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Chrisann-ellis. Sibby S - Fine Art. Sandra-strohschein. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: ALL MY ART PIECES ARE REGISTERED COPYRIGHT WITH ALL RIGHTS RESERVED My life is ordered by my faith in God first, my family second and painting after that. Without my faith and support of my family there would be no paintings of any worth to me. I fell in love with watercolor about thirty years ago. But as happens with so many people I put my painting aside to 'take care of business'.

Business for me was raising three wonderful kids and moving around the United States with my husband. But now, the kids are grown and over the past few years I have found myself pulled back to the drawing board. I am a member of the Holland Area Arts Council. Ken-powers. Marsha Elliott - Fine Art. ‘I’ve enjoyed art in one form or another since I was old enough to pick up a crayon and scribble on a wall. As early as third grade, I began blending colors and using shade to create form. Balancing marriage, motherhood and a full time career, there was only time enough to dabble in the fine arts. My 43 years as a sign artist afforded me a daily outlet for creativity. Now that I’m retired, I want to direct my creativity towards watercolor. It’s been a real challenge for me to break away from the very technical art form of sign making but the fluidity of the watercolor medium is helping me to do that. You're invited to peruse these paintings, snippets of life I have tried to capture.

“To me, every work of art gives the viewer a glimpse of the spirit that resides in the heart of the artist that created it. For those who enjoy my gallery, I invite you to sign in as one of my fans at & be a very important part of my creative journey. Promote Your Page Too. Watercolor - Fine Art Group - Fine Art America. KaySmithBrushworks. Contemporary Realism. Finished – Blue Watercolor Hydrangea Painting @ Realistic Watercolor and Oil Paintings, Fine Art and Watercolor Instruction by Doris Joa. Blue Hydrangea II, size: 12″x16″, watercolor painting I finished the Hydrangea Painting. All this little petals can make someone crazy – but I am very pleased with the painting. In the past days I worked more on my website. You will realize that some of the maincolours of my site have changed a bit. I also added more pages and in the right sidebar you will also find a link about Step-by-Step-Demonstrations. Bernadette Pascua. Esther's Art Shop par EstherBayer. Lessons and Demos - E l i z a b e t h F l u e h r A r t Z o n e.

Catherine W Smith. Irene Hannestad Rose Art, Watercolor Paintings, Watercolor Art, Rsharts. Ginnie Conaway. Barbara Fox - Daily Paintings. Jane Freeman. Andy Evansen. Susan Morris - Susan Morris' watercolor paintings of the past. Laura Wilk Watercolors. Susan Bronsak Website. Cathy Johnson, illustrator, writer, author, Graphics/Fine Arts in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Diana Miller Pierce - Trillium Studio. Her Style Diana Miller-Pierce is a traditional watercolorist in the impressionistic style. While her work is painted in a traditional impressionistic style, Ms. Miller-Pierce involves a strong sense of abstraction in the underlying composition of the paintings.

The artist is attracted to scenes involving strong clear light that casts shadows on her subject matter. She looks for a composition of dark and light patterns that help to create dynamic tension and energy. She specializes in floral, architectural, mechanical, cats and still life subjects, which have been influenced by her travels in the Caribbean and Southwestern United States. Her Background From her earliest memories, Diana Miller-Pierce has wanted to be an artist, and has always painted and drawn. Her watercolor techniques draws from the English method of watercolor which consists of a series of washes built up in color and intensity until the painting is complete.

Recognitions Her Life Hoosier born and bred, Ms. Diane Morgan Paints. Meltem Kilic- Gallery of Paintings by NRW, Germany artist Meltem Kilic on David McEown. Anne Abgott | Award-Winning Watercolor Artist. Barbara Fox Art Studio - Barbara Fox Paintings. Roland Lee - Art Lessons - Watercolor painting techniques & Demonstrations. Catherine W. Smith - What's New Gallery. Gallery of Award Winners | Studio Gallery | What's New Gallery. Pat Weaver, Landscape Art Gallery.

Judy Greenberg. Artist Barbara Rosenzweig's Blog: Art, Gardening, Photography, and Ramblings. Kelly Eddington. Colleen Sanchez, a Comtemporary Painter. I've been imagining doing this painting for a couple of years. One day while visiting one of Hawaii Island's amazing coastal Botanical Gardens, I came across this grove of Heliconia. The only way to get near them presented a wonderful backlit scene. I finally worked through this group of photos over the holidays and finally decided to attempt painting them in watercolor. The challenge to save my whites and lights was huge because I do not ever use any masking and trying to get the edges of the stalks somewhat neat was really something else.

I don't have anything against masking, it just doesn't seem to work for me so I don't have it anymore. If you ever visit the big island of Hawaii and love gardens make a visit to this one part of your itinerary, you won't be disappointed.. Janet Means Belich, Mostly Art. What is Krista Painting Now? Mollie jones. Susie Short Online Artist's Supplies. Thetourshow. DI 3. Ink on paper. 23x15. 2011. This image is now available as a Print. DI 1. Ink on paper. 23x15. 2011. DI 2. Ink on paper. 23x15. 2011. Cold 1. Cold 2. Gallery view Joshua Liner Gallery 2009. Watercolor Art.