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Chart.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 6603 pixels) - Scaled (15%) How To Choose The Best Shampoo For Your Hair. D.I.Y. MAKEUP FIXER UPPER. Photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun Don’t you just want to cry when you drop your brand new compact and the powder shatters into a million little pieces?


But wait! Don’t throw it out and call your losses. You can absolutely put humpty dumpty back together again! And while you’re at it, grab your old cream shadow, blush or liner that has dried out, cracked or shrunk and bring it back to life too. POWER TOOLS: 70% alcohol {it works 1000 times better for this than your typical rubbing alcohol from the drug store and can be purchased at your local art supply}, plastic wrap, spatula, dropper, synthetic eyeliner brush {I used this favorite go-to liner brush for its round edges and stiff short bristles}, Q-tip {optional if you’re a perfectionist… you know who you are!}

To revive your dried-out and cracked old cream shadow, apply the same steps except there’s no need to wrap it up or mash it up. DIY: MAKEUP BRUSH ROLL. Photos/post/design: Kristin Ess This is by far the most ambitious tutorial we’ve ever done on TBD, but we think you guys might be ready for something a little bit more challenging.


This DIY dip-dye brush roll is such a good gift and you can do it in any color you want. I picked white + teal, which is probably not the smartest for makeup brushes but it looks the prettiest! Besides, I’ll probably use it for hair combs, scissors and clips. In order to do this little project you must have/use a sewing machine. (TOTAL TIME: It took about 2 hours to make this and photograph the process, so it should only take you about an hour.

Using a sturdy fabric of your choice (I used white denim), cut an 18″ wide x 41″ panel.Fold the bottom 5 inches up.Use “Stitch Witchery” fusible bonding tape to help keep that piece in place temporarily.Once you’ve laid your bonding tape under, go over it with an iron. Fill one bowl with 5 cups of ice cold water. Vintage Bohemian Updo the Quick and Easy Way! Work to Night Braided Updo from Gossip Girl. Easy Bohemian Ponytail - Back to School Updos 5. Glam Curls for Back to School - Back to School Down Dos #4. Mouth on your Neck: Face Painting Picture Tutorial. Pencil, Liquid, Gel Eyeliner Review. 10 Minute Smoky Eye Make Up Tutorial Video with Robert Jones. MAYBELLINE GEL EYELINER REVIEW. Review: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation (on OILY Skin) Revlon Photoready VS. Revlon Colorstay foundation review/comparison.

Recetas caseras para evitar el frizz en el cabello. El pelo esponjado es un problema que sufren muchas mujeres.

Recetas caseras para evitar el frizz en el cabello

Esto puede deberse a que el pelo es muy poroso y al absorber éste la humedad, se esponja. Otra de las razones por las que el cabello se esponja es porque está demasiado seco. Los remedios naturales son la opción ideal para el cabello crespo, ya que no sólo lo harán más manejable, sino que además lo nutrirán, preservando al mismo tiempo su salud y belleza. Recetas naturales para resolver el problema del frizz Receta casera con cerveza para pelos con rizos y sin frizzEsta es una buena receta natural para quienes tienen cabello ondulado y quieren quitar el frizz, consiste en realizar un último enjuague con cerveza, dejar unos minutos y retirar normalmente con agua.Crema humectante para eliminar el frizzMachacar un plátano maduro, añadir una cucharada de jugo de limón y otra de aceite de girasol.

Algunos consejos y trucos para eliminar el frizz Artículos sugeridos 1. Este artículo te fue útil? 400 valoraciones. Shampoo Ingredients To Avoid. When I’m not worrying about skin care, I’m thinking about hair!

Shampoo Ingredients To Avoid

When my hair started falling out like crazy several years ago, I began my hair loss research, and found that just like with skin care, there are a lot of hair care product ingredients to avoid as well! The ingredients I’m going to tell you about might not make your hair fall out, but they are unnecessarily harsh on your hair and scalp. There’s no need to use these ingredients when there are plenty of shampoos (some of which are very inexpensive) that don’t contain them.

If you are concerned about hair care, and what you are cleansing and styling with, check out this book: Don’t Go Shopping For Hair-Care Products Without Me – Paula Begoun. It’s a few years old, but it’s still a good resource to learn more about hair care, and a lot of the products reviewed are still on the market today. Best Foundations & Brushes for Oily Skin. Review & Tutorial: Revlon ColorStay Foundation - Combo/Oily Skin Types. Get Catty. Winged eyeliner. The Braid Encyclopedia - French, Dutch, Fish, Rope, 4 strand, and 5 strand. How to: 4 Strand Rope Box Braid Hairstyle Hair Tutorial. Easy Fishtail Braid / Plait. How To Do a Fishtail Braid (Easy Hair Tutorial) Foundation Tutorial. Sephora Presents I'm Dreaming of...