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Traditional Open Fires from Camelot Real Fires. Contact Us - Camelot Real Fires. Modern - Camelot Real Fires. Inspiration for wood burning open fires from Camelot Real Fires. Practical Advice - Camelot Real Fires. A poem about the best wood to burn.

Practical Advice - Camelot Real Fires

‘In Praise of Ash’ was written by an American called Bud Cottrill from Kansas and was often used as an aid to housewives, and husbands, to let them know which particular types of wood made for good burning: Beechwood fires are bright and clear, if the logs are kept a year. Chestnut’s only good they say, if for long ’tis laid away. Make a fire of Elder tree, death within your house will be; But ash new or ash old, is fit for a queen with crown of gold. Birch and Fir logs burn too fast, blaze up bright and do not last, By the Irish ’tis said Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread.

Elm wood burns like churchyard mould, e’en the very flames are cold, But Ash green, or Ash brown, is fit for a queen with golden crown. Poplar gives a bitter smoke, fills your eyes and makes you choke, Apple wood will scent your room; Pear wood smells like flowers in bloom. Oaken logs, if dry and old keep away the winter’s cold; But Ash wet, or Ash dry, a king shall warm his slippers by. Choose an open fire style to suit you - Camelot Real Fires.

Open fireplace designs, Open fireplaces uk, Open fire smoke hoods. The Anniversary Edition - a high performance open fire by Camelot. Camelotrealfires: Fire Safety and Prevention - Essential Fire Safety Tips For Fireplaces at Home. When it comes to adding a true feel of homeliness to your home, there is nothing that can quite match a fireplace.

Camelotrealfires: Fire Safety and Prevention - Essential Fire Safety Tips For Fireplaces at Home

However, in this era of electric heating, many people have forgotten the basic safety considerations that come with open fireplaces. With that in mind, here is a short article on open fire safety that will help you to make sure your fireplace does not present a hazard. First of all, keep your fireplace clean by regularly sweeping it. Each year, before you begin using your fireplace, check the chimney for blockages - even small ones can cause serious problems.

Camelotrealfires: How to Use a Wood Burning fire. An open fire is perfect for heating up your home in those cold winters.

Camelotrealfires: How to Use a Wood Burning fire

You can get some wood burners UK that are ideal for any setting. They come in different designs, and you can take time making the right choice. Before that, though, it helps to know how to use a wood burning fire to get the most out of it. Clear the Chimney Before you light an open fire, check the chimney of your home. The flue facilitates ventilation, and it has to be clear for that purpose. Open Fires – A wonderful Investment. Posted: April 1, 2016 in Uncategorized Open fires are increasingly coming back into fashion.

Open Fires – A wonderful Investment

When deciding what improvements to make to your lounge or living room many people are ripping out expensive electric and gas fires in favour of choosing a simple fireplace replacement. Camelotrealfires — Open Fires - A wonderful Investment. Fire Safety and Prevention – Essential Fire Safety Tips For Fireplaces at Home « Camelotrealfires. Choosing a Fire Design That Fits Your Needs. Gone are the days of sooty chimneys or uneven heat distribution from your home.

Choosing a Fire Design That Fits Your Needs

As usual, technology always finds an answer, to make things easier as well as give the consumer more choice in determining the most efficient open fire in their homes. Here is a convenient guide to help you achieve the highest open fire efficiency.. Even as more home owners and the go-green campaigners advocate a stove setup, no one says we still cannot make use of the open fire. I mean, it is the most traditional way of heating up a home and as we always say, old is gold. Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts Can Save Or Restore Your Fireplace!

Most of us remember those days when homeowners would, in the name of modernity, turn to their old fireplaces and chuck them out with the idea of ensuring their houses were free of awkward chimney breasts and full of contemporary spaces, flat walls and clean lines.

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts Can Save Or Restore Your Fireplace!

To this day, new flats don’t consider fireplaces a necessity and as they say, who would want a smoky relic of such a bygone age in his house considering the underfloor heating and Slimline radiators! Safety with your fire at Home. Having a fireplace at home has many advantages.

Safety with your fire at Home

The most important is providing warmth during cold seasons. Fireplaces add an edge to homes and most people consider this when buying homes. However, open fireplace safety needs to be considered and put in place to avoid accidents. Homes may burn to the ground because of an chimney fire when this can be avoided. Unwanted fires can be prevented or contained in various ways that are perfectly manageable.

Sweep Chimneys regularly. Open fireplace safety - Documenti Google. Wood burners uk - Google Dokument. Wood burning fire. Pen fire chimney. Wood Burning Fireplaces and Their Special Charm in Your Home. Posted: February 18, 2016 in Business.

Wood Burning Fireplaces and Their Special Charm in Your Home

Camelotrealfires: Professional log burning fireplace. Whatever type of home you live in, a log burning fireplace will add a touch of something 'extra' that no other heating system comes close to doing.

Camelotrealfires: Professional log burning fireplace

Log burning fires offer so much more than just heating, and are the cosy and ambient focus that you can relax in front of after a hard day at work. Everybody loves a log burning fireplace, and there are so many variations that there is something to suit everyone's taste. These days there are regulations in place to ensure that log burning fires conform to high safety standards, so it is always important to use a company with experience when choosing to build a new one or change an old one. If you get the design right, then, the result is a high-performance wood burning fireplace that will look as if it has always been a part of your Regency, Inglenook or other traditional fireplace. Camelotrealfires: Guidelines for Inglenook Fireplaces Intelligent Selection. Inglenook fireplaces are excellent additions to your home, but you have to be careful when choosing them.

Camelotrealfires: Guidelines for Inglenook Fireplaces Intelligent Selection

Never assume that one fireplace is as good as the next one. Take some time to learn what is important when making your decision. By following these simple guidelines, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. Camelotrealfires — Professional log burning fireplace. Guidelines for Inglenook Fireplaces Intelligent Selection « Camelotrealfires. Professional log burning fireplace. Guidelines for Inglenook Fireplaces Intelligent Selection. The Latest Trends in Contemporary Fireplace Designs. Choosing the Right Wood Burning fires in the UK. What Makes Good Open Fire Grates. The Latest Trends in Contemporary Fireplace Designs.

Ah, the fireplace. A spot where you can hang your winter-logged coats by the mantle piece, rest your arms in the nearest chair, and enjoy yourself in the comfort of home. It’s no surprise that fireplace designs have changed over the years, the same way people do. And as the post-industrial world gains more and more options for manipulating fire, that centrepiece of the hearth, trends have always changed. Even now. All pomp aside, contemporary fireplaces have become quite interesting. What Makes Good Open Fire Grates? Fire grates are popular because they protect your floor, the fire burns better and is easier to light, and you get better draw. There are many open fire grate brands on the Internet today, but some are better than others. Knowing the qualities of a good open fireplace grate will help you make an informed decision. Design: The purpose of a fire grate is to allow ash to fall on an ash pan through its lateral bars as the fuel burns.

This is important in giving you a healthy fire since it means clean air flow. The design should be such that the space between lateral bars is sufficient to allow air and ash through without letting fuel through. Choosing the Right Wood Burning fires in the UK. Why Choose a Wood Burning Fire? Nothing beats the crackle and smell of a wood burning fire. Although on paper stoves seem more energy efficient, open fires containing a convection system actually distribute heat into the room rather than heating the back of the fireplace. This delivers a far more comfortable, and a warmer feel in the room from an open fire, along with the unrivalled ambiance.

With gas and electric bills rising year upon year, more and more people are considering wood burning fires in the UK. The joy of open fires. Posted: January 14, 2016 in Uncategorized Nothing completes the feeling of comfort on a cold, dark winter evening like the primeval glow of a real log fire. Camelotrealfires: Log Burning Fire- How to Make the Right Choice.

There is something calming and relaxing about the log burning fires that seem to be lost in some modern homes. The look and feel of a fireplace is unrivalled when it comes to aesthetic and downright efficiency of heating your home. Camelotrealfires: How To Make Your Home Cosier. Camelotrealfires — The joy of open fires. Log Burning Fire- How to Make the Right Choice « Camelotrealfires. Benefits of a Wood Burner - Energy Solution. When the price of fuel rapidly increases, it makes it much more expensive to heat our homes. Obviously, you’ll want to save as much money as possible on your heating bills. One of the best ways to do this is using wood burning fire. How to Choose a Good Wood Fireplace Surround. Camelot Real Fires design individual fireplace grates. Everyone loves a roaring real fire, but many feel that owning their own is unattainable. Well, this is simply not true.

Log burning fire. Inglenook fireplaces. Wood burners uk. Fireplace surrounds uk. Fireplace grates. Inglenook Fireplaces From Camelot Real Fires. Our Open Fire Design Case Studies – Camelot Real Fires. Luxury Open Fires Designed For Your home. The point where customers invite people into there home is often the most worrying part of any home improvement. Thats why we are taking time to identify accredited professional installers who know what they are doing. In addition, we expect more. We ask all our installers to take on board a clear methodology for all Camelot installations, which covers client information ahead of arrival, installation, testing, client approval of the installation and clean up before exit. We also conduct 100% satisfaction surveys on all our installations. Today its possible to acquire a much greater understanding of a fires environment and our clients needs using email, the internet, digital cameras etc.

High performance Open Fires From Camelot Real Fires. Our Solutions For Your Problem Fires. There are a range of other things you may feel are 'wrong', and the reasons behind them vary. We can't offer detailed explanations here, but we can outline the main areas. If you get in touch we'll do our utmost to work out if a Camelot Thermovent woodburning fire could resolve the issue. Handmade Traditional Fires From Camelot Real Fires.