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Pitch. COLORS is now accepting pitches for short articles and longer reportage on our digital platforms.


If you've been sitting on a good story or just have an idea for one, please feel free to get in touch at Visual or wordy, research or reportage, all we request is a paragraph or two explaining the subject, angle and treatment you have in mind, plus some sample images or ideas for visualizing the story. A few tips (but please don't limit yourself to these or we'll get bored): - As "a magazine about the rest of the world," we're happy to publish stories from Los Angeles, London and Berlin, but we're even happier to publish something from Žarqajyń District, Kazakhstan. - COLORS has always been known for its images, so your pitch should consider the visual side of the story.

. - The best way to understand what we're looking for is probably not to email us and ask, but rather to surf our blog and latest issues. Columbus Museum of Art. Columbus Museum of Art, and the #JJ COMMUNITY, one of the largest photo communities on Instagram, present #MobilePhotoNow the largest mobile photography exhibition ever organized by a museum.

Columbus Museum of Art

#MobilePhotoNow (February 6, 2015 – March 22, 2015) highlights the emerging art form of mobile photography, and the power of social media and smart phones as a means of creative expression and connection. CMA and #JJ partnered throughout October 2014 to post themed photo challenges that engaged the mobile photography community with inspiration from Columbus Museum of Art’s Photo League collection. More than 5,000 photographers from 89 different countries submitted nearly 45,000 images via Instagram. The resulting exhibition co-curated by CMA and #JJ community features more than 320 images from 240 photographers representing nearly 40 different countries. 2003 Pulitzer finalist - Feature Photography - 2003 Pulitzer: Feature Photography Don Bartletti - For his memorable portrayal of how undocumented Central American youths, often facing deadly danger, travel north to the United States.

2003 Pulitzer finalist - Feature Photography -

In the vast migration that is changing the US, a Honduran boy rides a freight through Mexico. Each year thousands of undocumented Central Americans stow away for 1,500 miles on the tops and sides of trains. Some are parents desperate to escape poverty. Many are children in search of a parent who left them behind long ago. Buzzards and children compete for scraps at the Tegucigalpa, Honduras, landfill. Elio Trujillo Martinez, 13, works for tips in an outdoor market in Tegucigalpa, hauling goods in a handmade wheelbarrow. Richard Alberto Funez waves a toy pistol and acts like a tough guy, to the amusement of his buddy, Alexis Joel Sanchez.

Teenage boys peer out of a jail cell crowded with stowaways captured in Chiapas, Mexico. Undocumented Central Americans crowd the tops of freight train cars in Mexico. Seoul All Around You Competition in Competitions in Magazine - Lomography. The bustling and ever evolving city of Seoul is one of the most beautiful places on earth - Take part in this fantastic competition in association with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and you could win a trip there and see for yourself!

Seoul All Around You Competition in Competitions in Magazine - Lomography

A constantly evolving metropolis, Seoul, the capital city of the Republic of Korea, is a Lomographer’s playground . Lomography, together with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, want to share the majesty of this hidden city through a series of exciting competitions – Welcome to the Seoul All Around You Competition! Seoul can’t just be found in Seoul, it can be found everywhere. For the first stage of the competition, we want you to go out into your city and find a taste of the city wherever you can. It could be a Korean restaurant, some friends training at your local Taekwondo club, your friendly Korean neighbors waving good morning – even a Hyundai car racing down the street! Please activate JavaScript to see this gallery.

Metro Photo Challenge. Photo A Day thing. - Fat Mum Slim. Happy New Year!

Photo A Day thing. - Fat Mum Slim

I hope you’re as excited about this brand new year as I am. It’s going to be good. Can you feel it? I won’t keep you by chatting on about photo a day. If you’re new to this photo-taking gig, I suggest you read this post because Photo A Day might very well change your life. Everything you need to know is below, including the downloadable links that put the prompts in your calendar so you don’t forget to take a daily photo.

Thank you to the very talented Rachel Castle for doing the artwork for the list. As I shared recently, the FMS Photo A Day App is being tinkered on right now, and will be ready in the next few months. Happy photo-taking friends. x Playing photo-a-day couldn’t be easier. If you’re sharing on Facebook, you might like to join our Facebook group.