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Download vector logos and logotypes. Google Makes Custom Web Typography Ridiculously Easy. Google has once again given an excellent new tool to designers and developers (and even CSS-savvy "common folk") who long for better, more diverse typefaces on the web: a cool Font Previewer that makes adding a new font to your site as simple as copy/pasting a few lines of code.

Google Makes Custom Web Typography Ridiculously Easy

Back in May, Google rolled out its Font Directory and the Google Fonts API. The idea was that these tools would make it simpler for designers and devs to embed a wider range of fonts in their sites and applications. The previewer takes a few steps out of that process by giving you an idea of how a given typeface will look on your site; letting you adjust the font size and weight; letting you tinker with the leading, kerning and tracking; generating a number of drop shadows if you require them; and generating the code you need to make the magic happen.

It's pretty hot. Here's what it looks like: If you click "Toggle controls," you can see what the typeface looks like sans-grid, sans-controls on a plain white screen. Adobe Muse CC. Learn to code HTML and CSS with my online web design course for creative women! PICOL - Pictorial Communication Language - Icons & Pictorgrams. The 10 best fonts from the Google Webfonts Directory. The idea of the Google Webfonts Directory is great: offering everyone free webfonts, which you can include in your website with just one line of code and without worrying about the multiple webfont formats, subsetting, file size, download speed and so on. When the service started in 2010 it offered just a couple of fonts. Today the catalogue has already grown to 250 fonts and Google announced there will even be a lot more fonts in the near future.

But let’s face it: Most of the fonts are crap! They are of poor quality, derived from commercial fonts or just downright ugly. HOW TO: Implement Google Font API on Your Website. Ades Design - CSS Tutorials. No Print Script 1.

Ades Design - CSS Tutorials.

Demo: Try to Print this page or Print Preview 2. Sometimes you might want to protect your online documents from printing. So in that case this little simple script might help. Please note that putting this script does not secure your document, users will still be able to ‘copy it and paste it’ in […] Define Page Scrollbar Styles 1.Before we look into Page Scroll Bar definition, please have a look at the example here.

Remove Underlines from Links Changing table background on MouseOver Demo: [click here] to view the sample page. Links and Styles. Creating Slideshow Transitions Using ActionScript. Facebook Like Button – Css Styling. Facebook gefällt mir Button extended. Das Facebook Thema Gefällt mir Button nimmt kein Ende, kein Wunder gibt es doch viele kleine Tricks und Tipps die den großen Unterschied machen.

Facebook gefällt mir Button extended

Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich hier im Blog den Code veröffentlicht mit dem man per iframe den Gefällt mir Button in jeden WordPress Blog einbinden kann. Diese Variante hat einen kleinen aber entscheidenden Nachteil, drückt man auf diesen Button wird der Link zum Post nicht als Status Update sondern nur im Profil des jeweiligen User veröffentlicht. Das bedeutet, ich kann die Links die meine Freunde sehen nur dann sehen, wenn ich direkt auf ihre Profil klicken. Nett, aber nicht gerade effektiv, viel wirksamer ist da hingegen der „Share“ button, den ihr hier oben rechts sehen könnt. jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library. 10 Tools for Getting Web Design Feedback. This series is supported by Ben & Jerry's Joe, Ben & Jerry's new line-up of Fair Trade and frozen iced coffee drinks.

10 Tools for Getting Web Design Feedback

Learn more about it here. For designers, one of the most critical parts of a project is getting critiques and advice on how to improve designs. After all, they create designs that will be used by many other people. Getting an outside perspective helps spot issues and validate design choices. With the web's ability to connect us to people from all over the world, getting feedback has never been easier. CSS 4 You - The Finest in Stylesheets: Workshop CSS: Teil 3 - Selektoren I. CSS element hover effect.


Tumblr themes. Lilyalssen. Fontface Ninja. I want THIS. Top 5 Web Font Design Trends to Follow. The world of web fonts and web typography is exploding.

Top 5 Web Font Design Trends to Follow

After years of struggle, we're finally at a point where using real fonts on the web is a viable option. For web designers, this is huge news because it means a greater degree of control over how content is displayed. For end users, it means a richer web experience. Thanks to web services like Typekit, Web Fonts, Webtype and others, the opportunities to integrate real fonts on the web is getting better all the time. Let's look at five of the biggest trends taking place with web font and web typography design. 1. The Web Open Font Format, or WOFF, is edging ever closer to becoming the de facto standardized format for using fonts on the web. Backed by Mozilla, Opera and Microsoft, WOFF allows TrueType, OpenType or Open Font Format fonts to be embedded into web pages. Jason Santa Maria and his Friends of Mighty built Lost World's Fairs as a way to showcase IE 9 and its support of WOFF. 2. 3. Thus, Lettering.js was born. 5 Webdesign Freebies für alle Fälle.

Webdesigner leben von guten Ideen und gesunder Inspiration.

5 Webdesign Freebies für alle Fälle

Damit sie den roten Faden nicht verlieren, finden sich im Netz zahlreiche Tool-, Font- und Framework-Sammlungen, die die Projektarbeit deutlich vereinfachen können. Manchmal ist es aber schwer die Spreu vom Weizen zu trennen, weshalb wir das für Euch übernehmen. Nachfolgend findet Ihr gleich fünf nützliche Freebies aus den Bereichen Photoshop, CSS und HTML – für alle Fälle: About:config (Einstellungen) - FirefoxWiki.