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Sola ante el Espejo. – I blogged for five years as Fifty, not Frumpy. Now that I am sixty, I am honoring this new decade with a great new website Susan After 60 .com. Suzanne Carillo - Style, Smiles & Stories - Inspiration & Style For Women Over 40. LOS 40 EN BOGA. MY SMALL WARDROBE. Elegantly Dressed & Stylish - Over 40 Fashion Blog. CBF Con Buena Facha. Age of Grace - Page 2 of 13 - A style blog based on a fifty-something Baby Boomer doing her best to age gracefully. One caveat to national holidays are they help everyone to be on one accord.

Age of Grace - Page 2 of 13 - A style blog based on a fifty-something Baby Boomer doing her best to age gracefully.

Everyone will celebrate their mother the upcoming weekend, me included. I plan to head to Philly to spend the day with Mom, Then spent Sunday with my family to celebrate my Mother’s Day. I dedicate this post to my mom, with love. Mother is a country girl at heart, I believe she adopted city style and customs when she moved from North Carolina to Philadelphia. Bessie, her name evokes that of being old-fashioned kind of gal, that she is. It’s Kentucky Derby time again. Wearing Banana Republic black lace crop top with J.Crew Double-breasted linen ivory blazer, Sara Pacini linen wide-leg pants, San Diego Hat Company Ultrabraid XL brim black hat with Kate Spade New York camel Licorice suede pumps. Hats, seem to be having a moment in fashion. Continue reading This week’s blog post is inspired by smooth jazz saxophonist, Boney James instrumental version of the song, “Stop, Look and Listen.”

Une femme d'un certain âge. 40+ Style: how to dress, beauty and fashion for women over 40. Glam up your lifestyle. Share-in-Style: Accessories - MIS PAPELICOS. Style Guile. Fashion Flash - Tips and Advice for Women over 40. We’re thrilled to be hosting Fashion Flash this week!

Fashion Flash - Tips and Advice for Women over 40

What a wonderful group of women we have in our Fashion Flash group. We’ve become quite popular and well known as the go-to group of bloggers for tips and advice for women over 40! We cover fashion, fitness, beauty, lifestyle and more, and we hope you join in on following us weekly to see what we’re discussing. Here’s what this week’s Fashion Flash group is talking about: Plus size models re-create Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover to show that women can be sexy at any size.

Fashion blogger, Pam Lutrell, shows how easy it is to take a walk on the beach, a simple necklace and create something fabulous! Not Dressed As Lamb - The Personal Style of a 40 Year Old Brit. Ava Grace's Closet. Flattering50. Moving fashion forward and enjoying fashion freedom at 40+ Highland Fashionista.

STYLE CRONE. Blue Hue Wonderland. SENSE CORBATA / NO TIE... El capricho de Marquez@ MY SMALL WARDROBE. STYLE AT EVERY AGE. The Sartorialist. Mama In Heels - Page 2 of 54 - Hello everyone!

Mama In Heels - Page 2 of 54 -

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to read The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance by Christy Whitman, the acclaimed New York Times best-selling author. This book resonated with me beyond WOW! THIS IS A MUST READ BOOK for ALL WOMEN across all age groups. Today, I’m so excited to have Christy sharing why Momma Must Be Happy. Take it away, Christy… I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying – which supposedly originated in the Deep South – that states: “When Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” What many women don’t yet realize is that generating this kind of happiness – in others and in ourselves – is entirely an inside job. Thanks to both quantum physics and modern science, it’s now a well-accepted fact that energy – not matter – is the primary substance that comprises everything that exists in the universe.

The quality of the energy that we send out sets the tone of the energy that flows throughout our households. Tamera Beardsley. Trends come and go, but true style is ageless. Style advice on Fashion over 40, Beauty and fashion tips for women, and How to Look Fabulous after 40 from Style Expert, Deborah Boland. Aging Gracefully in PublicNo Nonsense Beauty Blog. Aging gracefully is never easy.

Aging Gracefully in PublicNo Nonsense Beauty Blog

Aging gracefully in the public eye, in HD, can be harrowing. Like most women of my tribe, Diane Keaton will always be the Annie Hall style icon. Her big shirt, topped with a man’s vest , over a full skirt and boots is a look that still works today. Seeing her wrinkled, grey and sporting dark framed glasses was disconcerting– but then that commercial came on. Most of the buzz has been paid to the difference in the appearance in the commercial and and Keaton IRL. Yes, the blurry, rosy image in the commercial showed a Diane Keaton that was smoother and decades younger than the live, on-stage woman. The Real Cost of Product Failure Buying and using skin care products that do not deliver on their claims do more than waste money. Aging Gracefully the Smart Way I’m about the same age as Diane Keaton and just had a series of two low level laser treatments called Forever Beautiful.

. ( The rest of the before and after pix will appear in early February). FOF. SUITS. Ein Anzug ist nicht nur praktisch und spart viel Zeit da die Überlegung "was anziehen? SUITS

" weg fällt, er sieht auch immer gut aus und passt zu jeder Gegebenheit. Längst kleiden Anzüge nicht nur Männer, auch in unseren Schränken finden wir diese Prachtstücke. Meiner ist von s.Oliver und mit seinen punkten eines meiner Lieblingsstücke im Schrank. No More Frump. Thedirectrice. Brújula de Estilo. Spring Colors. El protagonista del look de hoy es el color verdeagua, unos de los tonos preferidos para primavera y verano , porque es muy luminoso y favorece mucho.

Spring Colors

Lo llevo en un top de volantes y una chaqueta de punto de verano, combinados con collar en varios tonos pastel, cartera multicolor y pitillos blancos. Las nuevas cuñas de Menbur han sido una compra estupenda, en la web on-line no las veo, pero en tienda sí las podéis encontrar y las tienen en más colores. La Mela di Biancaneve era rosa: Cappuccetto giallo con le scarpe verdi. Fashion with compassion. Senior Style Bible. Con Buena Facha. A TRENDY LIFE. A Key to the Armoire. Maybe by now, you’re already a bit tired of the “animal sweater” trend.

A Key to the Armoire

Blog de Moda en Santander, Cantabria. Fifty, not Frumpy. Lady of Style. A Fashion Blog for Mature Women. Silvergirl.