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Art Journal Theme Ideas & Inspiration – Artjournalist. Today I was cutting up magazines and books with wild abandon – one of my very favorite things to do – and I came across so many great words and phrases and photos and more!

Art Journal Theme Ideas & Inspiration – Artjournalist

It’s always inspiring for me And while I was sorting through my cut-outs, I started to categorize them by things that went together or related to some type of common theme – and I started making little piles of them all over my bed {what a fun chaotic mess!} So today, since I can’t possibly make all of these at once, let alone remember all these ideas, I have made a list of them {I’m a list making addict} so… yes, a BIG HUGE INSPIRING LIST of theme ideas you can use for creating art journals, smashbooks, scrapbooks, notebooks, etc. etc. While an art journal doesn’t have to have a theme, it can be a fun little challenge to plan and make a book that surrounds the same subject or topic matter…you’ll find it stretches your creativity in new ways! Hashtag Search. For the Creative Soul. Art and Craft by Belinda Fireman. "to be in a wonderful state of creative chaos due to an overactive imagination that is always questioning…what if"

Art Journal Ideas, Tutorials & Art Journaling Techniques. Learn New Hand Lettering Techniques from Joanne Sharpe Watch previews and find out about 4 new hand lettering instructional videos from artist Joanne Sharpe, author of The Art of Whimsical Lettering.

Art Journal Ideas, Tutorials & Art Journaling Techniques

Art Journal Play . . . Upside Down A guest post by Carolyn Dube Are there rules to art journal play? Not in my world because I give myself permission to play in the way that fits me. Fun Times at Art Journaling Live 2! With 4 instructors and more than 70 participants, Art Journaling LIVE 2 was a great event and now you can take the same classes! Creating a Visual Timeline of You | An Accordion Book Do you love soft pencil lines and dreamy puddles of watercolor? Creative Kickstarts: Amanda Judd’s Photography Art Journals *A guest post by Amanda Judd. Gelli Plate Printing Ideas with Carolyn Dube! Carolyn Dube shares some fun and easy tips for creating one-of-a-kind Gelli Plate prints using household objects!

Relax Your Stress Away with the Zen Doodle Coloring Book Feeling stressed? Art Journal Ideas, Tutorials & Art Journaling Techniques. ArtJOURNALING daily - creativityUNLEASHED by traci bautista. Introducing...artJOURNALING daily!

artJOURNALING daily - creativityUNLEASHED by traci bautista

The artJOURNALING daily blog series blog series was originallly started in January 2011 to encourage myself to post more frequently on my blog. I am continuing to add posts and prompts in 2012...i'll post simple creative prompts and ideas to encourage you to make marks and create something artful everyday in your journal or sketchbook. these prompts will be simple tasks you can complete in 5-20 minutes. whether you are a mixed media artist, scrapbooker, painter, art quilter or fashion sewer you'll have a plethora of ideas to inspire your creative artwork! A few things to do... grab YOUR art JOURNAL/sketchbooks! Make, buy or collect paper for your journal. i like to use separate pieces of found paper {i HEART ledger, binder, newsprint and construction paper} then bind them creatively into an art journal.use supplies you already have...i will share a few of my FAVES but be creative with what you own!

Mixed Media Techniques: How to Make a Card Set Art Journal. Check out this review and giveaway of Margaret Peot’s Alternative Art Journals by Quinn McDonald, a writer and certified creativity coach.

Mixed Media Techniques: How to Make a Card Set Art Journal

Here’s what she had to say about it: “The variety is big and interesting. The suggestions for alternatives are challenging so the book is suitable for beginners and advanced artists as well as those who like to flip through a book for ideas and head off on their own.” Here’s one of the techniques for mixed media journaling that Peot explores in Chapter Three: Card Set Art Journals You want to make art, but the days and weeks slip by, and other, “more important” things always seem to take precedence over your artistic journey. Tie Together in Various Ways Your cards can be unified in any number of ways: by theme, by palette, by repeated imagery.

Art Journaling 101 - abstract - create explore paint. How do you start an art journal?

Art Journaling 101 - abstract - create explore paint

"Art journaling is about the {creative process} of pulling together color, words and images as you wish on a page. Unlike many other forms of art, it is not about the outcome. "Tammy Garcia Original post 2008 * Updated March 2014 Welcome to Art Journaling 101 If you are just starting to bring art into your life, or wish to introduce kids & teens to art journaling, check out Art Journaling 101 for Kids, Teens & Beginners. I'll begin with a note that the type of art journaling that I talk about is very loose and free and unencumbered by rules. 1. 1,000 Artist Journal Pages by Dawn DeVries SokolSpilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself by Sabrina Ward HarrisonThe Journal Junkies Workshop, by Scott and Modler Good Mail Day by Jennie HinchcliffJournal Spilling by Diana TroutCreative Illustration Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists by Katherine DunnPersonal Geographies: Explorations in Mixed-Media Mapmaking. Violette's Creative Juice.