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Phone Systems - Callteks. At CallTeks Security, our expert IT staff can help you design, implement, and train your organization on customized new build IT infrastructure solutions.

Phone Systems - Callteks

This includes networking, phone systems, and even paging systems. When it comes to existing IT infrastructure, whether you are planning to upgrade to new technology or you need better functionality out of your current system, we are here to serve you as your trusted adviser to guide your organization toward a customized solution for your needs. We are a Digium Switchvox partner are proud to offer in-house certified Digium installers!

Why Choose CallTeks for Your Phone Systems? Thanks to our superior knowledge, experience and partnerships, we are able to offer businesses the most innovative phone systems in a cost effective package. You’ll discover an entire range hardware and software solutions that integrate the latest technology in an intuitive and user-friendly package. Network Cabeling - Callteks. CCTV Installation Phoenix. Posted on Oct 16, 2015 by calltekdev Is your company considering CCTV installation?

CCTV Installation Phoenix

Having a good system installed can greatly improve security and loss prevention, if you choose the right company to perform you CCTV installation in the Phoenix area. When it is time for you to start seriously shopping for your system, there are a few key points to keep in mind. The Cameras Choosing the cameras you want to have installed is very important. Our specialists have years of experience with CCTV installation for all types of businesses of any size. Recording Capabilities You will also want to decide whether your CCTV footage will be recorded onto a DVR unit, or into integrated network devices. If you need tamperproof, encrypted and protected video look no further than CallTeks. Cabling The cabling used in a CCTV installation is crucial. Value and Support We know it is also important for businesses to get a good value for their CCTV installation.

Our customers also get industry leading support. CCTV Cameras - Callteks. Closed-circuit television, is known in the industry as “CCTV.”

CCTV Cameras - Callteks

It is simply the use of cameras to transmit signals to a specific place so that monitors can capture what is being surveyed by the cameras. CallTeks Security can customize any CCTV camera surveillance system to meet your needs perfectly. We carry basic systems and advance systems that also use DVRs to record triggered events and time periods for easy review. We also carry decentralized IP cameras, which are cameras equipped with megapixel sensors which record directly into integrated network devices, securing footage.

AV Solutions That Go Beyond Security - Callteks. Audio-visual Solutions may seem like a far cry from security, but the truth is that in the commercial world…it is all connected.

AV Solutions That Go Beyond Security - Callteks

Our expert technicians have helped design audio-visual solutions for intimate to large scale productions. CallTeks AV technicians specialize in system integration, business center solutions, and corporate conference room solutions. Let us help you create a presentation ready facility with completely integrated systems from sound, to networked conference call capabilities, video conferencing, digital presentations, and more. Let us help you get connected! Video Conferencing Bring cutting-edge video conferencing to your business at an affordable price. How Will Our AV Solutions Help Your Business? Easy Cross-Country Video ConferencingReduce Travel CostsHigh Definition Audio-Visual Conferences Conference Room Solutions. Access Control - Callteks. Access Control gives the end user the ability to control access to certain commercial areas, buildings, or even multiple units.

Access Control - Callteks

We provide solutions from cards, key fobs, intercom/two-way voice, pins, timed magnetic locks, and more. The luxury of designing an access control solution for your commercial property with CallTeks Security is that we can seamlessly integrate other solutions such as CCTV, alarm, or network systems. Here at CallTeks Security, we are the industry leader when it comes to access control design, installation, and implementation. We are proud to in house two of only four nationally recognized expert BlueWave installers. Blue Wave Security Technologies is on the cutting edge of access control of implementation and design. Access Control Solutions for Any Type of Business. Commercial Security And Networking Phoenix. Access Control Access Control gives the end user the ability to control access to certain commercial areas, buildings, or even multiple units.

Commercial Security And Networking Phoenix

CallTeks. We believe in honest work, from local experts.


We believe in providing personal customer support. The best part about choosing CallTeks Security to provide your home or business with customized security solutions, is that you "get us" with our service, not some other outsourced representative from another state, company, or country. When you contact us, you will always have personal CallTeks Care. CallTeks Cares and we are heavily invested in our community. Our community is our home and the backbone of our local economy. Our ethical standards are beyond compare. We are proud to be creating local American jobs and helping to stimulate a recovering economy.

We know that when it comes to choosing a home security provider, you have a lot of options. Our industry leading experts have handpicked the best product lines available in the industry. We believe every security solution is as unique as the family it protects or the business it is designed to secure. Custom Security Solution Fabrications Phoenix.