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5 Helpful Tips For Winter Biking | The Cash4Books Blog. Do you want to save a few dollars this winter, maybe for the holiday shopping or vacations? One possible option is to forgo driving and hop on a bike to save gas, insurance, maintenance, or even public transit costs. In this post I will give a few great tips and tricks that can turn winter riding from miserable to fun. Fenders! There is a reason that fenders are numero uno on this list. Notice on the pretty pink bike to the left, over each tire there is a round cover, that is called a fender.

Fenders are critical to keeping you dry and clean when pedaling around on winter roads. Rain Gear! While fenders will keep you mostly dry from the wet roads, a rain jacket and a pair of rain pants will keep you dry and warm from the rain from above. Spare Clothes! I highly recommend either leaving a complete (I really do mean complete!) A Plan! You know that beautiful street lined with trees that you love riding through? Eye Protection! Have fun and stay safe out there!