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Cahier pédagogique 1/3 : En BD, tous les chemins pédagogiques mènent à Rome. De la légende de la fondation de la cité sur la Palatin à la fin de l’Empire romain d’Occident en 476, l’histoire de Rome est plusieurs fois inscrite au programme d’histoire des classes du secondaire.

Cahier pédagogique 1/3 : En BD, tous les chemins pédagogiques mènent à Rome

Les élèves de sixième s’intéresseront ainsi à Romulus, à la romanisation des provinces et aux conquêtes jusqu’à la fin de la république. En classe de seconde, on demande aux lycéens de s’interroger sur l’invention de la citoyenneté dans le monde antique. Après avoir étudié le « métier » de citoyen à Athènes au temps de Périclès, c’est être citoyen au temps de l’empire qui doit leur poser question. En effet, les historiens ont mis en évidence que la pérennité de l’empire tient pour beaucoup à l’octroi de la citoyenneté romaine aux peuples conquis, ce qui constitue un cas unique dans l’Antiquité, voire dans l’histoire.

En classe de sixième, des pistes pour étudier : « Des origines à la fin de la République : fondation, organisation politique, conquête » en bande dessinée. 186364e. Arctic nations square up as clamour for resources grows. Kristian Jensen, Denmark’s foreign minister, gave a precise response last week to a request by Russia for the nations to enter bilateral talks over the ownership of the north pole.

Arctic nations square up as clamour for resources grows

He flatly rejected the move. “We need to apply the international rules,” he told reporters. The Russian request and the swift Danish response are intriguing. The United Nations is currently assessing Russian, Danish and Canadian claims to own sizeable chunks of the Arctic seabed. The Russian move was generally viewed as an attempt to strike a deal that would cut out Canada, while Denmark appears to believe its case is strong enough to exclude such manoeuvres.

One thing is clear. Edd 18 en. Exemple sequence Seconde The Bayeux Tapestry. DNL en anglais. EJ immigrant 0208fr. In Alaska, Climate Change Threatens to Sweep Away the Village of Newtok. NEWTOK, Alaska—Two decades ago, the people of this tiny village came to terms with what had become increasingly obvious: They could no longer fight back the rising waters.

In Alaska, Climate Change Threatens to Sweep Away the Village of Newtok

Their homes perched on a low-lying, treeless tuft of land between two rivers on Alaska’s west coast, residents saw the water creeping closer every year, gobbling up fields where they used to pick berries and hunt moose. Paul and Teresa Charles watched from their blue home on stilts on Newtok’s southern side as the Ninglick River inched closer and closer, bringing with it the salt waters of the Bering Sea. “Sometimes, we lose 100 feet a year,” Paul Charles told me, over a bowl of moose soup.

Many communities across the world are trying to stay put as the climate changes, installing expensive levees and dikes and pumps, but not Newtok, a settlement of about 350 members of the Yupik people. Newtok is eroding in part because it sits on permafrost, a once-permanently frozen sublayer of soil found in Arctic region. Sans titre. Skip to main content Irish Immigrant Letters Home Printer-friendly version Home › Education › Unit Plans › Irish Immigration › Irish Immigrant Letters Home.

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English civil war. H_i_migration_america_sde_eleve.pdf.

Sustainable development

Cities. 2/ History : European immigration to the USA - Histoire et géographie en anglais (DNL)Lycée Auguste Renoir - Asnières-sur-Seine (92) L'enjeu énergétique mis en débat en anglais. Chartres & Williams. Babel sequence commune dnl lve. Cahiers d'histoire géo. In the 18th century, the United States was still a set of 13 colonies on which Britain exercised its authority.

Cahiers d'histoire géo

At the end of a long war of independence, the thirteen colonies federated and adopted a Constitution that has long been held to be a model. How dic the colonists conquer their freedom? Why does the constitution of the Republic become a model? I. 1st the revolts Around 1750, the English territories of America were located along the Atlantic coast, from Canada to Florida. Certain measures adopted by the English government were rejected by the settlers: they did not have the right to expand on the Western Territories, reserved for Indians;they were not represented in Parliament even though they paid taxes;they opposed heavy taxes imposed by London on some products, as the establishment of monopolies (the Americans were forced to buy their tea to the English East India Company).

December 16, 1773, in Boston, Americans did throw to the sea cargo of tea of three English ships. About Global Cities : London. Opening documents : 1) Saskia Sassen, About Global Cities 2) The World According to GaWC.

About Global Cities : London

Game of Thrones: a historical reading. Pictures of the Revolutionary War. National Archives and Records Administration Washington, DC 20408 Cover Photograph: Bunker Hill.

Pictures of the Revolutionary War

Cropped from item 15. 148-GW-448. How to Order The selected pictures listed below are among the audiovisual holdings of the National Archives that relate to the American Revolution. They are photographic copies of works of art. At the end of this leaflet, there are instructions for ordering complete sets of slides for all photographs listed in the Select Audiovisual Records leaflets. Charlotte A.