of course, there are a lot of campsites around the tristate area that you can pay a small fee to rent out, but they are usually right next to other campsites (and people). While that is nice, do any of you prefer the style of camping that allows you to really live off of nothing and just appreciate the outdoors? I sure do! Many people assume backpacking around New Jersey is impossible. Unlike out west, many areas around here forbid backpacking, camping, and open fires unless it’s at an official campsite.

During the summer of 2017, we did some research to look into areas that allowed backpacking. Tom Jones Shelter area: Both offered different hikes. Bald Rocks Shelter area: The trip we took in November was a much longer hike than either of us had anticipated. If you’re planning on going in the fall, especially late fall, plan for cold weather! #1: Water #7: Paper towels. Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide -