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Sunrun, Associa partner to offer solar to homeowners' associations nationwide: pv-magazine. 26.

Sunrun, Associa partner to offer solar to homeowners' associations nationwide: pv-magazine

March 2015 | | By: Sunrun World's largest HOA management firm enters into first nationwide partnership with leading home solar company Sunrun, the largest dedicated residential solar company in the United States, today announced a partnership with Associa, the world’s largest community association management firm, which serves more than two million households. This is Associa’s first relationship with a solar provider as it seeks to make renewable energy accessible and affordable to its nationwide network of condos and master planned communities. “By partnering with Associa, we continue to expand our simple and customized solar service to new types of homeowners and communities across the country,” says Sunrun Direct Senior Vice President Bill Schuh. Associa will offer its homeowners, communities and employees Sunrun solar as part of its preferred vendor program, Associa Advantage. Mainstream Renewable Power lance une plateforme d'énergie renouvelable d'une valeur de 1,9 milliard de dollars - DUBLIN, February 18, 2015 /PRNewswire.

Pavegen. M-Kopa Solar a franchi le cap des 20 000 ménages électrifiés en Ouganda. Afrique du Sud : des communautés rurales alimentées en énergie grâce à la marche. (Agence Ecofin) - Samsung et Pavegen fournissent de l’énergie à des communautés démunies de l’Afrique du Sud grâce aux pas des visiteurs d’un mall.

Afrique du Sud : des communautés rurales alimentées en énergie grâce à la marche

Entrant dans le cadre de la campagne "What If I Can" lancée par Samsung, cette initiative permet de générer de l’énergie électrique à partir de l’énergie cinétique produite par les pas des visiteurs du Sandton City shoping mall. L’allée centrale du mall est foulée en moyenne par un million de personnes chaque mois. L’énergie produite est utilisée pour fournir des communautés défavorisées en Afrique du Sud en éclairage, en chauffage et en aménagement de base. Cette campagne menée par Samsung vise à prouver que la plus petite action peut avoir un impact positif sur le quotidien de certaines personnes. Namaste Solar Opens New York Office.

Australia's first redeployable large-scale hybrid PV plant up and running in one week: pv-magazine. 24.

Australia's first redeployable large-scale hybrid PV plant up and running in one week: pv-magazine

March 2015 | Applications & Installations, Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends | By: Edgar Meza Construction group Laing O'Rourke has erected the first large-scale solar-diesel hybrid power plant in regional Queensland. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency describes the plant as a "versatile alternative to diesel powered generators. " The 1 MW hybrid plant includes 144 kWp of solar PV and is supplying power to an accommodation village for a large construction project in Queensland, Australia.

SPI signs joint venture for 50 MW of floating PV projects: pv-magazine. 19.

SPI signs joint venture for 50 MW of floating PV projects: pv-magazine

March 2015 | Applications & Installations, Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends | By: Ian Clover The Chinese PV developer will partner with Aqua Clean Energy on the co-development of floating PV projects in four U.S. states as well as Mexico. The JV will manage the creation of 50 MW of floating PV projects in the U.S. and Mexico. Infratech Solar Power, Inc. Both companies will co-develop the projects as part of the JV holding company, Aqua Clean Energy Fund, LLC, and are working on identifying a 50 MW pipeline in the U.S. states of California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, as well as further projects in Mexico.

SPI and ACE will implement an innovative floating solar platform for the projects, enabling the installation of PV panels on large bodies of water such as quarry lakes, reservoirs, irrigation canals and remediation and tailing ponds. Sunnova introduces 'zero down' residential solar: pv-magazine. 18.

Sunnova introduces 'zero down' residential solar: pv-magazine

March 2015 | Financial & Legal Affairs, Market & Trends | By: Jonathan Gifford U.S. solar company Sunnova has introduced a solar-as-service product into the market, called the EZ Own. The product will operate much like a lease, with regular kilowatt-hour payments over 25 years, coupled with Sunnova's O&M and monitoring package. The Sunnova EZ Own product allows residential customers to own a PV system, while it takes care of the O&M through its local installer network. Dominion Virginia Power to install Virginia's largest solar installation to date at Philip Morris USA: pv-magazine. 18.

Dominion Virginia Power to install Virginia's largest solar installation to date at Philip Morris USA: pv-magazine

March 2015 | | By: Dominion Nearly 8,000 solar panels being installed at Philip Morris' Park 500 facility in Chester, Va. Strategic location provides co-educational opportunity to demonstrate industrial environmental sustainability . Installations already completed at various commercial and educational institutions Philip Morris USA (PM USA), an Altria company, is the latest company to partner with Dominion Virginia Power under the Solar Partnership Program by hosting what will become the largest solar installation in Virginia to date. Dominion is currently installing about 8,000 ground-mounted solar panels at the PM USA Park 500 facility on Bermuda Hundred Road in Chesterfield County. "At Dominion, we are constantly looking for the best way to produce energy safely, efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner," said Ken Barker, vice president of Technical Solutions. Clean Energy Collective And Morgan Stanley To Jointly Develop Community Solar Projects In Massachusetts.

Colorado-based Clean Energy Collective (CEC) and MS Solar Solutions Corp.

Clean Energy Collective And Morgan Stanley To Jointly Develop Community Solar Projects In Massachusetts

(MSSS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley, have signed an agreement to develop community solar projects in Massachusetts. The jointly owned entity created through this relationship plans to install dozens of projects over the next 18 months, totaling more than 50 MW of capacity. "Massachusetts is huge," says Tim Braun, a spokesperson for CEC, adding that the legislative and regulatory environment in the state induce the utilities to offer community solar options for ratepayers. Over and above the mandates, Braun says the structure of the commonwealth's solar renewable energy certificate (SREC) - currently formulated as SREC II - has taken many larger managed distribution projects off the table. "The managed distribution segment of the SREC II program is completely spoken for, so really the only way to develop projects larger than 25 kW is to go through community solar," he says. U.S. Solar Developers Dominate Global Top 10.

U.S. companies occupy four of the top five places for developing utility-scale solar projects, according to a new analysis from Wiki-Solar.

U.S. Solar Developers Dominate Global Top 10

In 2013 - which was the last time the nonprofit solar research group published a top 10 list - First Solar was the only U.S. participant, although it topped the list by a wide margin. Now seven of the top-ten utility-scale developers are based in the U.S. "It is no surprise that U.S. companies are reaping the rewards of high growth in their home market," says Philip Wolfe, founder of Wiki-Solar. "But the list also shows that Germany, with three in the top 15, is retaining some 'early-mover advantage.'" Des écolières nigérianes se font souffler leur invention de production d’électricité à base d’urine. Smart Villages launches Energy Innovation Challenge: pv-magazine.


Smart Villages launches Energy Innovation Challenge: pv-magazine

March 2015 | Special Offgrid, Off-grid | By: Peter Carvill Off-grid initiative launches competition for solar entrepreneurs. The Energy Innovation Challenge is calling for off-grid entrepreneurs Wikimedia/Koyos. SolarCity launches global microgrid service: pv-magazine. 16.

SolarCity launches global microgrid service: pv-magazine

March 2015 | Applications & Installations, Storage & smart grids, Market & Trends | By: Jonathan Gifford U.S. Jordan launches plan to install solar on 6,000 mosques: pv-magazine. 16. March 2015 | Applications & Installations, Global PV markets, Markets & Trends | By: Edgar Meza The Jordanian government introduced net-metering regulations in 2012 that allow PV owners to sell solar power at a rate of nearly $0.18 per kilowatt hour. The country's mosques are expected to see huge savings and even solar revenues from the project. Ghana : de l’énergie produite par des élèves jouant au tourniquet lors des récréations. Home. La Tanzanie électrifie ses villages grâce à l’énergie solaire. What is the difference between an ESCO and an EPC? – Leonardo Energy - Knowledge Base.

Answer by Alejandro Morell (Creara) Concept of ESCO and EPC ESCO is a firm that provides solutions for achieving energy cost reductions, and whose overall compensation can be linked (in part or in full) to the performance of the implemented solutions. In that context, an ESCO can handle projects, mobilize financial resources (not necessary its own equity), offer turn-key services (either on its own or through collaborating with other market player) and assume performance risks. “Energy Performance Contracting”, EPC, means a contractual arrangement between the beneficiary and the provider of an energy efficiency improvement measure, verified and monitored during the whole term of the contract, where investment in that measure are paid for in relation to a contractually agreed level of energy efficiency improvement or other agreed energy performance criteria, such as financial savings.

Which are the advantages of an ESCO project? California Solar Developer Sees Drones As Labor-Saving Devices. CalCom Solar, a Visalia, Calif. -based engineering, procurement and construction firm for solar photovoltaic installations, is testing the waters of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and, in the process, seeing a slew of future applications. Nic Stover, the company's CEO, is no stranger to the technology: The final project of his Master's degree program last year involved the applications of UAVs in agriculture, where there is a "tremendous need" for unmanned aircraft. CalCom Solar, which specializes in developing solar projects on agricultural land, is in a nascent stage of using UAVs, he says. Operating a DJI Phantom 2, the company has captured - through both photo and video - aerial views of several completed solar projects, including a 1 MW ground-mounted array on a tomato farm in Firebaugh, Calif.

According to Stover, using a drone to provide a view of a finished array is beneficial for clients - who are able to "appreciate the scale and the scope" of a project - and the company. SOTIR_2013_French. Kenya : Solympex améliore le cadre de vie des populations grâce au solaire. (Agence Ecofin) - Le distributeur d’équipement solaire Solympex est décidé à offrir aux populations kényanes des facilités pour l’accès à l’énergie solaire dans leurs domiciles.La société a en effet conclu avec Housing Finance (HF), un partenariat mettant à la disposition des ménages un plan de crédit pour accèder à l’énergie solaire.

Ce partenariat fournira aux populations le financement et les services nécessaires à l’installation de panneaux solaires qui serviront au chauffage de l’eau. L’accompagnement financier sera constitué d’un prêt variant entre 120 000 shillings et 157 000 shillings qui seront remboursables sur 36 mois. Solympex envisage de toucher plus de 7000 ménages à travers ce partenariat. « De nombreuses personnes vivent dans des régions froides telles que les abords du Mont Kenya ou les montagnes de la vallée du rift pour ne citer que celles-là. Sénégal : le programme « Akon Lighting Africa » électrifie le village de Keur Aladji Samba. Community Solar Programs Open New Doors For Developers And Consumers. David Amster-Olszewski, CEO of SunShare, says that as the Colorado Public Utilities Commission worked to craft the rules that would govern the projects operating under the state’s community solar gardens law, his company made its first move with the Colorado Springs Utilities.

“The municipal utility in Colorado Springs was able to write its own rules without having to go through a lengthy public utilities process,” Amster-Olszewski says. “This enabled us to pilot the model. Then, we moved into the Xcel market in the more populous areas around the Denver area once those programs opened up.” SunShare is moving aggressively in the community solar market. Construction begins on Australia's first floating PV array. 06. March 2015 | Applications & Installations, Market & Trends | By: Jonathan Gifford South Australia is set to be the location for Australia's first floating PV array. Construction is under way on the components for a 4 MW floating PV power plant, which is scheduled to begin producing electricity in April.

Infratech will finance, own and operate the plant, selling the electricity generated to local businesses and the water treatment plant. NVI Energy's Solar4Africa: 'One-stop-shop' funding. 05. March 2015 | Applications & Installations, Financial & Legal Affairs, Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends, Investor news | By: Peter Carvill It could be posited with reason that the off-grid solar market is still one that is finding its feet, and still in the period that all new industries go through as it tries to make sense of how it can best serve its market.

Innovative financing techniques are emerging as the offgrid market matures, in this the first in a series of articles on innovation in the offgrid space. MENA: Adenium Energy Capital, Enerwhere sign $10 million investment deal for mobile solar systems: pv-magazine. 05. How Results Based Financing is spurring solar market development in Tanzania. By Martijn Veen, Josh Sebastian & Maarten Kleijn, SNV Tanzania With only 14% of Tanzanians having access to electricity and a vast majority of the country expected to remain off-grid for the coming decades, innovative financing mechanisms are needed to spur last-mile distribution of clean energy solutions.

Results-based funding makes solar possible in Tanzania: pv-magazine. Station Energy : le distributeur d’énergie. Future Energy.